… burn motherfucker, burn (and the sluts of the US of A blast it away)!

Svetlanas (Hafenklang, 24.04.2015  (c) gehkacken.de)
Svetlanas (Hafenklang, 24.04.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)

Now that was a killer setting: the mighty Dwarves (though sans HeWhoCannotBeNamed) paired with the exciled russian band Svetlanas! And the setting was with some great visuals on the stage, Putin as the Kiss-like rockstar posterboy – well done for that icon!

Svetlanas (Hafenklang, 24.04.2015  (c) gehkacken.de)
Svetlanas (Hafenklang, 24.04.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)

And off they set, sans Olga who did run out to force people back in front of the stage. And when she climbed back on, she did make a stance about that motherfucker … and burned that posterboy! This is how they took residence at the Hafenklang:

Honestly, i think they frightened people. Both with their sound (a harsh hardcore) and the aggressive stance by Olga. But hey, they are aggressive, they are angry – they have been kicked out of Russia!

Svetlanas (Hafenklang, 24.04.2015  (c) gehkacken.de)
Svetlanas (Hafenklang, 24.04.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)

During the set more and more people came forward and eyed them, some with quite some strange looks but also some with a thin smile and some even starting to move.

Did i like it? Yes. It is what musick is all about: You use it as your way to let it all out. And hats off for that, also – as ever – for a girl to front a band (in a circle that is plain male predominantly).

Svetlanas (Hafenklang, 24.04.2015  (c) gehkacken.de)
Svetlanas (Hafenklang, 24.04.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)

A great set, crisp, harsh – you do not have to love it but it does deserve what has been misused as a term so often: “Respect“. And sideways: They got a great artwork, someone is creating smart visual identities for them!

Next on the Dwarves. Plenty of jokes where traded in the warm up to the show around how long will they play this time – 15 minutes? 20 minutes? You never know with these rock legends…

They took the audience by storm! They know how to play, every song fits and the audience was obviously full of fans – a lot of sing-a-long!

Dwarves (Hafenklang, 24.04.2015  (c) gehkacken.de)
Dwarves (Hafenklang, 24.04.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)

Blag Dahlia as ever the perfect frontman owning the audience, delivering their sex, blood and drug fused punk fuckin’ rock with the nonchalance of the self proclaimed “rock legend” that he actually is (in this little space called punk rock).

And how long did they grace Hamburg? They made it a football half, 45 minutes and off they went. And they left behind a lot off sweaty and smiling faces and by all counts – for the Dwarves it was almost a lengthy set!

For me it concluded 4 shows, 7 bands in 8 days. That’s not too bad for an April. And it got a bonus, the Hafenklang confirmed that in the running up the K-Town Hardcore Fest 2015 at Ungdomshuset (København) some of the bands will play in Hamburg – most notably No Problem from Canada. That date provides a great fixture too look out to!

Bücher, schnell gelesen: Teil 1.104

James Lee Burke - Sturm über New Orleans (Pendragon,  2015)
James Lee Burke – Sturm über New Orleans (Pendragon, 2015)

Gelesen: 12 –23.04.2015, netto 560 Seiten.

Endlich wieder ein Dave Robicheaux Krimi! So ca. 1992 habe ich angefangen Crime Literatur zu lesen und zu den ersten Büchern gehörte “Neonregen” von Burke als Ullstein Taschenbuch. Leider hatte ich damals nicht das Geld und das Interesse “gutes” sofort in Serie zu kaufen, so das ich nur drei Robicheaux Romane als Ullstein TB habe. Aber immerhin “Neonregen”, das rar und gesucht ist und im Herbst endlich neu aufgelegt wird.

Es ist also ein besonderes Buch und eigentlich “aus der Reihe” – aber das ist mir dann doch egal. Burke ist einfach ein Meisterschreiber und seine Reihe um den Südstaatenpolizisten Robicheaux ist einfach nur klasse – und in “Sturm über New Orleans” (im Original besser “The Tin Roof Blowdown“) legt sich Burke so richtig ins Zeug: Neben der Krimihandlung zerreist er gnadenlos die Regierung der US of A, die damals beim Hurrikan Katrina nicht nur die Stadt New Orleans haben absaufen lassen sondern auch die (armen) Menschen schlicht und einfach alleine gelassen hat.

Vor diesem Chaos muss Dave Robicheaux ein Mord klären, bei dem ein jugendlicher Schwarzer beim Plündern erschossen wurde. Was die Plünderer dabei nicht wussten war, das sie gerade das Haus einer Mafia-Größe leergeräumt hatten und dieser ihnen natürlich die Fette Beute nicht gönnt. Also passieren mehr Morde und das ganze wird eine richtig schön fiese Angelegenheit.

Großartige Geschichte, großartig erzählt. Pflicht!

Soundtrack dazu: The Normals – was sonst?


… of the struggle to inspire the audience and cat t-shirts: the tale of Off With Their Heads!

Still blessed by Poison Idea the day before i returned to the Hafenklang to take in Off With Their Heads, a big miss on my personal “need to see” list to date. They have countless records out and many of these are just perfect harsh but still sing-a-long songs. As such i was keen to see them finally.

Unfinished Business (Hafenklang, 20.04.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)
Unfinished Business (Hafenklang, 20.04.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)

First on where Unfinshed Business from Hamburg and i think they had a tough slot – people where around for OWTH rather then Unfinished Business and anyway it was not a big turnout (my guess would be 75 folks). As much as i know that i won’t do them justice i have to admit that i listened to a few songs only, found them so “lala” (and that is to say sounding too much the same and too much like a willful attempt to sound like someone else) and took off to have a beer and chats outside. Sorry.

Next on Off With Their Head and they kicked off like this:

Oh oh, Ryan has a sore throat i’d say! He tried his best and i was pleasantly surprised that his voice did hold until the end of the show. What was strange though, at least for me, was that i had a subtle feeling that the songs did not work as great as they work for me when i listen to the records. And honestly, i have no clue why. Was it the voice? Was it the fact that OWTH is a studio band that when touring has ever changing members? Or was it the overall sound? The lights (too much red if you ask me)?

Off With Their Heads (Hafenklang, 20.04.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)
Off With Their Heads (Hafenklang, 20.04.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)

I think some of the more subtle sounds, breaks and musickal tricks from the recordings (i’d guess overdubs and the like) just did not come through live and as such i simply came with wrong perceptions. It was not bad, it was just that i was not as thrilled. Also it was a strange setting where only after 30 minutes the band did address the audience with some mumbled words – no interaction between band and audience does turn me down too.

They played i guess for 50 minutes, invited the audience over to the Gun Club to drink with them and left without an encore. As said, it was not bad and i am most likely complaining on a high level but something was missing. I did listen to the records the day after and blime me, they are still killer records!

And what about the cat shirt? The OWTH merch included a shirt with a picture that from far looked like our cat Toni but on close view did not – so i needed to let go. On the bonus side: The merch table was full of vinyl, so collectors should have been able to complement their collection!