… donation only Monday: A slot to check out new bands!

Moday evenings at the Goldener Salson of the Hafenklang remain a free slot for some free entertainment: Donation only shows followed by a DJ and some table tennis (and sure some booze). For me, living a short walk away, it is always a good slot to check out bands and be home early.

This time it was Negative Gears, from sunny Australia, and two items attracted me:

Number one – this portray of the band:

Rising out of the chaos of another band’s eleventh-hour personnel reshuffle, it’s Negative Gears. ‘Urgent, melodic punk’ that’s producing sweet capital gains thanks to the group’s strong intent.

Number two – a great record cover:

Ngetive Gears - cool LP cover indeed!
Negetive Gears – cool LP cover indeed!

This was enough to attract me and be donating customer number one for the evening (with some poor 19 more people adding to the pot). By the looks the young Australians seemed friendly chaps and this was confirmed by the folks of the club.

Negative Gears (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 03.06.2019 (c) gehkacken.de)

A sturdy backline with drums and bass, a solid guitar and a shy keyboard. Paired with a roaming singer that used some looping stuff for his voice (requiring him to bend down towards a bar stool on stage). How did it sound? At good moments actually quite fine and in an almost perfect post-punk fashion (if i may use that slur):

Other moments were rather lackluster. Still, i believe they would have warranted a slightly bigger audience and a longer set (in order to groove in). Did i buy their record? No, not yet. They did not fully convince me live. But go and check them out for yerself:

What did surprise me yet again was how people react to „Donation only“ shows: Regulars did give up to 10€, others, „being with the band“ gave…nothing. Even when the landlord tried to explain that they need to be able to have a good feeling to give nothing to their friends.

Still, great short enjoyment and much better than watching TV. Remember: #thereaintnuthinbetterthanlivemusic!

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