… wet Monday with some surprise Swizz-Punk!

Monday evenings in Hamburg can be wet and sometimes they can be double wet: The high tide comes higher and floods the area around the Hafenklang. Luckily this Monday it was rainy and stormy only and without the need to close the flood proof doors of the Hafenklang.

As such i could stroll downhill to see loeschen from Zurich on the regular „Monday donation only“ bill and only getting wet on me head.

loeschen caught my ear via the modern means of internet promotion and Bandcamp – i liked what i heard and so i did have to check them out. With me about 30 good folks wanted to check them out too.

loeschen (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 04.03.2019 (c) gehkacken.de)

They had just another and different stage setup: Two guitars left and right, bass middle, drums to the back and a free roaming singer. And how did they come across? See yerself:

At times and when the two guitar produced some nice whirling overcast i liked them, on other songs it just did not work out for my ears. But they pair a decent sound with some aggressive schwiizerdütsch vocals.

Once done i decided to not buy the record, as their set did not fully convince me. But that is life and by all means check them out for yourself. I will give them another chance and then may call upon the record.

And with a quick set it was done and the weekly punk rock ping-pong party went off, i passed it by and gently strolled back up home.

Did i note that i love living a short stroll away from a great club and that it is just great to quickly check out a band?

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