Donation Monday: The surprise slot!

I do like the option of the short stroll downhill on a lazy Monday – it prevents me to fall asleep in front of the telly and it allows me to check out bands that travel on a shoestring budget.

Mondays at the Hafenklang are donation only shows: You pay what you like to pay or what you can afford (and what folks give varies between pennies and 20€). And it is followed by some table tennis with a punk rock DJ in the background, so good for your health too.

First on Bundles from Boston. A three piece with a great nom de guerre: „short songs, short shorts“. And that is what the 25 odd people got. With a huge twang, above a strong rhythm there was some strong strumming of the six string and rather harsh vocals.

Bundles (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 25.03.2019 (c)

I am not sure if sound and vocals do it for me, within some songs i could make out some of the singing, within others indeed not. It was worthwhile and definitely not bad but it was one of these „i wouldn’t do the extra mile“ thinks. Check it out for yerself:

But by all means friendly people with some friendly messages. On the mu-sick-al side they try to be off the beaten track, which creates some credit: It ain’t H/C, it ain’t punk and it ain’t post-punk … or all of it. As much as i used this surprise slot go and surprise yourself.

Quick set (matching the „short“ theme) and a good share of applause.

With a stark contrast Überyou from sunny Zürich took the stage: 5 lads, rather in black and with distinct different styles. And when they started it looked like someone ignited a firework: All of them went ballistic – those with a mic in the hand went roaming (aka the singer), and those with a neck and some strings got moving and throwing their axes around.

Überyou (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 25.03.2019 (c)

The small stage upstairs at the Hafenklang sure was way too small, also because both the bass and the lead guitar needed space to sing. And that – besides the sure uptempo speed – was their main advantage: 3 distinct different voices singing, loads of choruses and background singing. What did it look like in real? Check it out:

I liked it. There was nothing spectacular new in what they do, stolen here, stolen there, adapted here and neatly absorbed there. It would be unjust to name something but the sheer amount of references that came to my head actually proves that they someone melted a lot to their own sound. Take a look at their output (and don’t be set off by the cover of their newest effort):

Yet again Surprise Monday proved to be a bonus: Some beers, a wide variety of music and some chats. So much better than slowly passing away on the couch. So get yer ass off on Mondays and come down. You may be surprised for a few bucks!

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