… 2021 in numbers

Boy, was i wrong! I definitely thought the Covid-19 shit was on decline, it was vaccination protecting us sufficiently and that all the things i love can pick up again … i was so wrong.

The 2021 statistica shows it well…

… in 2020 i was able to see 7 shows with 21 bands and even that did decline in 2021:

MS Hedi111
Monkeys Exile111

Best show? De/ALL at the Knust (Dirk, Perry and Arne are forever in our collective debt for all they pulled during these damn days, your reward will be eternal friends!) during the short and happy summer as we believed it would go uphill soonest.

Now it is Omikron and again the circuit has been shutdown. Even for a show out in August 2021 like Descendents in Hannover i see a high risk of not happening. Damn.

On the reading front i kept almost the same pace as in 2020: Same number of books (67) but 1.963 pages less. Dropped below 80 on pages read per day. Where did the time go? It went into quality time with me love actually, this Covid stuff glued us even deeper together.

# of books# of pages# of days
Total67 books read22.744 pages read77 pages per day

Loads of Crime for sure but also more on Music (a welcome extension if you ask me). Top stuff is still the Crime series of the Polar Verlag, followed by the stuff that Thomas Wörtche orchestrates for Suhrkamp.

Best reads? On the crime front it was the two books by Ryan Gattis, followed by Doug Johnstone. Doug Johnstone penned the perfect crime story and Ryan Gattis … not only continued to paint a perfect view of L.A. but also sported the best playlist in a book:

Playlist von Rose G. Stenberg ( aus SAFE von Ryan Gattis)

And on 01.01.2022 i started the new book by Ivy Pochoda (another stunner on L.A.) and about 100 pages in i almost believe that i am reading one of the 2022 best books (and sorry for picking it nor earlier from the backlog next to me bed).

And on the vinyl side? What records did impress me in 2021?

Make your choice, here in no particular order:

Huge surprise from France:

Killer update from a beloved band:

Outstanding Oi! from CPH:

New stuff (and great cover of “Shape Of Things To Come“):

For all other mu-sick-al likes refer to the three 2021 playlists published:

Songs From The Holy War Archive Volume Seventeen – www.gehkacken.de

Songs From The Holy War Archive Volume Eighteen – www.gehkacken.de

Songs From The Holy War Archive Volume Nineteen – www.gehkacken.de

Thanks for all the people who supported me in 2021, you know who you are and i do love you. Lets try to make the best outta 2022 because there is nothing else left for us.

Fuck it.

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