my loveliest vinyl, part 15

Big D and the Kids Table - For the Damned, the Dumb & the Delirious (One Side Dummy Records, 2011)
Big D and the Kids Table – For the Damned, the Dumb & the Delirious (One Side Dummy Records, 2011)

Ska-core is a Boston stronghold, but beyond the might of the Mighty Mighty BossTones there is more. Since the mid 90’s Big D and the Kids Table (what a name!) have added their abilities to the genre and with their latest record out in late 2011 (and beating the new Mighty Mighty BossTones record by a month) they have made it big, at least for me. And, yes, even after about 1 month of listening it is already in my all-time fav list (but, cool down, that list is long, very long).

As a life-long BossTone supporter surrounded by an even more die-hard BossTone (Frosch, that is) and a wife that likes Dicky’s voice (and the music) it is a hard to judge, but not too hard (as i dig it 🙂 ). The band actualy states:

"For The Damned, The Dumb & The Delirious" is filled with driving
ska-punk bangers, leaping off the stage thrash, seedy dub and 
topped off with a lot of that good ol’ fashion working class,
Boston bar room beer toasting anthems. 
It’s gritty, bratty and raw – confident, witty and fun.

The verdict:
1977 – now this is tough! is it in true spirit of the 1979 2Tone revival of Ska in the UK? published by a cool lable – SideOneDummy is a cool lable with a cool rooster, yes! And, bonus, it is a double-12″!
found in a cool shop – Burnout Records in Hamburg (currently the best shop in town).
catching sound – yes, the beauty of the ska-rhythm paired with speedy guitars – perfect!not too bad words – the decisive one – seldom before i have seen a better explanation why a musician is the way he is and why he hangs on and on and on, go read yourself:

One day,
I'll stop stealing beer from clubs,
toilet paper, paper towels,
light bulbs and even the cigarette stained rug

One day,
I'll stop hanging in the bars
With the late-night punks and lousy women
And all those toxic hangers on

And did you know,
Life is easier than they claim,
When you ain't obsessed with fame,
And the world knows you'll never be tamed
When gasoline soaked,
With an open zipo's flame,
Livin' life is a no-rules game,
And if I ever step in line - then I'm to blame.

No, don't wait around for me,
I'm stickin' to the first plan,
It's workin' out for me
No, don't wait around for me,
There's still a mess of countries left that I haven't seen.

Old friends have grown into American bodies,
Have given up on their hobbies,
And pull me aside and say "Don't you ever change."

An old man,
Take a seat next to me at the bar,
And we find out who each other are,
And pull me close and go "Don't you ever change."

So don't wait around for me,
I'm enjoying life too much,
I'm self-made free
Nah, don't wait around for me,
Go ahead with your own life,

But me....

I explode on mics,
Dive on endless heads,
Play with as much power to wake the living dead
Why I don't fear,
Adrenalize new heights,
I'll make your Monday into fuckin' Saturday Night.

No, don't wait around for me,
I don't agree with the values and interests of society
No, don't wait around for me,
What a decrescendo, Huh?

No, don't wait around for me,
To taste this whole world
That's life for me
No, don't wait around for me,
Gotta do my own thing,
I'm self-made free

(c) 2011 Big D and the Kids Table

Could not find a real good video of this song, but nevermind, at least you can listen to it:

One a side note (dated 2012): The band is like a poor travling gypsy type of thing (and that means they live for the music, the don’t make a living from the music) and when word came around in Nov 2011 that fontman David McWane was diagnosed with Thyroid-Cancer a rush of support set in (for us over in EU we need to remind ourselves how health care, insurance and the hospital system works in the US – seldom people have full insurance cover) to offer support (and that also in hard $). It looks he is covered and able to pay the bills (or, have them paid by Mass Health) but if you feel it needs support:

See and buy a T-Shirt or donate money.

Bücher, schnell gelesen: Teil 885

Josh Bazell - Einmal durch die Hölle und zurück (S. Fischer Verlage, 2011)
Josh Bazell - Einmal durch die Hölle und zurück (S. Fischer Verlage, 2011)

Gelesen: 02.01. – 03.01.2012 (Zeit nicht genommen), netto 341 Seiten plus 56 Seiten Anhang.

Josh Bazell hatte 2010 mit „Schneller als der Tod“ ein echtes Kracher-Debüt hingelegt. Auch wenn es vom Verlag mit einem elendigen Klappentext avisiert wurde („…als hätte Tarantino bei „Dr. House“ Regie geführt“) war es schon ein starkes Stück: großartige und scharfsinnige Dialoge, kleine Witze hier und da und eine spannende Story, dazu vereinzelt Fußnoten (das gibt Extrapunkte bei mir!).

Das ganze hat er mit dem Nachfolger (zeitlich und inhaltlich) weiter- und fortgeführt. Mafia Killer Pietro ist immer noch auch der Flucht vor der Mafia und rutscht aus seinem letzten Fluchtjob (Kreuzfahrtschiffarzt) in eine großartige Gaunerkomodie. Diese entfaltet sich vor dem Hintergrund des den Bach runtergehenden ländlichen Minnesota’s. Die wunderschöne Natur durchsetzt mit Meth-Farmen und bösen Jungs. Doch im Laufe des Buches tritt die Gaunerkomödie nach hinten und Josh feuert aus allen Rohren gegen Sarah Palin (wird mit einem Auftritt bedacht), Kreationisten und Klimaerwährmungsignoranten. Das ganze gipfelt im Anhang, der die ganze wiederwärtige Mischpoke der REP und DEM in den US of A nochmal auseinanderpflückt. Dazu Berge von Fußnoten, im Krimi und auch im Anhang. Lesen galore!

Da ist es wenig überraschend das der Autor in NY und in Barcelona wohnt. Ist das auch ein Grund warum es zuerst in D und erst 2012 in US erscheint? Mmmhhh? Soundtrack: Me First and The Gimmie Gimmies!

someones lovliest vinyl, part unknown (but lasting for an hour)

Now, for a change, if i had any abilities in mastering things like Photoshop or whatever clever tools these fancy guys in media and advertising companies use – would i end up with this? Oh yes, i would. But now i take an hour off and watch it full blast!

Radio Soulwax presents HARDCORE OR DIE:
We can’t pretend to have been huge hardcore punk fans at the time, but have grown to love it now, with help from some friends but most of all from Steve, our drummer. Using their records and his tapes (of local hardcore radio shows from northern France), we tried to give you our take on 80s hardcore. Some people might feel it’s not very respectful, but listen, those guys take themselves way too seriously and by cutting it up the way we did, we feel we have kept to the original spirit and energy of the music. This show contains some of the best sleeves yet on RSWX.
Concept : Soulwax and Fergadelic
Animation/Editing : Nuno Costa

And now you do the same!

And, quel surprise, the creators are from … Belgium. Damn Belgium.