… fuck Turboyouth and fuck you away loss: Gerd make it happen!

Me mate Frosch complained upfront: You can not see Gerd more than once a year, they are wearing off to quickly. But on Friday, whilst saying goodbye to BU’s home ground, we agreed to go and watch them at St. Pauli’s Reeperbahn Fan Store despite the fact that the Reeperbahn was full of Turboyouth and other crap that weekend.

My desires where simple, so we and about 30 other oldpunks plus normal tourists got see Gerd and boy did Toni and myself enjoy it: Energy, Fun and some sing-a-long tunes. Nothing better for a Saturday.

And that was a hit later covered by Blondie, followed by another hit that was taken to one-hit-wonder fame by David Dundas:

And a song that Glen Danzig did sneak into the Misfits „Beware“ 12″:

It was quite entertaining to see normal tourists being lured by the sound into the shop and starting to enjoy the hits that made Gerd famous in the 70s and they most likely know from those who stole the songs off them. And they continued to shop for St. Pauli merch too – fun to see!

We finished the night off the Reeperbahn (too busy) and in the pub. And traded stories about „back then“ and fun moments in Hamburg’s musick history until the wee of the morning.

Great night, great band and great friends – and another complaint by me mate Frosch that i did show way too much enjoyment during Gerd’s show. I should rather spend that enjoyment for the next unknown Hardcore band at the Hafenklang. I can’t promise but i’ll do me best mate!

And magic did happen on Sunday: FCSP did an away win! We did our part, Gerd did their part. Priceless!

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