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2020 in numbers should reflect the gruesome death toll of Covid-19, should it not? For all the years to come Covid-19 has impacted 2020 and will continue to impact 2021 too. So no surprise that my tracking of both seeing shows and reading books reveals an impact:

On the show side 2020 was all fucked, my treasured season ticket at the Hafenklang was literally of no-use (but a perfect sponsorship for a club that needs the money, as it has been cut off from any income). So i saw less (but ended up giving more, including auctioning off memorabilia via Punk Rock Hamburg and it’s Solidarity campaign and selling some pricey vinyl to fellow collectors and donating the money) and i do fear for my loved local clubs.


Best show? That was the Solidary Punk Rock Days at the Knust, without a doubt. A huge “Love & Kisses” to Dirk, Perry and Arne for that weekend!

Little did we know that this joyful feeling of warm summer days and the return of shows would not last at all. Now the circuit is dead way into 2021 and i guess it will even take up to 2022 to give us back international touring. Damn.

On the book front i had the feeling that did read less but as it turns out i did read exactly the same number of books, though slightly more pages with an average of 89 pages a calendar day.

# of books# of pages

What did i read most? Sure crime! 14 books came from Polar Verlag, still by far the most exiting edition of crime books around. On 2nd place Suhrkamp, with 7 books from the capable Hands of Thomas Wörtche. Other cool editions are Ariadne, Ars Vivendi and Atrium Verlag – by coincidence a triple A.

Best read 2020? That is spread but almost all female:

Outstanding was Valentine Imhof – Aus Lauter Zorn (Polar Verlag, 2020), the best combination of music, violence and tattoos. In a crime setting. With a female main character. Just eye and brain cinema pleasing.

2nd best and only by a short margin was Melissa Scrivner Love – Capitana (Suhrkamp Nova, 2020) with her 2nd book on lovely Lola Vasquez.

On 3rd i would place all the Canada stuff (Dietrich Kalteis – Shootout (Suhrkamp, 2018), Ron Corbett – Preisgegeben (Polar Verlag, 2020), Scott Thornley – Der Gute Cop (Suhrkamp, 2020) and Mike Knowles – Tin Men (Polar Verlag, 2020)) that surprised me so much in 2020 as a crime location.

Biggest pain? My all time favorite James Ellroy making it a pain to read 959 pages of … whatever.

Best music read was Debbie Harry – Face It (Dey St., 2019) for being totally honest with herself. And surprising me with details i had no clue about.

Best record of 2020? X, with a surprise new record.

X – Alphabetland (Fat Possum Records, 2020)

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