Saint Vitus - Born too late (SST Records SST082, 1986)

my loveliest vinyl, part 27

Saint Vitus - Born too late (SST Records SST082, 1986)
Saint Vitus – Born too late (SST Records SST082, 1986)

Now this is something completly different – at least back then, when we did crave for US Hardcore and stuff comming from SST (Black Flag’s Greg Ginns own lable). Saint Vitus reminded all of early Black Sabbath  and generaly where seen as Hardcore slowed down to the max. In short: They had a fucking unique selling preposition!

Saint Vitus where around the “hard” music scene in LA but actualy only made it big when the charismatic Scott “Weino” Weinrich joined the band in 1986, spot on when this record was completed. After an “normal” disbanding of the band in the early 90’s (when Grunge broke big) they reunited in 2008 and are still going strong.

The verdict:

1977 – in essence yes but hey, this is now considered “doom”
published by a cool lable – SST, tick!
found in a cool shop –  … Konneckschen for sure!
catching sound – Yes – unique, slow, hard – best in class and genre defining!
The lyrics – dark and doom as doom should be! And no surprise drugs!

My loveliest song on this is a rather short one – if you dare check out the long rolling ones!

I see colours everywhere
I have things living in my hair
In the dark, I see lights
My brain is working overtime
On clear windowpane

In my house, all things glow
My walls are a living light show
Purple dragons, smoke with me
I have friends only I can see
On clear windowpane

I can't handle coming down
'Cause I can't take the human crowd
I can't face reality
So I fly back to where I am free
On clear windowpane

(c) 1986 Cesstone Music

Now listen up:

And see this just again as a perfect set, performing live at the Palm Springs Community Center on May 16th, 1986. It will kill all your thoughts about rock’n’roll galmour and brings it right back to the bare bone:

Note of warning: For those of you who complain about the visual effects on this video rember that back then it was VHS (analog) and most likely the guy on the camera was stoned too! So shut the fuck up – this was 1986 you twat!

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