… love at first sight: Hamburg, Dirt Box Disco and Wonk Unit. And now all beer is gone from the Monkeys!

That was a perfect setting: A Friday, two bands who are favourites of the Hamburg Blackpool pilgrims and the outlook of a fun evening at one of the fun places in Hamburg.

The Monkeys should have been sold out but wasn’t but that did not stop the good vibes – everybody had space and everybody had like half of the audience as buddies and knew the rest from sight. It was to be an evening of friends and with friends and and evening of thirst. Thirst for beer, thirst for booze and thirst for good entertainment. And entertainment the lot got, a lot!

First on Wonk Unit, a band that has been the talk of town recently and that people who saw them live described as „killer“. So many people where eager and i guess too much surprise of the band (and me) a lot of people where able to sing-a-long to Wonk Unit.

Wonk Unit (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 20.10.2017) (c) gehkacken.de)

From the first chord onward it was pure fun with loads of interaction between band and audience. I would not dare to push a singular label on them – they are very versatile and they do so much more than just clean cut fun punk fucking rock. In essence i think they distilled a very tight UK „we are the lads“ sound that branches out into other spaces too (for the sake of having a laugh and having a say).

Here is on of their beauties, their ode to Lewisham:

Wok Unit took the lot by storm and the lot was dancing, singing and smiling. A lot of smiling actually. The moments i liked best where when the singer moved left and pushed the rather shy guitar player into the middle and to the front. First he did not like it but later he started to smile too.

Wonk Unit Appreciation (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 20.10.2017 (c) gehkacken.de)
Wonk Unit Appreciation (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 20.10.2017 (c) gehkacken.de)

Sold, i am god damn sold on Wonk Unit too. And a band that sells T-Shirts with „I love my vagina“ for sure needs all the love (‚cause they won’t sell a lot of T-Shirts). I’d say they can come back whenever they want, Hamburg will have the red carpet rolled out for them. And some more.

More beer, more chats and bang the first chords from the stage – Dirt Box Disco where ready to take the brand new stage of the Monkeys with only a short changeover and they knew they where up to even more love and appreciation.

Dirt Box Disco (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 20.10.2017) (c) gehkacken.de)

For me it was a wee bit special, the last time they graced the Monkeys i was only a couple of miles away but in hospital due to an emergency gall bladder removal. And thus missed them, though i was flying high on heavy painkillers and thus only had little bad feelings about missing them. But those who came by the hospital later told of a raunchy show and great fun.

Whilst back then my life was shit (for a split second) theirs forever is … fun:

And that fun down from the stage was echoed as every single song was a sing-a-long for the Hamburg lot, most of them Blackpool Pilgrim and thus Dirt Box connoisseurs for quite some time.

And in every single break it was the Hamburg lot who gave a loud and cheerful hooray to this Dirt Box Day until finally the band gave in and recorded it so that they could wank to it back home. And in return gave the thirsty lot the final steer of the evening – to get fuckin‘ wasted:

And boy, i live to tell you, the lot got wasted later on!

But for now the lot stayed in front of the stage, fists in the air, dancing, singing and having a fun bit time. When it comes to good clean fun then Dirt Box Disco are right there, fuelling your energy and bringing on that one smile that cements itself right in yer face.

Dirt Box Disco Appreciation (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 20.10.2017 (c) gehkacken.de)
Dirt Box Disco Appreciation (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 20.10.2017 (c) gehkacken.de)

Finally it was time to end the set and the set was ended with the lot on stage and getting a full return of the appreciation – it was fucking Dirt Box Day:

Great stuff and frank i even liked Wonk Unit better simply because they paired the great British loudmouth attitude with so much more variable sound whereas Dirt Boy Disco,  at least to my ears, came across well polished and more on a singular sound. But that is complaining on a very very high level and almost feels like being a stupid bum.

It was fun and it took off into the wee of the morning. I was home at 02:00 and knackered (and hungover next day) but legend has it that some of the lot drained all liquid (and everything looking like liquid) from the club. The Monkeys crew had to do a thorough clean up on Saturday and had to replenish all beer stocks.

Legend has it that both band have now been contracted as house bands, so the fun will continue. Thanks to all there – that was a killer night!

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Roger Miret - My Riot (Lesser Gods, 2017)
Roger Miret – My Riot (Lesser Gods, 2017)

Gelesen: 10. – 15.10.2017, netto 290 Seiten

Agnostic Front gehören nicht wirklich zu den Bands die sich auf meinem Plattenspieler drehen. Klar gehören sie zu den Vätern von NYHC aber viel zu schnell waren mir die viel zu sehr Metall. Ich habe die auch nie live gesehen, in der Rückschau eigentlich komisch – aber zeigt das sie mich nicht wirklich interessiert haben.

Aber spätestens nach Tony Rettmans Buch NYHC hatte ich doch tiefer gehendes Interesse. Und da passt die Biographie von Roger Miret, dem Sänger von Agnostic Front, perfekt. Roger erzählt dabei nicht nur von seiner Jugend (als armer kubanischer Flüchtling) und seinen brutalen Vaterfiguren sonder auch schonungslos von seinen schlechten Seiten. Und diese haben ihn wg. Drogenschmuggel für einige Jahre in den Knast gebracht.

Und – er war nicht nur eine der schillernden Figuren der NYHC Szene sondern dabei die meiste Zeit Hausbesetzer, arm und voller Drogen. Und dieser Teil ist dann wirklich spannend. Das Leben in NYC Anfang der 80er war alles andere als einfach und das was wir als NYHC Szene kennen war wie ein Zug der mit Karacho in den Bahnsteig kracht – eine kommen durch, einige werden zermatscht!

Dazu gibt es einen fast schon launigen Abriss über die vielen Versionen von Agnostic Front, wer warum und wieso. Und so richtig ehrlich wird das ganze wenn er über seine Beziehungen und seine Kinder spricht – dann (endlich) gesteht er sich ein was alles schief gelaufen ist.

Fun fact: Formal ist er erst seit 2006 Amerikaner (vorher Kubaner). Und er schafft es auch ein paar kluge Weisheiten unterzubringen…

Ein gutes Buch. Wird keine neuen Platten in mein Regal spülen aber ich habe jetzt ein anderes Bild von Roger. Ein Held ist er nicht, aber ein Mensch.