… Punk tradition, Hamburg style. And a day to remember!

Tradition is something to hold on to that gives you a warm and cozy feeling. To that extend i love traditions like eg. the annual christmas party we used to have at our favorite record shop „Unterm Durchschnitt“ in the 80s that always ended on booze and stupid (but sure executed) ideas like burning non-sold record (or records we believed should be burned). Sometimes traditions are also providing the warmth and coziness to overcome sad memories.

It has been another 4 years since Schwabe from the mighty Razors passed away following a sad accident. This fundamental loss for the Hamburg punk (and oldpunk specificaly) scene has fueled the continuation of a by now new tradition: Spend a day at year end with the Razors and some friends, live and loud. 2014 was V8 of this attempt and again it was „in style“.

Eat The Bitch (Knust, 26.12.2014  (c) gehkacken.de)
Eat The Bitch (Knust, 26.12.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)

Kick off was early with Eat The Bitch, a young hardcore band from Hamburg. As ever the first stint on the stage is the hardest but they managed their way through it. I’d say they gave the „edge“ to the evening!

Hotel Energieball (Knust, 26.12.2014  (c) gehkacken.de)
Hotel Energieball (Knust, 26.12.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)

Next on Hotel Energieball (at least partially from the ashes of „The Revolvers“) from what we call the „Ruhrpott“ – guests from far you could say. Musically for sure the most gifted, sound wise the cleanest and all vocals in plain german – some call it „Glam Punk“ but i just say it is plain good and driving musick. Their biggest bonus? Nope, not the surfer on guitar – it was the bass player. Go see yourself for a great and energetic performance!

Platzangst (Knust, 26.12.2014  (c) gehkacken.de)
Platzangst (Knust, 26.12.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)

And that gave way to more local heroes, Platzangst seem at it again and i am sure there is a record soon to happen. This time round they practiced more and they are now much better together. If i can have a christmas wish i’d say give Boffer some cleaner english (or stay with german vocals) and disallow Scholle some guitar wanking. But they had it all back in the early 80s and they still have it now and even some new songs of quality!

As a surprise guest Frankie (first ever singer for Platzangst) was back in Hamburg (he now resides in much more sunnier Portugal) and not only joined the party in front of the stage but gave vocals to the standard encore: „An der Waterkant“ remains „the“ Hamburg punk hymn. That was great to see!

And – for the fun of it – they now added a stage entry. Well done but next time remember to stay out of view whilst the song plays!

Razors (Knust, 26.11.2014  (c) gehkacken.de)
Razors (Knust, 26.11.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)

And the evening ended with Hamburgs finest: the Razors went from nowhere (and that was 1977 and Hamburg) to actually nowhere near stardom but a real cool punk rock band. Their first incarnation ceased in i think 1984, somewhere in the late 90s/early 2000 i believe they got it going again (at least i recall a killer show at Kampnagel) and by now they are at it again. What was really low key (by all means) punk rock in 70s, british influenced pogo punk in the 80s has now been tuned up, speeded up (namely by the blizzard guitar sound of Witte) and is „up to date“ (and for my likeing sometimes too fast).

I was to thrilled to record a song, but see here for yerself (with their own ode to Schwabe):

In case you like it, get their stuff. If you want to trial – download their full discography (the „Dirty Thrirty“ 2CD Album) from Youtu.be:

Note: It ain’t a bootlegged copy, it was the bands concious choice to put it there!

DJ Christian (Knust, 26.11.2014  (c) gehkacken.de )
DJ Christian (Knust, 26.11.2014 (c) gehkacken.de )

And it all ended with DJ Christian and even more musick that got the oldpunks going. And that was old German stuff, new and old Englisch stuff and the full blown sing-a-long rest. That and even more beer made it a worthwhile evening with lifelong friends – so the best setting to keep loving memories of those gone. And the best: when stumbling down to the tube we caught a train by chance and where home like nothing. Killer evening, killer hangover. Love the setting!

PS: Dress of the evening goes to Toni for the Descendents Christmas Sweater – JEALOUS!