… sober January ends Fucked Up!

For me this January was a month of rest and contemplation – after a hectic and full on 2018 i decided to pause. For some part willingly (eg. booze) and for some part unwillingly (eg. a man flue aka near death experience had me down so i missed some shows). At the end it was for the good old Fucked Up from snowy Canada to win the „First show of the year“ Medal and lure me away from the fire place.

It was a strange setting, an early start and an unknown support band. It turned out to be Chastity from Whitby, Ontario, and they turned out to be somehow like a 90s revival band. Or, as someone in the audience pointed out, „… they seem to know their Grunge very well„.

Chastity (Molotow, Hamburg, 31.01.2019 (c) gehkacken.de)

They were definitely not my mu-sick-al chair, specifically when the vocals had spoken-word/rap style. They though had one song much slower than the others and that turned out to be a real beauty. I think it was this one – so check out yerself:

On the visual side they where quite funny: A shy, geeky guitar with a massive effect board, a hidden drummer, a french style girl on bass and a long haired guy on vocals. The looked a bit battered, so i guess that tour in tow with Fucked Up was demanding for them. But they gave their best and that’s why i gave them some applause.

Next on Fucked Up, the sole reason why the Molotow on a cold and snowy Thursday was sold out (actually it was sold out in advance, as the Hamburg lot ha to wait way too long to have them back). If you where new to Fucked up then yet again the visuals would make you wonder:

There are plenty of amps on stage and that is because they sport 3 (Three!) guitars. And 5 out of the 6 members neither look hardcore nor act hardcore. But paired with Damian on vocals they are a just a perfect visual and audio representation of the term „Wall of Sound“.

Fucked Up (Molotow, Hamburg, 31.01.2019 (c) gehkacken.de)

Their cupboard nowadays is labeled „alternative hardcore punk psychedelic punk punk“ and whilst that might be the spread they entertain it is the sheer perfect guitar sound by those three gentlemen on guitar that singles them out: They play in sync but still provide soundscapes that widen the experience into all sorts. Stunning. Just stunning!

The only item odd, as almost ever with the Molotow, was the lights and the sound. Even the guitar player on the far right was at length unhappy with either his sound in his monitor or the others sound back to his monitor. On top there was also some technical defect that made the vocals disappear during one of the songs.

Fucked Up (Molotow, Hamburg, 31.01.2019 (c) gehkacken.de)

But hey, that’s real life and that’s not driving for perfection but for honesty, integrity and message. I loved them, me mate around me loved them and all of us greedy record collector scum will most likely never complete their releases: 11 Albums, 54 singles and still counting. Their latest effort is here, check it out:

It started early, it finished early and i stayed away from booze on the last day of January too. And i also accomplished the final stroll home through a nicely snow powdered city. And lucky me, i live a mere 5 minutes uphill from the Molotow – so a very enjoyable day ended with an very enjoyable walk home.

And thanks for the snow Damian!

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