The hardest thing to do: Goodbye to a friend! The best thing to do: Remembering!

If there is one item that i am damn uncomfortable with than it is dealing with loss. And even more if it is a friend who disappears by the cold hand of fate – one day to the other. It is damn tough, as we all like to believe that we are indestructible. The older we get, the more we realise we ain’t. And that hurts. Hurts big time.

When Toni passed away waves of shock rippled through the community and quickly a feel was around „that can’t be the end„. The positive spirit that Toni had been spreading over all these years though came back – some good folks put together an evening to remember Toni.

In a great setting at the Monkeys (thanks for hosting) around 150 people came together and enjoyed talking (some of them had not seen each other in years), viewing almost 500 pics from Toni on permanent rotation in the pub and dancing to Jam Today (as a 3 piece with Meng on drums) and DJ’s. And then some booze. And some more. Until the wee of the morning.

Jam Today (Monkeys Music Club, 06.05.2017) (c)

And Jam Today sounded like this:

and went on like that:

They did not rehearse a lot (only once) but got into the mood quickly, specifically as the circle of friends in front of the stage made them going rather than the other way around.

Lui wanted to turn to Heavy Metal but the rest of the band rather went … Underground:

… and into Art School!

Fun, Fun and … Fun! Big thanks to Lui, Meng and Helge for fuelling the positive spirit in the room and providing a close family feel.

In the end we all sang „That’s Entertainment“ and the stage was given to talent …

.. and future talent if i may say:

What a great night to remember a close friend, one of the most friendly, positive and generally nicest people around. As someone put it: „If there is ever a farewell for me and it is only half as good as this one for Toni then book it right now!

Toni, this one went out to you. Your friends are still here and we still care about you. RIP – see you in Punk Rock Heaven!



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