Thorazine - Vicious Cycle (Hell Yeah HELL 45, 1998)

my loveliest vinyl, part 34

Thorazine - Vicious Cycle (Hell Yeah HELL 45, 1998)
Thorazine – Vicious Cycle (Hell Yeah HELL 45, 1998)

Philly Punk – now that is unique: I can not really recall many bands from there – “Flag of Democrazy” and “Ink&Dagger” are two i have on record, but else? But, that does not count, as Thorazine are a heavy hitting slab of Punk fucking Rock – they are from Philly so Philly has something! They actualy spend only a short life, 2 Records and a couple of tours but this record summs it all up neatly!

The verdict:

1977 – indeed, this is Punk Rock with a captial R!
published by a cool lable – Hell Yeah, part of the Dionysus Empire – sure thing!
found in a cool shop – Drugstore!
catching sound – without any fucking doubt – driving, good hooks, great stops/breaks and cool female vocals – i do not need more!
The lyrics – Truth or dare i’d say, fucking cool, fucking unpunk!.

Thorazine is a Nazi punk’s most confusing nightmare. Fronted by a woman and backed by a Jewish bass player, Thorazine’s brand of melodic early hardcore leans toward a harder, faster Ramones with frenetic hints of Motorhead. Their hyper-kinetic punk is a tribute to the stripped-down, furious, two-minute anthems. Not unlike the anti-psychotic drug that is their namesake, the result is therapy for the angst-ridden.” (Geeta Dalal in Philadelphia City Paper 07/97)

We’re not “the beautiful people” from Melrose Place” or something. You’re looking at real, everyday people when you stare into these faces. Most adults 25 years and up look at us and remember when bands looked like us all the time. We were “the look.” Now that everybody looks like non-threatening skinny wimps still wet behind the ears, WE SCARE THE SHIT outta most kids that show expecting another band that looks like Offspring. We were called “greasy, sleazy, sweaty people who play nasty music” in one article. This is generally how kids see us. We must be threatening in some way, shape or form, because we’ve never been stiffed on our money. Even in clubs notorious for it. There was one night here in Philly where the management had to tell us that we generated no cash and when I was being filled in, they called the bouncer over. He was shuffling his feet and rubbing the back of his neck nervously instead of me!” (Dallas, the drummer, in an interview)

Why the quotes? Because beauty and real gems speak for themselves!

My favorite songs has it all and has a simple message with respect to being happy:

Work at my job
do what I do
A little chore
makin money
it'S not such a bad life now
payin my dues
no time to bitch
no time to whine
countin' my dough
biding my time
Soon I'll have a day off
To do what i want

I'm happy
Got a good life
No complaints
Get out of my face

Got a big old house
live with the band
rehearsin at home
don't have it too bad
Shakin t' walls playin tunes
In pajamas
Like where i live
Roomates too
Dog is runin around
sinks got dishes too
gonna kik back Sunday Afternoon
order take out food


I love my man
always by my side
we like to laught
we try to spend time
when we det down ohhh myy
he's real fine
when we get some time
we like to go online
surfin' around 
playin some games
trade picture of porn queens
it's quite a time


I got me a bike
Speeding along
Got me some friends
Where do we go
care less, got a tank full of gas
Havin a ball
Warm wether
Seems so far away
When spring strikes
I'll be on my bike
wish all days were sunny and nice
I'd ride all the time


(c) 1998 Way Cool Music BMI

Now listen up – this is live in 1997 in North Carolina:

And a “professional video” done by Hell Yeah for the record:

So, what happened to them? At least the 2 are a happy married couple and you can read about them! Realy dig them mate!


2 thoughts on “my loveliest vinyl, part 34”

  1. WOW. Nothing like being remembered. It was the most amazing time in my life.

    PS I am still as happy as the day I wrote that song.

    1. Jo-Ann,
      tricked you into popping by, neat. My little band and record lable from the early 80s is not really being remembered but that is cool – and who likes egosurfing on Google anyway! Keep on enjoying as much as i continue to enjoy listening (stress relieve during work and business travel). Cheers from Hamburg, D.

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