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Paul Colize - Backup (Edition Nautilus, 2015)
Paul Colize – Backup (Edition Nautilus, 2015)

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Crime, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll – das ist schon immer eine gute Mischung gewesen und das ganze in einem Thriller zu verweben ist bietet sich geradezu an. Wird aber leider so selten gemacht bzw. wird meistens schlecht gemacht.

Paul Colize entführt uns in die 60er und ist schön nah dran als sich die Welt in Sachen Musik für immer ändert: Pop-Musik im Sinne von “populärer Musik“. Jungs fliehen vor dem Militär, Jungs und Mädchen entdecken Drogen und Musik (und Musik und Drogen) und bekommen einen neuen Blick auf die Politik.

Worauf sie allerdings nicht achten ist wer eigentlich die Fäden in der Hand hat und wofür. Das Buch ist geschickt aufgebaut mit Zeit- und Bewustseinssprüngen der handelnden Personen und gibt nur ganz langsam den Blick frei auf das große ganze und die große Verschwörung. Überraschen spannend und auch überraschend hart in der Drogen- und Gewaltrealität, wirklich hard-boiled.

Ein herrlicher Blick auf die Realitäten der Rockmusik der Endsechziger und ein herrlicher Blick auf den allerersten Hardrock-Song mit dem großartigen Titel “Girls just wanna get fucked all night“. Das macht Spass auf mehr, ich hoffe da kommt mehr.

Kaufen! Lesen! Bonuspunkte dafür das das Originalcover der Erstausgabe in Frankreich übernommen wurde, passiert ja so selten.

Soundtrack dazu: Bringt das Buch selbst mit.

Und der Soundtrack wird von der Edition Nautilus (ein Laden mit Street Credibility und aus Hamburg, the loveliest town in the whole wide world) noch getoppt: Der Stille Kommandeur, was sonst? Warum? Listen up Motherfucker:

… a jog down memory lane to 1986: Raw Power reloaded and H20 with pure dancing fun!

Now that was supposed to be fun – not only was our old mate Rudi on his (by now almost annual) trip to Europe (Rebellion first, then 2 weeks with his Hamburg Family before returning to his new home and his loved ones in Perth) but it was also the return of Raw Power (though an incarnation far from what i kept memory).

I saw Raw Power in 1986 in Lübeck and they blew us away not only with the 17 year old drummer with the double bass but also with their long hair and their sheer power. Sheer raw power. They made a huge impact on many (and on some in Hamburg) who followed the H/C-Metal fusion style and created band after band with that style.

I remember them for these looks (and the double bass drum):

But first things first, Free Target from Schwerin had the not so encouraging support slot and had loads of space in front of the stage – one of their two vocalists could roam it without being challenged. Somehow sad, as quite a lot of people did show up for this Sunday show.

Free Target (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 14.08.2016 (c) gehkacken.de)
Free Target (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 14.08.2016 (c) gehkacken.de)

They had some neat moments, most of them driven by actually 3 people singing and thus providing a degree of variability that many bands can not give (on the vocal side). Interesting concept indeed. They also covered Negative FX but to no avail – the audience for a large portion was not interested in them and blocked the bar and the alleyways in the Monkeys. Sad – they deserve a wee bit more attention. Fact!

Next Raw Power and at the start it felt a wee bit odd: The sounded like a copy of the Raw Power i imagined but i guess that is more a fault on my side (with a 30 year gap in following the adventures of Raw Power). They had a long setlist and went on … to sound better and better (though they somehow killed their stunning hit “We shall overcome” and took some of the magic away by blasting it).

Thanks to the Internet (damn Internet, never forgets) here it is in all glory in the version recorded on their US Tour.

Raw Power (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 14.08.2016) (c) gehkacken.de)

And they got some people in front of the stage, though both by the looks and by the preference of T-Shirts the vast majority was up for H20 rather. Still, i did like it more and more (though some stupid stuff like a drum solo was thrown in) and at least a number of folks gave them some gentle applause too. In the end i think a good job, though i am forever spoiled by that 1986 setting!

Next H2O and now we had a crowd and the crowd went apeshit. And a band that so much more interacted with the audience and got so much in return.

H2O (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 14.08.2016) (c) gehkacken.de)

And they had all the sing-a-long and dancing hit’s with them (as you expect) and generally radiated “fun” from the stage and into the audience. And let’s be frank, a band that still can pen down a gem of a hit like “#NOTREALLIFE” after a long hiatus in recording has something special.

And it has great words too:

Famous for no reason
Fake! Credibility
Your image is so far from the streets comment
To act like you know
Past! Made up of lies
Your future is what you choose to disguise!!!!!

I've seen your type way before
This social media
Don't try so hard to be
Something you're not
I've seen your type way before
This social media
You want the world to see
Something you're not
Afraid to portray who you are inside

Walk past me in person
Don't!!! Even say hello
Fantasy your true colours are dull comment
To act like you know
Past!!! Made up of lies
Your future is what you choose to disguise
And I use it too, just not like you
Cos, I know what is true!

(c) H2O / Bridge Nine Records 2015

Although there where some near misses upon people stage diving the tiny elevation of the Monkeys stage (and Rusty reminded them that his guitar neck could make it difficult for them too) they made the impression that returning to smaller stages without security barricades after having played large festivals gives them also a relaxed time.

In summary worth the trip down memory lane and a great night out with a mate that only on rare occasions can make the 20+ hour flight to see a show in Hamburg.

Rudi, Sven, Frosch (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 14.08.2016 (c) gehkacken.de)
Rudi, Sven, Frosch (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 14.08.2016 (c) gehkacken.de)

NB: More pics and videos might appear for this one soon – Rudi took some additional footage.