The Pack

my loveliest vinyl, part 2


The Pack - King of Kings (Rough Trade, 1979)
The Pack – King of Kings (Rough Trade, 1979)

Now this is a great one, from way back! I only realized what gem it is when i re-discovered this upon hitting the follow up of The Pack, Theatre of Hate and their cool singles „Rebel without a brain“ and „Do you believe in the Westworld?“ (watch out for young John Peel!) …

But back to The Pack. This 7″ has it all:

1977 – almost ticked, this is 1979
published by a cool lable – ticked, Rough Trade back then when i started to listen to Punk was one of the key sources and a name to look up to
found in a cool shop – ticked, found back then „Konneckschen“ or better „Unterm Durchschnitt“
catching sound – ticked, esp. the start-up/signature riff
not too bad words – more than ticked, one of the best lyrics ever
great cover – tick tick tick, this package is timeless (hence shown in full here)!

Singer/Songwriter Kirk Brandon went all the way from fame to bankruptcy and recently also into ill health. Damn, he was a great great singer and did write a couple of catchy tunes i’d love to see covered by some bands today! Volunteers anywhere?

Enjoy young Kirk here:


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