… at times Spinal Tap, at times perfect rage: Gust and Burn in an early short blast!

BURN? That NYHC band that basically had one single in 1990 and that’s it? OK, there was more output later but that was already re-union type of efforts. And their mu-sick anyway never fitted that one NYHC sound that people at least over here had in their mind. But now they are back for good and en route to Oslo did a quick stopover and early show in Hamburg.

Support where Gust from sunny Trollhättan, SE. They place themselves as „metal d beat hardcore hardcorepunk punk„, a nice set of boxes to place them. Very polite young dudes that explode in a 24 Minute set of noise and energy.

Gust (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 11.03.2018) (c) gehkacken.de)

Great visuals (including traditional Swedish Björn Brog underwear) , exceptionally hairy chested guitar dude (first Spinal Tap sighting) that had plenty of gear (2nd Spinal Tap sighting) to sound very harsh and an angry staring singer. My type of mu-sick? Nope. But they where tight as a band and they pushed it out with quite some energy. And even if i do not dig the sound that makes it worthwhile.

Burn provided the next Spinal Tap sighting:

Burn - Set List (Hafenklang, hamburg, 11.03.2018)
Burn – Set List (Hafenklang, hamburg, 11.03.2018)

A set list that provides the name of city they are playing in. Well done. Or was that for the die hard collectors that take set lists home and archive it? Then signatures where missing (and that would be a Spinal Tap Bonus point).

Burn (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 11.03.2018) (c) gehkacken.de)

And how did they sound? Complicated is the very first word that comes to my mind and it ain’t meant to sound negative. They do have a very unique sound, with loads of little breaks, speed changes, bridges, flirting guitar and what have you. And they have presence in the middle of the stage – Chaka Malik is a hell of a singer and get the message across big time.

Listen to him talking about the old days:

There was also another Spinal Tap sighting with them: They guitar player had an unbelievable amount of effect devices and pedals lined up to create his guitar sound – specifically the flirting parts. He also had his eyes mostly down there and most of the time one of his feet on a pedal. And yes, it was not all Spinal Tap – he could play too, boy could he play!

Some of the songs where just perfect and spot on, others where just too complicated to my immediate liking (and tended to be too long too). But indeed it was worth it come out and see them, actually only 70 odd good folks did so. Star of the day was one guy who apparently already appeared at the club in the afternoon, fully drunk, managing his way in appearing like belonging to either of the bands. And then falling asleep. The good folks at the club woke him up at the end of the soundcheck and asked him to leave and went into tears „did i miss the concert?“ – Spinal Tap sighting yet again!

For me a good show, slightly excessive at the door but needed to get both bands and club to make the required margin. So fine by me. I’d love to see Burn again in a slightly different setting eg. support a bigger band on a bigger stage – i think that would fit even better.

How did they sound back then – here is the classeffort from 1990:

And why are they together again – listen up youth:

… a 0:0 of entertaining but poor footie (and some color surprises)!

Home, sweet home...
Home, sweet home…

As we did not win away at Düsseldorf all ambitions for higher up have been shelved. And thanks to the poor pitch in friggin Düsseldorf we now have two injured players. As as such it was a game against someone lower and the only game plan was to keep them on distance.

Millerntor (11.03.2018 12:58 (c) gehkacken.de)
Millerntor (11.03.2018 12:58 (c) gehkacken.de)

And keeping them at distance meant to play a team that was trying nothing and had all their hope on a lucky punch. Twice BTSV did hit the post – but to no avail. And us? We just did not realize that quick passing and getting behind the tall defender on the ground was to be successful – at least we did not give the impression.

Worst action on the pitch: Our #11 complaining on being taken off after 75 Minutes (and 10 mins too late).

Nevermind, it was a 0:0 with some quality of good football entertainment – not a dull 0:0 without any action.

What did strike me though was that „Yellow Blue“ in team colors ain’t a bad look, also off the pitch.

Millerntor (11.03.2018 12:58 (c) gehkacken.de)
Millerntor (11.03.2018 12:58 (c) gehkacken.de)

We continue on 10, but only 5 points ahead of relegation down. Relegation up is only 6 points away and this season overall poor performance stability by almost all teams would give you glory on two consecutive wins (and all hell if you loose two in a row). As such i fear the season is getting decisive.

And the best? Our beloved Reptiloid with the number 4 gave his 90 minutes comeback after 8 month of injury. And with only 1 error it was a good one! That provides some hope, should Lasse decide to try a first league team.

Bücher, schnell gelesen: Teil 1.307

Virginie Despentes - Das Leben des Vernon Subutex 2 (Kipenheuer & Witch)
Virginie Despentes – Das Leben des Vernon Subutex 2 (Kipenheuer & Witch)

Gelesen: 02. – 08.03.2018, netto 388 Seiten

Der erste Teil hat mich so richtig angefixt, dass war ganz großes Kopfkino.Der zweite Teil macht exakt da weiter, wo Vernon gelandet ist: Als Penner, der nichts als seine Klamotten am Leib und seinen Gestank hat. Und ein ruhiges und entspanntes Leben im Parc des Buttes Chaumont.

Seine ehemaligen Kumpel hat er vergessen, seine neuen Freunde bringen ihm das Leben ohne alles bei. Während er auf alles verzichten kann, können seine Freunde (und noch ein paar Typen) ohne ihn (bzw. seine Aufnahmen seines Rockstar Kumpels Alex) nicht leben und machen sich auf die Suche nach ihm.

Jeder aus anderen Gründen und keiner so richtig aus ehrlichen. Und als sie ihn endlich finden habe sie ihn bereits so vergöttert das er sie wie Jesus seine Jünger um sich schart. Von Vernon wollen sie eigentlich nichts, von seinem Ruhm z.B. als Playlist-Macher alles.

Das ganze hat weniger Biss und Tempo, dafür werden seine Freunde aber im Detail auseinander genommen. Das ist schon in Teilen ein wenig zu lang, lässt aber auf ein furioses Finale hoffen.

Soundtrack dazu: Syndrome 81 – Une Vie Pour Rien, was sonst?