Donation Monday: The surprise slot!

I do like the option of the short stroll downhill on a lazy Monday – it prevents me to fall asleep in front of the telly and it allows me to check out bands that travel on a shoestring budget.

Mondays at the Hafenklang are donation only shows: You pay what you like to pay or what you can afford (and what folks give varies between pennies and 20€). And it is followed by some table tennis with a punk rock DJ in the background, so good for your health too.

First on Bundles from Boston. A three piece with a great nom de guerre: „short songs, short shorts“. And that is what the 25 odd people got. With a huge twang, above a strong rhythm there was some strong strumming of the six string and rather harsh vocals.

Bundles (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 25.03.2019 (c)

I am not sure if sound and vocals do it for me, within some songs i could make out some of the singing, within others indeed not. It was worthwhile and definitely not bad but it was one of these „i wouldn’t do the extra mile“ thinks. Check it out for yerself:

But by all means friendly people with some friendly messages. On the mu-sick-al side they try to be off the beaten track, which creates some credit: It ain’t H/C, it ain’t punk and it ain’t post-punk … or all of it. As much as i used this surprise slot go and surprise yourself.

Quick set (matching the „short“ theme) and a good share of applause.

With a stark contrast Überyou from sunny Zürich took the stage: 5 lads, rather in black and with distinct different styles. And when they started it looked like someone ignited a firework: All of them went ballistic – those with a mic in the hand went roaming (aka the singer), and those with a neck and some strings got moving and throwing their axes around.

Überyou (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 25.03.2019 (c)

The small stage upstairs at the Hafenklang sure was way too small, also because both the bass and the lead guitar needed space to sing. And that – besides the sure uptempo speed – was their main advantage: 3 distinct different voices singing, loads of choruses and background singing. What did it look like in real? Check it out:

I liked it. There was nothing spectacular new in what they do, stolen here, stolen there, adapted here and neatly absorbed there. It would be unjust to name something but the sheer amount of references that came to my head actually proves that they someone melted a lot to their own sound. Take a look at their output (and don’t be set off by the cover of their newest effort):

Yet again Surprise Monday proved to be a bonus: Some beers, a wide variety of music and some chats. So much better than slowly passing away on the couch. So get yer ass off on Mondays and come down. You may be surprised for a few bucks!

… wet Monday with some surprise Swizz-Punk!

Monday evenings in Hamburg can be wet and sometimes they can be double wet: The high tide comes higher and floods the area around the Hafenklang. Luckily this Monday it was rainy and stormy only and without the need to close the flood proof doors of the Hafenklang.

As such i could stroll downhill to see loeschen from Zurich on the regular „Monday donation only“ bill and only getting wet on me head.

loeschen caught my ear via the modern means of internet promotion and Bandcamp – i liked what i heard and so i did have to check them out. With me about 30 good folks wanted to check them out too.

loeschen (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 04.03.2019 (c)

They had just another and different stage setup: Two guitars left and right, bass middle, drums to the back and a free roaming singer. And how did they come across? See yerself:

At times and when the two guitar produced some nice whirling overcast i liked them, on other songs it just did not work out for my ears. But they pair a decent sound with some aggressive schwiizerdütsch vocals.

Once done i decided to not buy the record, as their set did not fully convince me. But that is life and by all means check them out for yourself. I will give them another chance and then may call upon the record.

And with a quick set it was done and the weekly punk rock ping-pong party went off, i passed it by and gently strolled back up home.

Did i note that i love living a short stroll away from a great club and that it is just great to quickly check out a band?

… there ain’t nuthin better than live mu-sick!

If there was an ultimate proof than it came late in 2018 and it came loud, fast and hard. And it hit me with friends and it hit me ears plus it did send me into a neat hangover. So trust me, #thereaintnuthinbetterthanlivemusic!

First on Brack from the sunny marshes of Oldenburg in Oldenburg, an area very unkindly left aside by us from the big city. They are around for some time but have not graced Hamburg a lot. When they took the stage i feared the worst, specifically due to the bass itself: It was a copy of Paul McCartneys Höfner Violin Bass and thus not necessarily the coolest equipment for a raunchy hardcore band.

Brack (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 28.12.2018 (c)

Besides the bass Brack turned out to be a neat surprise as they not only sounded great (though the bass sounded just not rock enough – and i mean the bass not the bass play) but also sported something that made them distinct different and very fitting: The singer had a high pitched voice that at times reminded me of Ozzy and at other times of Paul Mahern (of Zero Boys fame).

And he not only got the voice, he also got the guitar play to make it a worthwhile effort and indeed a pleasant surprise (something you only ever will get if you go out and try bands you do not know). Check them out for yerself.

Next Yard Bomb from Wedel (outside of Hamburg city limits just beyond the posh west end of town) and they have been on a quite long hiatus, as they seem to be a fun side project of the musicians, who all now concentrate on different bands (not for a living but for more fun).

Yard Bomb (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 28.12.2018 (c)

At times it had the feeling of an open rehearsal (including a spliff going around and a crate of beer on stage) but mainly it was kick shit US West Coast Hardcore from a Hamburg West Coast band. Some in the audience noted Black Flag or Circle Jerks in awe and they where not too much off.

Oh boy, they got it. They got it big time. A sturdy drummer, a large and solid bass and a frenzy guitar held up high and tight to the body. And an outgoing singer that wants his smoke, his beer and the ability to wander around in the audience. And songs short, hard and fast. No fancy making around, no fancy chorus-bridge-repeat. And it does not take a lot of words to tell the world to just fuck off.

Yard Bomb (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 28.12.2018 (c)

For me a killer set and one of the reasons that i already had more beer than normally during the show. The other one was me mate Rudi who now resides in sunny Perth but for the first time in like 100 years was back to Hamburg during Christmas and Year End – that was a good reason to have another one. And with him his fresh love from sunny Munich, another reason for a beer. And there where more friends and as such you can guess where it all ended.

Back to Yard Bomb – they lack recorded output but just listen to this killer ode to our trusted friend Milhouse that is tongue in check with some of DC’s greatest:

Not convinced? Really? Sorry mate – either you better go up in smoke or have another  beer and try again!

Truly this was the best ever into what some (ok, one) dubbed Hamburgs best live band 2018 and so here is how that outfit kicked off their headlining:

Say hello to The Haermorrhoids, Hamburgs finest Ramonescore band! Whilst the like to stay secretive when portraying themselves …

THE HAERMORRHOIDS are band. They're from Hamburg and they play punk rock. They've formed some years ago and played at cool places with other bands. Their songs are fast and melodic and they kick ass. Don't believe us? Only one way to find out. Go watch THE HAERMORRHOIDS when they're in your area. You might like 'em. One guy's name is Greg.

… they got the message right: You got to check out bands live, as live mu-sick is the best you will ever experience (next to meeting the love of your life). And them Haermorrhoids have been playing a lot recently (up to and including gracing the best punk festival in Europe – Punk Rock Raduno) and they will play even more in 2019.

The Haermorrhoids (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 28.12.2018 (c)

By now they have a large rooster of songs and they bash them out with all the fun, wit and energy it needs. Want more? Here is some:

And as much as Yard Bomb they know that songs that exceed the 02:00 mark may not be seen as hit material (or are way to long for the attention span of the average audience member).

As such they keep their odes of self reflection short. Like this one:

Now try for yerself – sing-a-long:

Left with a bad DNA 
I’ve got a bad DNA 

So fat and ugly you think i stink 
I don't give a damn what people think 
You treat me like an animal 
You think i am asexual 

Left with a bad DNA 
I’ve got a bad DNA 

I'm not blessed with grace 
Have a look into my face 
My nasty genes fuck you up 
I don't care just shut the fuck up 

Shut up, Shut up! 
Get the fuck out of my way!

Any questions left? Any reason not to like them? And they finished off with some additional vocals and dancing on stage and i really need to stand by me mate how sees them 2018 Kings. Yes – quite some time that such a great Ramonescore band came from home town. Well done mates!

The Haermorrhoids (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 28.12.2018 (c)

The only item missing for now is proper vinyl output that i can add to my collection. Their first recording is out as a tape on La Pochette Surprise Records (go an score it!) but i want damn vinyl! Please! Pretty please me!

The bands had fun and beers …

ALL CAST (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 28.12.2018)
ALL CAST (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 28.12.2018)

… and the audience had fun and beers too!

Oldschool Barmbek & SteilshoopdowntoPerth plus a scent of love (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 28.12.2018 (c)
Oldschool Barmbek & SteilshoopdowntoPerth plus a scent of love (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 28.12.2018 (c)

For me it ended nicely loaded thanks to Jana buying high octane spirits for me, Rudi and the Hafenklang bar crew. Good thing that the next entertainment for me was one day away – on Sunday the Razors rightfully expected year end worship, so i had one day of recovery. Still, live mu-sick is the reasoning!