my loveliest vinyl (not), part 40

Brutal Chérie - Cours ou crève (L'Écurie Musique ‎HM019, 2012)
Brutal Chérie – Cours ou crève (L’Écurie Musique ‎HM019, 2012)

Confession: This ain’t in my vinyl collection, as this ain’t vinyl. You can get it on CD though or download the album from Bandcamp (modern times take their toll!). But hey, if it is great mu-sick there ain’t no way around it … i was unable to get the CD, so had to resort getting the download (no clue how much money ends up with the band, i would guess more than for the CD actualy).

They hail from Montreal er Montréal, Canada, and thus are french speaking and thus i do not have a fucking clue what they sing about (i do not speak french at all). Never-mind, good mu-sick is still good mu-sick, ain’t it?

The verdict:

1977 – far from, but neither scremo, emo, h/c, sludge and what have you – just punk rock
published by a cool lable – no clue, as far as i am concerned DIY
found in a cool shop – nope, online via bandcamp
catching sound – oh yes, they do have something special – driving and great hooklines!
the lyrics – does anybody speak bloody french?

I did not find any live version of my favourite song from that release so you got to be happy with the recorded version. But be warned, this is just masterclass:

And see some more about them (beware, it is in fucking french):

A beer for you if you can supply the lyrics, both in fucking french and english!

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