… Flashback: Dutch Oi! in 1984 – N.V. Le Anderen!

Now this a long way back – HH-Milch supported one of the early Dutch Oi! Bands when they played Hamburg (thanks to Rudi K., who setup the show).

It was not a crowded show (as it always was a dangerous hassle to get down towards Bergedorf on public transport) but it was a stunning performance by N.V. Le Anderen and i still treasure their 12″ big time.

What happend to these lads? No clue, who can advice?

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  1. Singer is currently playing in a punk cover band called Sox Pistels 3.0. Bass player Danny sadly died a few years ago. Tjakko (drums) is working on N.V. Le Anderen „history“ info . Did play in N.V. Boys and Teenage Warning (together with Danny) after N.V. Le Anderen split up. Rob (guitar) did also play in the N.V. Boys .

    1. Hoi Marcel, thanks for popping by and providing the update. I really have to say that during the 80s i thoroughly loved them – ever since they played Hamburg. Every once in a while the 12″ still spins on my turntable! Cheers D.

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