my loveliest vinyl, part 24

Crazy - 12" EP (Self produced, CRAZY S 8105, 1981)
Crazy – 12″ EP (Self produced, CRAZY S 8105, 1981)

Hamburg was obsessed with Swiss punk, no sursprise that plenty of records made their way to Hamburg and some records got either re-released (like Crazy’s 1980 LP „No Chance“ was put out for Germany by Tom Meyer’s Moderne Music Lable) or even soley released. Also plenty of personal contacts between people from Hamburg and punks mainly from Zurich.

Crazy where not „first generation punks“, started in 1979 but made it to THE key event in Swiss Punk history: „Swiss Punk Now!“ in Nov 1979 in Emmen and burned quickly – just after finishing their 12″ EP they called it a day after feeling that hardcore punk was no longer them. But they made a clear stand, mixing high energy hardcore punk with outspoken vocals.

The verdict:
1977 – yes, yes, yes – early Swiss Punk definitly was 1977!
published by a cool lable – self produced, self issued, self marketed – that is DIY Punk!
found in a cool shop – Konneckschen, where else?
catching sound – Yes, back then so much better than german bands! Great driving chorus underpinned by pressing drums!
The lyrics – one of the biggest assets of Crazy, also not shy to theme homosexuality or eg. the death of punk as such!

The lyrics are in German (with a play of words on „Rechtsstaat“ (state of law) and „Rechts Staat“ (right(wing) state)) – so you need a translation, mate:

polizeilich, sagte man zu mir
wir leben frei, frei, wir
unsere stimmen and der urne zählen
viele projekte dürfen wir wählen
und doch tun sie gewaltätig klagen
wenn linke ihre meinung sagen

schaut nach zürich
schaut nach bern
solche freiheit habt ihr gern

freiheit im rechts staat

(c) 1981 Crazy

For my english friends it roughly translates to:

by the police i have been advised
we live free, free, we
our votes count at the polls
many projects we may choose
and yet they do complain violently
when the left expresses their opinion

look to Zurich
look to Bern
such freedom you do like

freedom in the right state

(c) 1981 Crazy

Make sure you crank up your audio:

See some rare live footage on one of their own DIY videos rescued through times:

When i was a young punk in 1981 this stage pic from Crazy burned itself into my brain as „that’s where i want to be“ (and susequently i tried to play bass but failed):

Crazy - great live shot from back then (no clue where, no clue when - historicans please!)
Crazy – great live shot from back then (no clue where, no clue when – historicans please!)

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