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Adrian McKinty - Michael Forsythe Trilogie (Suhrkamp 2010/2011)
Adrian McKinty - Michael Forsythe Trilogie (Suhrkamp 2010/2011)

Gelesen: „Der sichere Tod“ 31.08. – 01.09.2011 (Zeit nicht genommen, Urlaub)
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Ich liebe Serien, und ich liebe Autoren in deren Biographie Namen wie „James Ellroy“, „Leonard Elmore“ oder „Ken Bruen“  auftauchen. Die Michael Forsythe Trilogie begleitet einen einfachen Lad aus Belfast durch sein blutiges Leben. In diesem Leben geht es um Betrug und Rache und irgendwie auf die Suche nach dem Sinn des eigenen Lebens (nein, nicht „42“), das in jedem Fall in einem unwirtlichen und intensiven Universum (der Gewalt) spielt.

Ach ja, Bücher in denen Gewalt möglich beiläufig, lakonisch, erzählt rüberkommt sind ehrlich, offen und realistisch. Hier passt die Geschindigkeit, das realistische „win some, loose some“ und die Beschreibung des taglichen Lebens (und Sterbens) am Rande der Gesellschaft perfekt – auch perfekt passt die deutsche Übersetzung.

Am 19.09.2011 erscheint der Abschluß der Trilogie („Todestag“) und darauf freue ich mich. Es empfiehlt sich wie immer alle 3 Teile in einem Rutsch zu lesen und in die Welt von Adrian McKinty einzutauchen – als Soundtrack dazu empfehle ich Sick Of It All.

PS: Was wie immer Kacke ist – die 3 Cover sind nur halbherzig als Einheit gestaltet, hier sollten sich die Verlage einfach mal mehr Mühr geben! So passt das nicht!

BossTones … priceless!

Frosch, Dicky and Grat - Vienna Sep 2011
Frosch, Dicky and Grat - Vienna Sep 2011

I need to praise Frosch – not only does he withstand wearing cool glasses, not only does he go all the way (and through a Blizzard) to see a Hometown Throwdown, no, he also favours a trip to Vienna to see Dicky…priceless! Well done mate!

See more from Vienna here (thanks Frosch for the pictures)

All pics by Frosch and  (c) 2011 by gehkacken.de

my loveliest vinyl, part 4

Eater - Thinking of the U.S.A. (The Lable TLR003, June 1977)
Eater – Thinking of the U.S.A. (The Lable TLR003, June 1977)

Now this is one from way back. So much way back that most of you kids today won’t recognize this as „punk“ – but hey, also AC/DC appeared in my fav record shops back then in the „punk“ bin…now, this is straight from June 1977, straight from the action (London) and done by 16 year old lads – and it is a classic!

Lets see:

1977 – tick, this is June 1977!
published by a cool lable – ticked, The Lable (run by David Goodman) was something back then
found in a cool shop – ticked, found in the early 80ties in this small shack in Barmbek run by Stoney (a used comic and records outlet)
catching sound – monster reverb, catching chorus hockline
not too bad words – no-nonsense write up of a day in the life of Eater and their aspiration: getting over to the USA (and make it big)
collectors value – quite some, i have the version with the wrong publishing credits later corrected. but the bible (45 Rev) says it not worth it…do i fucking care?

Eater! You gotta fucking love’em….you gotta hate them the lucky bastards! Mark P called them ‘totally devoid of musical ideas’. John Savage, journalist of the time, summed them up as ‘Youth by itself is not enough‘. What do they know? Eater called Johnny Rotten ‘too old’. That’s about right… Average age 16, chicks, rock’n’roll, part of the greatest musical era ever, and a fistful of songs to stand the test of punk time. (Paul@Punk77)

And the words are a nod to their musickal roots:

Kicking up dust on an empty street
Waiting for John, Brian and Liz
I've already been stopped by the police
They're getting kicks, I'm feeling sick

Chorus. And I'm thinking - thinking of the USA
Thinking of the USA
Dreaming of the USA

10.30 and the band is still not on the stage
The kids are getting restless but all have to be paid
I really think that I should not stay
I need a rest .I need a drink
Chorus. And I'm thinking - thinking of the USA
Thinking of the USA
Dreaming of the USA

12.45 at the Roxy Club
And I'm tired of just hanging around
I need some sleep, I am so tired
All these people making crazy sounds


Walter Lure comes from the USA
Lou Reed comes from the USA
Richard Nixon comes from the USA
Gary Gilmore came from the USA

(c) 1977 A. Blade / I. Woodcock

What else is worth to note? Did you know that producer Dave Goodman soon moved to Malta (of all places), enjoyed the sun and died from a heart-attack in 2005. What happened to the lads of Eater? No carrer, no USA – into work.

See 14 year old drummer Dee here (remembering it all in 1997):

And here is is in all glory: