Zero Boys - Vicious Circle (Nimrod Records NIM-001, 1982)

my loveliest vinyl, part 41

Zero Boys  - Vicious Circle (Nimrod Records NIM-001, 1982)
Zero Boys – Vicious Circle (Nimrod Records NIM-001, 1982)

Boy, there are a couple of records that got me hooked on US/HC and next to Descendents this one comes sure in the top 5. The Zero Boys basicaly came from nowhere (or, as the US of A would put it „The Midwest“) and just like Hüsker Dü took everbody „left field“. I think they easily outplayed much bigger and more successfull bands of the early 80s but due to their location never made it big. Paul Mahern went on to become a producer in demand and they had a mass of re-unions and new line ups etc – their 1982 record though is the testament that there was sound out there in US nowhereland that we could never fathom.

The verdict:

1977 – it ain’t but this is early hardcore without all the metal – just punk rock
published by a cool lable – DIY on a local label, later re-issued by Toxic Shock
found in a cool shop – Konnekschen, where else?
catching sound – genre defining hooks and speed, no surprise that Paul Maherns other band was powerpop!
the lyrics – no bullshit and versatile on viewing the world!

Surprise that i actually like this one most: short, crisp, fast paced and a clear and easy message. But there is no bad song on this record, trust me!

You look So good
But i know You're no good
Why do you wanna push me down the drain?
Don't you know your love is drivin' me insane?

What's your name?
Down the Drain!
What's your name?
Down the Drain!

(c) 1982 Howe/Mahern/Clough - Zero Boys Music (BMI)

Listen up:

And see it live – jot as they where in 1981 (jumpt to 02:57 for „Down the Drain“):

Just class! Nothing to add!

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