… kick-off at 20:15 should be the norm: Hamburgs finest with an early show and a failed Saturday wish!

It does not need to be bands from far to make them kids happy, sometimes it can also be some of our towns finest to get people out and into it. What was supposed to be Jam Today and Razors had to be changed to Spitfire Stevens and Razors, as Lui of Jam Today fame had to work abroad and could not make it.

And those Spitfires not only had to appear they also had to appear pretty early, 20:15 was supposed to kick-off time on stage. I thought of this as a perfect Friday as it meant to be able to finish early, get home early, get up early on Saturday and be done with weekend shopping with some good time to prepare for the home game of the magical FC (with an equally early 13:00 kick off, implying to be in the pub opposite the ground at 12:00).

But it was not only early for the Spitfires, it was also somehow early for a good sound. The drums felt a wee bit too loud (actually throughout the show) and for the first couple of songs everything sounded disjointed.

Spitfire Stevens (Molotow, Hamburg, 15.09.2017) (c) gehkacken.de)

But the more they played, the better they sounded and the better they got together. First it was only the faster songs that sounded great – later it was also the slower parts that created not only sound but also magic. And whilst they got into the groove they also got great appreciation from the audience, though from the stage they where rather silent and nimble.

But a great set nevertheless and i am sure it is not far that we will see underwear being thrown onto the stage and signs „i want a child from you“ are held up. Stars to come, trust my words.

And against that almost headlining the Razors had to claim the stage (and battle the sonic drums) and win back the audience. And winning back they did, digging deep into their almost 40 years of existence and into songs that made not only them famous but the times when they where young.

That love was, is and always will be mutual for the Hamburg lot and that love for punk rock has driven them throughout the years, any troubles and as driven them to subtle but steady change their sound into what is now a mighty force with an up2date sound and not attempting to bridge something from Hamburg 1979 into today.

Razors (Molotow, Hamburg, 15.09.2017) (c) gehkacken.de)

Even one of my loveliest singles ever they transformed into something meaningful and sounding quite recent. For me it remains one of the greatest sing-a-long hits from Hamburg ever.

So what is it that makes the Razors still hitting it with so much force? My wild guess is that for all of them it ain’t a job and it ain’t a career but for all of them it is the love for the music. That simple.

Razors (Molotow, Hamburg, 15.09.2017) (c) gehkacken.de)

And that love for the mu-sick makes allows them not to bother about cover songs but just take them and Razor-fy them big time. So in best tradition they take on not only „Because you’re young“ from Cock Sparrer but also „YNWA“ and blend it into a killer closing of the set (despite some minor out of tune guitar).

Whilst Klaus wished everybody a great dancing night and 3 points tomorrow it was the start of all my weekend plans to go astray:

I managed to get home early, i managed to get weekend shopping done early and then stupid me managed to get an LBP (or Lumbago) whilst trying to lift a crate of beer from the trunk of the car. So instead seeing the mighty FC at home i was tied to the sofa and painkillers (and my old mate Christian could take along someone on my season ticket).

And those in the stadium? They had to resort to liquid painkillers, as the our team managed to be down 0:4 at half time and there was not much change in the 2nd half. As someone put it „0:4 equals Beer“ (it rhymes perfectly if you mix German with English).

So, in hindsight, the only good thing this weekend was … them Spitfires and them Razors and the fact that me love if a perfect doctor and nurse. Lovely!

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