… ach, die gute alte Zeit! Wir werden alle alt, alt, alt!

Dem letzten Spiegel lag der „KulturSpiegel“ bei – eine großartige Titelgeschichte über die Straße meiner Jugend: „Unterm Durchschnitt“ – Heimat des Plattenladens „Konneckschen“ voin Robert Nitz, aus dem später „Unterm Durchschnitt“ – Uli Rehberg’s ganz spezielle Phonofachhandlung wurde.

Lesenswert – hier der relevante Teil mit Uli…. (c) 2012 Spiegel Verlag, Hamburg
(c) 2012 Spiegel Verlag

(c) 2012 Spiegel Verlag

(c) 2012 Spiegel Verlag

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Don Winslow - Bobby Z (Suhrkamp, 2011)
Don Winslow - Bobby Z (Suhrkamp, 2011)

Gelesen: 19. – 21.03.2012 (Zeit nicht genommen), netto 274 Seiten.

Und noch ein Einzelgänger, aber die Geschichte ist so durchgeknallt gut das ich eigentlich nix verraten möchte. Alles ein wenig brutaler, deutlich mehr expliziten Sex und ein Looser der sich als idealer Vater, Überlebenkünstler und Irak-gestälter Marine entpuppt – noch eine „One Man Army“ die es mit Gott, der Welt, Mexikanischen Drogenhändlern, Hells Angles und und und aufnimmt.

Eine sowas von Runde und kurzweilige Geschichte wie ich sie wirklich lange lange nicht gelesen habe. Das Original ist von 1997 und war der Durchbruch für Don Winslow – und der englische Titel ist irgendwie viel schöner: „The Death and Life of Bobby Z“ – vor allem wenn man am Ende die Pointe hinter sich hat und das „aaahhhhh“ kommt. Neat!

Soundtrack: Black Flag!

my loveliest vinyl, part 18

Zoinks! - Bad Move Space Cadet (Dr. Strange Records DSR#31, 1995)
Zoinks! – Bad Move Space Cadet (Dr. Strange Records DSR#31, 1995)

This is a song that was fixed in my brain for large parts of the mid 90s in the hey-days of what was called „Pop-Punk“ (and thus got a bad name forever). They hailed from Reno, NV, and as the mighty 7 Seconds they where DIY to the bone. This is their first LP, on Dr. Strange, and sure i have the limited eddition clear vinyl version as i bought it back then. „UMA 14 TIMES“ is a definite hit and doing a song for the lovely Uma Thurman back then sure was based upon her performance in „Pulp Fiction“. But, if you ask me, a well deserved appriciation!

The internet (damn Internet, never forgets) sums it up:

To understand Thurman's career choices, recall her distinguishing role,in 1988's "Dangerous Liaisons". In the film, she blossoms from a stammering convent girl into a finger-sucking wench. It was partly her beauty and talent that struck moviegoers;but it was also, to be honest, her topless unveiling in bed with John Malkovich. 

Bands wrote songs about her - the male singers in Majesty Crush's mildly creepy "Uma" and Zoinks!'s cinephilic "Uma Fourteen Times" ("I long to hold ya / I know I'm no Travolta") lust for her. And in Heavenly's "Ben Sherman," a female singer regrets that her deluded boyfriend pines for Uma.

Nevermind, the verdict:

1977 – pure, sweet and thrusting rhythm – a real gem!
published by a cool lable – Dr. Strange – was and is cool!
found in a cool shop – Martin Stehr’s Drugstore was THE place in the 90’s
catching sound – without any doubt, i think this is the best pop-punk song from the US of the 90’s, even better than some of the Green Day stuff.

The lyrics are precise and very clear – no question asked:

I'm always home, patheticaly alone
waiting for you, Uma Uma Thurman, i'll say your name again (2x)
Uma (3x)
Uma Thurman, i'm yours
Bonanza Jellybean couldn't make the scene
now it's up to me, Uma

Uma - Uma
It's me, you're someone
I'm nobody 

Uma Thurman, i'll say your name again (2x)
Uma (3x)
Uma Thurman, i'm yours

You're the big man's wife
but not in real life
I'll be you Vincent Vega

I'll long to hold ya
I know I'm not John Travolta
I can't even dance

Uma Thurman, i'll say your name again (2x)
Uma (3x)
Uma Thurman, i'm yours 

I'm in this band, not in much demand
and I'm a grain of sand
and you're an hour glass
and I'll kick Gary's ass
if you want me to
I'll do anything for you
after all
I wrote this song for you (repeat)

(c) 1995 Zoinks!

They ceased in 1998, no clue what happend to the guys. Also no clue if Uma ever knew this and reverted on it. She should. As an act of grace!

Now listen – the video is great DIY – see the wayback maschine to 1996 (and sorry, you need to jump places):