… the fate of a rainy Monday: Small turnout but big smiles – young guns with retro party sound and old lads with new unique sound!

Some times rainy Mondays in March can be … dull. Boring. Not really getting you out. But then you realise it’s the Cyanide Pills in town, definitely one of the most powerful retro party machines, supported by Hamburgs C³I, who are coming with a unique sound.

And then you just take the stroll down to the Hafenklang … and realise that a handful of friends did the same but in total only like 38 people turned up. Damn.

Kick-off was on time and at 21:02 C³I took the stage, faced the empty room and … took it like this:

Tough start and the hardship of the support (yet again). But C³I are in it for long enough to force their way through it and got into the groove. If there is one thing than it is indeed their distinct and unique sound that makes people listen – i would not be able to pinpoint what it is but it makes people interested.

C³I (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 20.03.2017) (c) gehkacken.de)

The only item that did not work out this time was the sound, the vocals for my liking where too thin. This was specifically bad as some of singing nicely contrasts the hooklines (and maybe that is one of the unique secrets). The more songs they played, the more pleasure it was and the more recognition they got from the few attending. And the finished it off with this one:

C³I – make sure you get their 2017 LP, it is a worthy effort!

Next on them Pills and it is always great to see them take the stage as they for years now have their unique stage personas including their distinct white leather jackets and other looks. You will be able to to identify them anywhere, no matter what. And they kicked off like this:

Back with a bang to Hamburg i’d say with no strings attached. Despite the small turnout they went into it full throttle. And acted out on their stage personas without giving to much of the idea of just acting – they are the real thing indeed.

Frank, they are just one perfect retro-machine with songs so well crafted that you just want to listen, listen and then some more!

Cyanide Pills (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 20.03.2017) (c) gehkacken.de)

And they are down to earth and they do listen to their audience. As such words of the recent passing of one of our mates made it to them and they dedicated on song to Toni, in loving memory:

Thanks for that Cyanide Pills that was much appreciated. By now they had people smiling and even some dancing away with broad smiles. And they delivered their set with full energy and then even gave us some more.

And then even another one, as thank you for coming out on a miserable rainy Monday evening.

And within 45 minutes and some overtime they where done. Quick and efficient. I’d wish next time round they come back in summer and on a Friday. And then some serious party business to start.

The real thanks go out for those attending and thus still making it a worthwhile evening, both for the audience and for the bands. And that is what it is about.

Bücher, schnell gelesen: Teil 1.231

James McClure - Song Dog (UT Metro, 2016)
James McClure – Song Dog (UT Metro, 2016)

Gelesen: 06. – 19.03.2017 netto 344 Seiten

Die UT Metro Reihe ist einfach eine feine Krimi-Reihe … und immer wieder nimmt sie sich auch alter Perlen an. Diesmal kommt das Œuvre von James McClure dran – alle 8 Bücher der Kramer & Zondi Serie (1971-1991) werden in der logischen Reihenfolge neu aufgelegt.

McClure verließ Zuid-Afrika 1965 und emigrierte nach England, da es für ihn als Journalist, der die Arbeit der Polizei kritisierte, im Apartheidsystem einfach keine Zukunft gab.

Von England aus nutzte er dann die Mittel des Kriminalromans um die Apartheid, die Brutalität und Ungerechtigkeiten gegenüber den Schwarzen, den Coloured und allen anderen aufzuzeigen. Und das machte er mit schonungsloser Offenheit: Er beschrieb einfach was so passiert wenn jemand umgebracht wird. Und wie sehr die „Rassen“ der Opfer und der Ermittler die Ermittlungen bestimmen. Er hält quasi einfach einen Spiegel in den Raum – die Erkenntnis kommt dem Leser von ganz alleine.

In „Song Dog“ lernt der weiße Lieutenant Trump den Bantu Detektive Sergeant Zondi im Rahmen einer spannenden Ermittlung um den Tod eines Polizisten kennen. Man ahnt hier schon, was für ein cooles Duo sie abgeben. Durch die zwei Helden kann McClure dann auch in links und rechts vom Rassentrennungszaun ermitteln, ein kluger Kniff.

Spannend, schonungslos (auch in der Rückschau von heute) und wo notwendig auch mit der entsprechenden Brutalität. Dazu schafft er es den Gegensatz der großartigen Natur und des Systems mit einer sehr präzisen Sprache rüber zubringen. Ganz großer Stoff! Alle kaufen!

Soundtrack dazu: Wild Youth, was sonst?

… all top 5 teams played, now lets turn to the real games (we ought to win)!

Home, sweet home...
Home, sweet home…

… and finally Hanover. The last of the top 5 teams we luckily all played early in the 2nd half of the season. And that just leads down one road and that is more wins, especially at home.

Millerntor (18.03.2017 12:58 (c) gehkacken.de)
Millerntor (18.03.2017 12:58 (c) gehkacken.de)

The difficult thing with Hanover is not that is the most ugly city in Germany but that they have perfected a game play where they dominate like the last 10 minutes and score a lot of late goals. Me mate W. was quite vocal about this prior to the game … and that was how it was going to happen.

A dull first half followed by a surprisingly good 2nd half, where we had the chances and Hanover had the last 10 minutes. And boy did they have it. Quite some luck was needed to bank the one point from the home draw.

Millerntor (18.03.2017 14:57 (c) gehkacken.de)
Millerntor (18.03.2017 14:57 (c) gehkacken.de)

The only item that worried me was the lack of quality from the bench: Thy had only one scene (which looked more good than it was difficult for Tschauner to save), Kyoung-Rok Choi did have little impact and good old Kalla missed the killer pass to set a surprise win in overtime. And a big „damn“ for Aziz accumulating his 5th booking and being out away at Aue – the crucial 6 point game to come!

Forza FCSP, keep ahead and keep sucking Die Region down!