… HH-Soundtrack 2016 and the fate of the missing audience (and an too ambitious venue)!

The 2nd edition of the HH-Soundtrack event was in some ways a fun copy of the previous: Same bands, same problems. This time round it was supposed to be the record release party of the Channel Rats but their brand new DIY CD did not make it in time to Hamburg – a quite some people looked forward to it (like last year to the Platzangst LP, now almost an urban legend).


C³I kicked off early and towards an almost empty Knust. A mere 50 people i’d say, half of them band members of the other acts. Damn, not a good start. But good to see them back and with a great outlook for their own LP, slated for release on 28.01.2017 (with a show at the Störtebeker).

C³I (Knust, Hamburg, 09.12.2016) (c) gehkacken.de)

Dominated by the unique bass play from Arne they pushed ahead and both transformed songs from the 80s and new material into a great sound. From all the bands to play most likely the most gifted ones and sure thing with a unique proposition.

And whilst they had their 2014 single on display on the stage it was Heiko Hamster who made an effort to stroll with a box of singles through the audience and force them upon the small crowd for an even smaller amount. DIY taken to the max i’d say – and it is a worthy effort that should sit in yer collection mate!

Next the supposed headliner, who dodged this duty most likely for a reason. And they kicked off like this:

That’s the original version, they have also now added a more rock’n’roll themed version to their set – that 2016 version is less of a blast and more of a rhythm. In the running up to their recording sessions for the CD they have practised a lot and have tightened their set – some songs where near perfect.

Channel Rats (Knust, Hamburg, 09.12.2016) (c) gehkacken.de)

On the other hand it seemed that drummer Dennis was eager to speed things up so much that Andreas would not be able to follow with the vocals. With that style they destroyed a couple of songs and actually created a lot of question marks in the audience (not more than 100 by now).

Channel Rats Setlist (Knust, Hamburg, 09.12.2016 (c) gehkacken.de)
Channel Rats Setlist (Knust, Hamburg, 09.12.2016 (c) gehkacken.de)

And from the ashes of such mishaps (or on purpose jokes, who knows) they where able to come back with another new song in near perfect sound …

Done! Now we all look forward to the CD release, i am led to believe that they have spend a lot of time perfecting their songs and sound on it. Let’s see …

And that gave way to Sheep On A Tree, who now have played a couple of times over the year and done so with quite a variation of quality. They took the stage like this:

The sound to me was not the best and somehow there was a missing “umppff” in the stomach … don’t know if that was down to the sound operators of the Knust (normally very gifted) or the amp settings on the stage.

Sheep On A Tree (Knust, Hamburg, 09.12.2016) (c) gehkacken.de)

Sheep On A Tree made a crisp tour through their repertoire and did not bother too much with audience participation, i guess because it looked quite empty from up there. So just like during the Channel Rats set Hake decided to have a go at a song in the audience, thus luring the people closer.

By now the whole show did run late, people had already left and it was for the outsiders (on two counts: Daily Thompson where from far and their style was to be far out against the others too) to finish the Soundtrack 2016 off:

I had no clue what lay ahead for me with them but by the looks of the band members i guessed “Saint Vitus” and that seemed not too far off.

Daily Thompson (Knust, Hamburg, 09.12.2016) (c) gehkacken.de)

But they had a hard time – an almost empty space and an audience that only in parts where interested in their style. I too gave in at 01:00 and strolled home, it was a hard week with work travel and a show on Wednesday already, so i was not able to bite it down. Also them set as the end was somehow wrong – the line-up should have been Sheep’s staring, then Daily T, then C³I and then them Rats including handing out CD’s. But whom am i against the grim reality of HH-Soundtrack 2016?

Will there be a 2017 edition?


… a classic night already: HH-Soundtrack edition 2015 – unpretentious punk fucking rock!

Oh boy, that was a show! First set to celebrate the release of the long awaited and 32 years overdue Platzangst record it turned into just a different show because Platzangst could neither play nor was their record finished. Then C³I needed to call it off due to serious health problem (all the best Arne!) so that the rooster somehow came about by luck.

What took the stage instead: A new version of the reformed Channel Rats, transporting both their 1980s punk into these days plus new songs. Kein Hass Da, Hamburgs very special Bad Brains in German cover band. The Crimes, also reformed and with Kent Nielsen (Master of the Ukulele). And, to round it off, Sheep on A Tree watered everyone’s mouth.

Channel Rats (Knust Hamburg, 04.12.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)
Channel Rats (Knust Hamburg, 04.12.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)

Kick off was with the Channel Rats and their new backline (drums, bass) gave them the much needed drive. A great set of new and old songs played with some rigor and, as Bodo stated, “what used to be 3:00 songs now turned into 2:20 blasts”.

They have added some more stage appearance and seem more comfortable on stage. If they continue down that path and keep the pace then actually they are well back on the map.

Channel Rats (Knust, Hamburg 04.12.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)

See them blasting through “Geisterstunde” as the encore (and Bodo wanking the axe big time):

Next on where Kein Hass Da, the cover band that really ain’t a cover band. They took good mu-sick (Bad Brains) and gave it a great new meaning – new words in German. And just in case you know how different a word flow in German to English is you also then know how difficult it is to actually make that work!

Kein Hass Da (Knust Hamburg, 04.12.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)
Kein Hass Da (Knust Hamburg, 04.12.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)

Karl was the ever talkative front man and the band recreating the best of the Bad Brains sound (including the odd reggae tune). Fond memories on my side to that infamous Bad Brains show on 20.05.1983 in Bremen that had endless fights between Hamburg and Bremen punks.

At the Knust and with relaxed oldpunks on stage and in front of the stage there was no risk of those atrocities and Karl could even roam the audience…

Kein Hass Da (Knust, Hamburg 04.12.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)

Whatever you feel about “covering” you might want to re-think upon experiencing them live – the sheer joy by which they transform something old into something new and meaningful is just great. Go see:

Just great! By now the Knust should have been … let’s say at least “half full” but i think it was not. There is space for i guess 450+ people and i would guess not more than 100something where around.

Next The Crimes, yet again something into a different direction – we had Punk Rock (Channel Rats), Hardcore (Kein Hass Da) and with The Crimes we now get a dose of Garage Punk. Hamburg can be versatile, against all predictions!

The Crimes (Knust Hamburg, 04.12.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)
The Crimes (Knust Hamburg, 04.12.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)

They got an A+ for stage appearance (all dressed in black with suits) but somehow Kent as the singer felt like “not fitting”. I imagine their raunchy garage punk paired with a manic singer who fronts (in all sense of that word) but i got bass and guitar standing front and Kent remaining more to the back in the middle.

The Crimes (Knust, Hamburg 04.12.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)

So for me and some others it was the “dull” moment of the day respective night but who am i to ask for all bands of such a setting to be 100% fits for my rather single minded liking? Make your own choice, here is The Crime live and loud:

I think by now it was way after 1:00 in the night and the audience has gotten “thinner”, “lighter” or “scarce” – it was just too fuckin’ late!

On came the Sheep on A Tree and what did they do? They waited for the sound man, they waited for the lights to go off and then they took it on:

Singing, songwriting and stage presence – paired with the ability to actually play the songs in perfect tune: That makes a great band and an even greater live band.

That’s the classic hit from the first Schmuddelkinder Compilation from 1993 – no dust and no smell on it! Classic! Followed suit with they Hamburg hymn from the same record.

Just lovely and so many memories.And that was that other undertone that Friday at the Knust: The loving memory towards those off sick and those gone forever. Every single band made and effort into that direction and me and others in the audience

Sheep on A Tree (Knust Hamburg, 04.12.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)
Sheep on A Tree (Knust Hamburg, 04.12.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)

And as a 25+ years vehicle sure Sheep on A Tree have had their fair share of ups’n’down but that does not stop them to make it just a great show with loads of energy!

Sheep on A Tree (Knust, Hamburg 04.12.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)

And for myself i got carried away and taped more songs, including their final encore “Walfänger” (a song by Hake’s other vehicle “Art of Tin Toys”) that finished as late as 02:15 in the night (and with most of the audience already gone, unfortunately).

First their ode to Diane:

Next they went crazy:

And the final final effort with Heiko joining on stage:

Wow – just stunning! And a long evening with good friends ended late but in hope that this will be repeated on an annual basis – just like the after Christmas show by The Razors at the same location. Great people, great bands and a long evening!

nb: Extra bonus – i have vinyl records from all bands (even a Channel Rats / R.A.F.Gier split signed by Stickel!) but from Kein Hass Da. Who is brave enough and dares a release now?

No class reunion … school of 1983 revival?

Ob boy, what a neat evening! Generously marketed as “Waterkant Hits Revival” it was Mondial, X-Agenten, Platzangst, Channel Rats and Yakøpsæ gracing the Hafenklang. Indeed it felt like a “Class of 1983” revival at the “30 years” mark. Wow! it did throw endless memories about the early 80s and i’d say all of these where rather warm memories.

Now listen up and judge yourself if it was worth it!

Platzangst giving a nod to the Rejects!

Now this is typical 1981 Punk with simple fun.

And this is the one punk hymne on Hamburg – never been more “to date” then today where greedy money is eating up space for those who have little. This is the one and only true memory of the glory old days where we felt we can change the world. And, i am sure, we did. And do. Love it!

All in all a tight sound, fast paced and great sing-a-long – and the musical abilities much improved compared to the early 80’s!

That was a slightly new Channel Rats incarnation, with Bodo and Stickel on guitar and Der Lange (aus Bergedorf) on Bass. Also Pizza on drums was missing, but nevermind – 6 songs and even one new one! But sure “A night on the graveyard” is their instant classic but “Auf See” and “East End Party” are also true hits.

A few more pic below:

All pic (c) 2014 by gehkacken.de