Platzangst (Hafenklang Hamburg 24.01.2014)

No class reunion … school of 1983 revival?

Ob boy, what a neat evening! Generously marketed as „Waterkant Hits Revival“ it was Mondial, X-Agenten, Platzangst, Channel Rats and Yakøpsæ gracing the Hafenklang. Indeed it felt like a „Class of 1983“ revival at the „30 years“ mark. Wow! it did throw endless memories about the early 80s and i’d say all of these where rather warm memories.

Now listen up and judge yourself if it was worth it!

Platzangst giving a nod to the Rejects!

Now this is typical 1981 Punk with simple fun.

And this is the one punk hymne on Hamburg – never been more „to date“ then today where greedy money is eating up space for those who have little. This is the one and only true memory of the glory old days where we felt we can change the world. And, i am sure, we did. And do. Love it!

All in all a tight sound, fast paced and great sing-a-long – and the musical abilities much improved compared to the early 80’s!

That was a slightly new Channel Rats incarnation, with Bodo and Stickel on guitar and Der Lange (aus Bergedorf) on Bass. Also Pizza on drums was missing, but nevermind – 6 songs and even one new one! But sure „A night on the graveyard“ is their instant classic but „Auf See“ and „East End Party“ are also true hits.

A few more pic below:

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