Record Covers never made, part. 276

No babies allowed
No babies allowed

This is a picture that should  have been a record cover. In case your band is called „NO BABIES“ and you want to put out a record – that should be yours. If you then play decent, let’s say, crustcore or something to that extend…perfect for the angry young ones.

i’d guess this US by the looks of the cars, anyone being able to single this out?

Trainingsformen, neue – Teil 745

BruceLee nunchucktabletennis
BruceLee nunchucktabletennis

als ich klein war habe ich mal tischtennis im verein gespielt, war neben fußball eine nette abwechslung – und wenn ich es recht erinnere war ich einmal in der fußball d-jugend staffelmeister…im tischtennis dagegen haben wir turniere (mehrzahl) gewonnen, also viel erfolgreicher!

nevermind – ich glaube ich werde in das fußball training auch einmal nunchuck elemente einbauen, was hier geht muß da auch gehen.

und auch hier gilt: well done!

my loveliest vinyl, part 1

Overwhelming Colorfast - It's tomorrow (SFTRI 177, 1992)
Overwhelming Colorfast – It’s tomorrow (SFTRI 177, 1992)

where to start? that is a tough one, but lets count on what i do adore

1977 – almost ticked, this is SFTRI 177 (i am a number guy)
published by a cool lable – ticked, SFTRI where cool and are cool
found in a cool shop – ticked, found back then in Martin Stehr’s Drugstore
catching sound – ticked, esp the hookline
not too bad words – ticked „…everybody wants to bring me down…“

so by all counts (let’s claim 5 out of 5) i took this gem home and it sure ended up on one of the famous „Songs from the Holy War Archive“ compilations. later efforts where not that great and they soon took the road downhill. the internet (damn internet, never forgets) states:

Much overlooked CA band. Overwhelming Colorfast was signed to a major during the post-Nirvana „sign everybody and see what catches on“ period. Sound-wise O.C. are much endebited to Hüsker Dü. After being ditched by their major O.C. managed an EP and a full Length before breaking up. 

More about them over at Rescued From Obscurity

still, today, i consider this a real asset and esp. „It’s tomorrow“ still cheers me up.

if there is one thing though that sucks, big time, check out the hairdoo…