… let go, let go: The Generators, Teenage Bottlerocket and who?

Them Bones from sunny Karlskrona decided to take The Generators and Teenage Bottlerocket onto the road through Germany whilst celebrating 20 years of their own punk’n’roll history. Whilst that is a great outlook to see two great bands it also came with some odd settings: A hefty door price of about 10€ per band (and pay per view i would have selected) and the oddest headliner stage setup possible – the support bands needed to set themselves up in front of the Bones stage setup. I do hate this and it always make me think rock-start-shit.

First on The Generators, as early as 20:30 they had to climb the stage and where greeted with some smiles, cheers and thumbs-up from the rather small audience – Hamburg loves them!

The Generators (Knust, Hamburg, 07.12.2016) (c) gehkacken.de)

The smiles where returned from the stage – Doug, Mike and the rest where happy to be in Hamburg again and recognised that a mid-week evening might not be the most attractive day for a high energy punk show in Californian Style. And plenty of people in audience actually did sing-a-long to their songs!

Somehow the sound was better than at the Hafenklang last time round but still, due to little space that them Bones granted, it was not perfect (and the Knust now has an almost perfect sound system and capable staff). For me they are still one of the most underrated bands and their perfect studio sound is the one that i’d love to hear one day on stage … just like this:

Next on Teenage Bottlerocket and that with some hidden tears: The sudden death of drummer Brandon Carlisle is still a very very sad burden – i guess both on the band and the audience. They kicked off like this:

Jiha! Teenage Bottlerocket are back and they have not lost a thing – they where even able to cope with the small stage! By now more people where in front of the stage and more dancing was going on, though it as much more empty than eg. on Gerd’s 25th anniversary show.

Teenage Bottlerocket (Knust, Hamburg, 07.12.2016) (c) gehkacken.de)

Where The Generators generate the Californian sound Teenage Bottlerocket clearly generate the fun. And then some. And whilst watching them me and me mates game up with the ultimate show: The Lillingtons, The Methadones and Teenage Bottlerocket at the Hafenklang. One night. That’ll be … class.

And fun includes taking the piss out of Markus (age 17), who annoyed me earlier by taking a selfie in front of the stage whilst the band was playing. Never mind, we now know that he sells Crystal and other odd items. Or with this just a vehicle to showcase Ray’s German? He did a great job in entertaining the audience!

And with Radio they called it a day and yet again did proof that they can do the tiny stage of the Meanie Bar (50 people max) and the large stage in the O2 Arena (fronting 10.000 people) – just give them the stage and they will create a lot of fun. I’d hope they come back as a real headliner soonest and give us a long and extensive set.

Next on The Bones and i do have their first two records but today would not follow them. Their sound is too perfect, too slick and too much rock style in my world. Me and me friends all assembled one by one at the bar and did not bother us with The Bones – we rather got chatting, talking, ranting and drinking.

The Bones (Knust, Hamburg, 07.12.2016 (c) gehkacken.de)
The Bones (Knust, Hamburg, 07.12.2016 (c) gehkacken.de)

At the Knust they do show the stage on a large TV at the bar so you could see the band (and you hear it anyway) and that did not lure me over. I only did a sneak peak once and was convinced by them, sorry Bones. Good but slightly expensive fun with good friends – even on weekday that is a priceless setting.

Too much space in the audience on the dance floor ( (c) gehkacken.de)
The Bones: Too much space in the audience on the dance floor ( (c) gehkacken.de)

Bücher, schnell gelesen: Teil 1.208

Steve Jones with Ben Thompson - Lonely Boy (Tales from a Sex Pistol) (William Heinemann, 2016)
Steve Jones with Ben Thompson – Lonely Boy (Tales from a Sex Pistol) (William Heinemann, 2016)

Gelesen: 29.11. – 04.12.2016 netto 301 Seiten (Englisches Original, auf Deutsch noch nicht erschienen).

Und wieder eine Überraschung: Dafür das Steve Jones aus der Ferne wie ein Vollidiot erscheint ist diese Biographie schonungslos offen – er kann nicht lesen, er kann nicht schreiben, er hat sein Leben mit Diebstahl finanziert und er war ein Abhängiger: Alkohol, Sex und Drogen. Oder Sex, Alkohol und Drogen. Oder Drogen, Sex und Alkohol. Nevermind.

Das beste an diesem Buch ist wie schonungslos es uns die Gesellschaft in England am Ende der 60er und Anfang der 70er rüberbringt – der Bodensatz auf dem sowas wie Punk so richtig gut entstehen konnte (gepaart mit der Musikleidenschaft der britischen Jugend). Dazu seine persönlichen Probleme und die Tatsache das er nicht nur all sein Equipment zusammengeklaut hatte sondern auch das er ewig ohne Geld und obdachlos war.

Schön auch wie er den Mythos Sex Pistols zerlegt und seine abtauchen in den US of A beschreibt: Als Erstes hat er seinen Pass für 80$ verkauft um Heroin zu kaufen und danach war er jahrelang ein Illegal Alien mit einem ernsthaften Drogenproblem.

Und er war ein Sex-Maniac, der mit jeder Frau (und jeder Freundin eines Freundes) Sex haben musste. Am Ende hat ihn nur die Abstinenz gerettet – weniger Sex, kein Alkohol und keine Drogen. Und Geld, das er dann endlich mit den Sex Pistols (trotz Lydon) verdiente.

Lesenswert, weil er kein Blatt vor den Mund nimmt – auch wenn er sich ein wenig zu wichtig nimmt.  Er bleibt halt ein Ingerländer aus der working-class, immer ein wenig großmäulig.

Soundtrack dazu (not): Steve Jones with Iggy Pop. Loving memories for this.