… finally shows come back!

Finally shows are coming back! And our friends over at Punk Rock Hamburg start this off with a real bender: De/ALL, a Belgium/German Descendents & ALL cover band that never planned to perform live will grace Hamburg and team up with Youth Of Altona! Now that is a near perfect outlook!

Tickets over here and watch out for the Covid rules that come with it!

TV Party – Ein Kessel Punk – Das Finale!

Am 27.3 freuen sich die Jungs & Mädels von Punk Rock Hamburg auf das Finale der TV Party – Ein Kessel Punk in Überlänge.

Live mit dabei sind dieses Mal:
The Rabble Rousers

Themen u. a. die Razors & ihre bald erscheinende Platte, Eugen Hunold erzählt über sein erstes Fanzine “Pretty Vacant” und die Punk Stadtmeisterschaft: DER beliebteste Punk Song der Stadt wird gesucht (mitmachen auf FB hier).

Dieses Mal legen DJ Schaub und Don Tikiboy auf.

Los geht es am 27.03 bereits um 19:00 live und in Farbe aus dem Knust und es wird eine gnadenlose Überziehung bis ca. 00:00 angedroht – Das Ende der Winterzeit soll ja gebührend gefeiert werden.

Stream: https://dringeblieben.de/videos/tv-party-ein-kessel-punk-das-finale-ua-mit-c3i-the-rabble-ro – wie immer mit virtueller Getränkekarte.

Solitickets unter: https://www.tixforgigs.com/de-DE/Event/36696/tv-party-ein-kessel-punk-das-finale-knust-live-stream-knust-hamburg

… farewell “Old Erwin”!

Farwell Erwin “Old Erwin” Lieske (17.09.1962 – 29.07.2019)

This time it is just silent appreciation for someone that was an all-time asset of the Hamburg Punk scene and at least for me was always up there, on stage.

Running order at the Knust (thanks for hosting).

Erwin was with us all night, at the side of the stage.


Kinche (Knust, Hamburg, 24.08.2019 (c) gehkacken.de)

Hake (Guitar, Vocals), Britta (Vocals)


Early Birds:

Nessi (Guitar), (Drums), Schulze (Vocals), Bernhard (Bass)

Early Birds (Knust, Hamburg, 24.08.2019 (c) gehkacken.de)

Spitfire Stevens:

Spitfire Stevens (Knust, Hamburg, 24.08.2019 (c) gehkacken.de)

Luke (Guitar, Vocals), Jan (Drums), Doc (Bass), Timothy (Guitar)

Nasser Hund:

Jan (Guitar, Vocals), Arne (Bass, Vocals), Kai (Drums)

Nasser Hund (Knust, Hamburg, 24.08.2019 (c) gehkacken.de)

Rudi with some very personal words:


Arne with a little story about his first bass and how that bass did meet Old Erwin:


Kotzbrocken - 1 (Knust, Hamburg, 24.08.2019)
Kotzbrocken  (Knust, Hamburg, 24.08.2019 pic by Schaub – thanks)

Rudi (Guitar, Vocals), Meng (Drums), Votzer (Vocals), Arne (Bass)

The song “Aggressivität und 220 Volt” was the first ever song “Old Erwin” did write for his first band Kotzbrocken, somewhere in 1978. Needles to say that they played it without rehearsing a single minute.


C³I (Knust, Hamburg, 24.08.2019 (c) gehkacken.de)

Rudi (Guitar), Jens (Drums), Arne (Bass, Guitar)

“Old Erwin” – Last ever song of the Phantastix:

Unreleased video of a song by Erwin intended for the never completed Schwabe tribute LP. 


Intro banner for Erwin that was shown at the last St. Pauli home game.

Razors (Knust, Hamburg, 24.08.2019 (c) gehkacken.de)

Witte (Guitar), Gott (Drums), Danker (Vocals), Christiane (Bass)

Note: Never to be repeated cover of Phantastix “Das Herz von St. Pauli”

Razors (Knust, Hamburg, 24.08.2019 (c) gehkacken.de)

Thanks to all who made this possible, thanks to all who took care of Erwin personally and thanks to all those attending and celebrated Erwin.

Special thanks to those who had the deep and personal conversations about losses, death and how to deal with it with my humble self. Much appreciated!

Farewell Old Erwin!