By now i guess everybody as figured out how impact-full COVID-19 is on his/her private life and i guess you have all noted tours and shows being canceled left right and center.

With that it is hopefully pretty clear to a regular connoisseur of music in recorded form and music in live form that without regular income bands, labels, promoters and clubs will struggle. Will financially not survive. Let one those people that work for them, often without a fixed contract, that will also loose work and thus income.

I’ll do the following:

  • give direct money to my loveliest places
  • order music direct from the bands
  • not exchange tickets back to money for canceled shows

I can only urge you to do the same.

Contact your favorite club an ask how you can directly support them.

I am giving / already gave to

  • Punk Rock Raduno in Bergamo, as they are not only providing a free event but this year are spot-on in the heart of the Italian Corona Crisis. You can give via Pay Pal on their website. Be generous!

And for the rest be creative. Sell some records that you don’t listen to anyway and provide the turnover to your favorite club. Buy two records instead of one and give it to a friend who has less money than you.

And once the clubs can be open again, once bands can tour again – just buy: Tickets, drinks, merch – anything that gets money into the right hands.

Thank you, i love you.

… sold out and pleasing the young: H/C Matinee.

I did barely finish breakfast and some relaxing at home following the Punk Rock Hamburg Festival in Harburg on Saturday when i decided to take up the pull coming from my Hafenklang Season Ticket. Though a fierce storm was announced i dared to take the risk of the train into town.

It turned out all easy but the decision in hindsight was wrong, as i never got into the groove of the show.

First on Angst from Hanover with a quick, fast and aggressive set that was paired with some rather dangerous caiporera dancing by some of their fans.

Next on Dagger Threat from Hamburg and they where just that barking noise that i tend to pass by.

Candy from Richmond, VA (in the US of A) took the proceedings to a more professional level with a much more complex wall of sound, both rooted in H/C and Metal and with some clever noise samples.

Spirit Crusher from southern Germany took a slightly different route, with some spiritual words from their singer (and lacking their 2nd guitar due to the Storm and the need for the guy to be home on Monday). They actually played some nice songs but somehow indeed something was missing.

No Turning Back from the lowlands west of us took the stage next and boy where they tight and together. The singer though was a bit of a loudmouth, a mate noted “ego character”. No clue if that is true, but they fired off some decent SOIA like H/C.

But we all where eager to see No Warning, as some of their recorded output is actually very very strong. It was five quite different stage personas taking the stage and indeed they provided the most perfect, most solid sound that evening.

For my liking they edged too much towards metal on some songs, whilst in between being just a perfect fast paced H/C band.

Maybe i was too tired, maybe it was the short sets and long changeovers – i never got myself into the show. What i noted though was that the absence of smoking at the Hafenklang was a sheer relief versus the Stellwerk on Saturday, where i felt like an Eel being smoked (and was not the only one complaining).

Less smoke it was, but also less booze. This empty view was never there on Saturday…

11 bands in less than 24 hours, i should next time be more cautious. But at last i was lucky, whilst the storm interrupted a lot of trains i was home with ease.