Early Friday: Footie waste and Power Pop excellence!

Last time the Pointed Sticks Europe Tour was dropped short notice, as such many of the lot in Hamburg where quite happy that in 2019 a fresh attempt was made to get us to savior that Canadian Power Pop that has sustained the test of time.

Timing of that show though turned out to be more of a nightmare, first there was footie (18:30 Kick off) and then there was also a conflicting show at the Monkeys (with TV Smith & Duncan Reid). On top of that the Molotow (for whatever reason) demoted the show upstairs to the Skybar and to an early start (18:00 doors, 19:00 Support and 20:00 them Sticks). Conflict all over.

Me and two mates choose one half of footie and thus dropping the majority of the support, others choose to drop footie at all.

Millerntor (29.03.2019 18:29 (c) gehkacken.de)
Millerntor (29.03.2019 18:29 (c) gehkacken.de)

Those who dropped footie at all where the clear winners, another goalless performance by the Boys in Brown and thus continued questions around the ability of the coach to drive consistent performance and improvements (and he indeed is the reason why i don’t cover footie currently in my blog).

So with an urge to get out we scooted from the stadium to the Molotow and got the last bit of Sheep On A Tree. Hake, the singer, is most likely the most knowledgeable person when it comes to Power Pop with a Punk background as such he was very eager to have them Sheeps supporting them Sticks.

Sheep On A Tree (Moltow, Hamburg, 29.03.2019 (c) gehkacken.de)
Sheep On A Tree (Moltow, Hamburg, 29.03.2019 (c) gehkacken.de)

For the short bit i saw Sheep On A Tree sounded just great, despite Hake having been moaning on social media recently that the band was hiding from him (and practices). Tight, hard and fast and Hake getting the message across. In hindsight my choice of footie was wrong, i should have devoted my time to Sheep On A Tree. Period.

Next on Pointed Sticks and i am now making a wild guess: Half of the audience was only ever there because 1990s and later American Pop Punk bands covered them – the other (older) half was there because they came across them in the early 80s. Here is how they looked in Dennis Hopper’s 1980 movie „Out Of The Blue„:

They have been around with local success (and, given they signed for Stiff at one time, international recognition too) from 1978 to 1981 and came back together in 2006 with some regular shows and some new output (next to a plethora compilations, best off’s, re-releases).

The good thing though is that it is still the same people, well aged. And here is how they took ownership of the Molotow Sky Bar:

Great sound, great light and most likely the 2nd best band backdrop behind the drummer i have ever seen (it looked like a ripped t-shirt). Love that humble attitude!

Fun fact: The drummer looked really old but did a stunning job (eagerly eyed by some of the local drummers in attendance, who raised more than one eyebrow and more than one surprise smile).

Pointed Sticks (Molotow, Hamburg, 29.03.2019 (c) gehkacken.de)

They started with some upbeat songs and sounded very well: An almost lightweight 80s power pop sound (thanks for sure to the keyboard) and not over paced (and error some bands that come together sometimes do).

They did lack consistent stage attire but at least they had a stage trick: Singer and keyboard had a drink being served to the stage by their tour manager after three songs. That is the wild life of world wide rock’n’roll i guess.

The initial songs got quite some cheering but i sensed in the middle of the set that the audience was bit more reserved. Their detailed discography is not at my mind at all times, i can only assume they slotted in some songs lesser known.

Pointed Sticks (Molotow, Hamburg, 29.03.2019 (c) gehkacken.de)

Towards the end came more upbeat and sing-a-long songs, some covers (where the Beatles cover could have been dropped but i guess because of the proximity to where the Beatles played in the 1960s in Hamburg they wanted to do it) and it all accumulated into the one song that for many defines them:

Somehow it must be frustrating for a musician i guess, feels a bit „one hit wonder„. It also does not do them justice, as they are indeed a gifted power pop outfit with a much wider œuvre than that song.

Appreciation by the audience at that point was large not to say enthusiastic. So enthusiastic that they did break the early curfew opposed on them and gave a Sonics cover as their final song.

Great show by a long lost beauty. And quite surprising how many people after the show got records, t-shirts, tickets and god knows what signed. I was stunned and i guess that small but tight circle of devotees keeps them Sticks floating and enjoying. I did read that Japan was the sheer reason for them to get on again in 2006 and bet ya out there it is even more crazy.

Now back to square one – did the singer had a bald scalp (he is now hiding under a hat) back then? No, he sure had not:

Just like Maniac the day prior in the depths of the Komet cellar the Pointed Sticks up there in the Sky Bar should have deserved a bigger stage and a bigger audience beyond Punk Rock record collectors.

Nevermind, thanks for finally gracing our shores in style my Canadian friends! Your are welcome to return!

… established 2011, 1000 and one entries later!

Fer fucks sake – i just realized that the review of the Fucked Up show was my blog entry 1000 and that i completely omitted to capitalize on that little fun fact.

04.08.2011 marks the day i put this up, whilst the domain was in my possession actually many more years. But back then i decided to put www.oldpunks.de on permanent hiatus and go back expanding a wee bit more, just like in the early 80’s when i was putting out a small fanzine.

And now we are in 2019 and i have passed a thousand blags, wow. The only item i still don’t know is how many readers actually enjoy this shit. And what they enjoy. If you want to fill some of the void, just leave a comment.

Else it is fast forward to more books, more shows and, eventually, back to some footie.

Love and kisses,

D. – Custodian of the Archive

… a season in hell ends on a high!

Home, sweet home...
Home, sweet home…

Was für ein Saisonabschluss. Die Planer des DFB hatten eigentlich das schlechteste im Kopf: Zwei Heimspiele hintereinander. Und in der Heimtabelle standen wir diese Saison durchgehend auf „Abstieg“. Also die schlechteste Voraussetzung für eine schnelle Rettung.

Akt 1 – Die dankbaren Greuther

Millerntor (28.04.2018 12:58 (c) gehkacken.de)
Millerntor (28.04.2018 12:58 (c) gehkacken.de)

Die Ausgangsbasis war klar: In Regensburg haben wir es verkackt und unsere #11 hat es so richtig verkackt. Und kein 3er gegen Fürth würde das Hinterherlaufen bedeuten (wo man es dann irgendwann nicht mehr selbst in der Hand hat).

Das Spiel war dankbar, das frühe Tor von Diamtakos hilfreich und die Verletzung von Buchtmann letztendlich entscheidend: Flum machte danach den Leitwolf. Und das Tor.  Und ein perfekter Konter brachte ein Killertor von Neudecker.

Klasse, vor allem weil wir ohne #9 und ohne #11 das Ding sicher durchziehen konnten (und Fürth alles tat was ein potentieller Absteiger tun kann).

Bärenstark und mit der besten Zweikampfqote (83%!): Jeremy, mein heimlicher Held der Saison.

Millerntor (28.04.2018 14:55 (c) gehkacken.de)
Millerntor (28.04.2018 14:55 (c) gehkacken.de)

Akt 2 –  Schwarz-Weiß-Blau war keine Schau

Endspiel. Ohne wenn und aber. Und viele haben vorher gerechnet und auch ich war mir sicher: Mit einem Sieg war es das. Als Einstimmung gaben die Nord und die Haupt (Premiere!) eine schöne Choreo:

Danke Nord! 08.05. - wer nicht feiert hat verloren!
Danke Nord! 08.05. – wer nicht feiert hat verloren!

Danke Haupt! Wir sind der Fussballclub Sankt Pauli! Und aus Hamburg an der Elbe kommen wir!
Danke Haupt! Wir sind der Fussballclub Sankt Pauli! Und aus Hamburg an der Elbe kommen wir!

Und das war die perfekte Einstimmung für ein Spiel bei dem wir hoffentlich das Team der nächsten Saison gesehen haben…

Millerntor (06.05.2018 15:28 (c) gehkacken.de)
Millerntor (06.05.2018 15:28 (c) gehkacken.de)

Und diesmal war es um ein ganzes Stück härter. Die DSC Armina kam als möglicher Relegationskandidat (sollte Kiel verlieren) und mit dem Schwung einer ordentlichen Saison (die wir nicht hatten). Und der auf der Tribüne ja nicht so geliebte Coach unseres magischen FC hatte ein paar gelungene Kniffe an Bord:

Der Arminia wurde der Ball überlassen und hinten konsequent dicht gemacht. Und nach vorne eigentlich sinnlose hohe Bälle auf Diamantakos. Der konnte die wenigsten gewinnen aber rackerte wie verrückt und schaffte so zweite Bälle. Und auf die gingen wir schnell drauf.  Und wenn wir vorne schnell und flach spielten dann wurde es auch gefährlich, siehe das Tor von Park.

In der zweiten Hälfte war dann wenig Angst da, Bielefeld hatte zwar den Ball aber kam nie richtig in den Strafraum. Und da die die anderen Ergebnisse auch für uns waren gab es bei Apfiff um 17:21 einen Riesenjubel:

Ein verdienter Sieg durch eine enorme Kraftanstrengung. Und hinter den Kulissen eine nette Geste an unsere #13, Ryo, bekam die Zuneigung der Kollegen direkt zu spüren (wenn auch die Hoffnung auf eine Fußballkarriere wohl endgültig begraben ist).

Millerntor (06.05.2018 17:32 (c) gehkacken.de)
Millerntor (06.05.2018 17:32 (c) gehkacken.de)

Jetzt kann das Team diese tragische Saison noch rumreißen, 7ter werden und danach wird hoffentlich die sportliche Leitung einige (harte) Entscheidungen treffen. In der nächsten Saison muss es besser werden, vor allem wenn tatsächlich die Stadtmeisterschaft auf dem Spiel steht.

Forza FCSP!