… a late show: The Haermorrhoids and DeeCracks played until the birds sang (for me, at least)!

For me it was the 3rd show in less than 24 hours, so the setting must have been special else me at my age would let go the opportunity. And the setting was special as it was them DeeCracks, Klagenfurt’s finest Ramonescore band. And in tow The Haermorrhoids from Hamburg, who have also turned out as a quite a force.

I would have had preferred both upstairs at the Hafenklang actually, but i had to resort to the cellar under the Molotow and i had to bridge more than an hour with chatting and listening to classics by DJ Starry Eyes. It started to feel late indeed, but i was there and a couple of other folks who made it over from the rather early Gerd show.

The Haermorrhoids had been a surprise to me when they played support for Chixxdigit on the MS Hedi as such i was looking forward to see them and see if they have been able to improve even further.

The Haermorrhoids (Moltow, Hamburg, 24.03.2018) (c) gehkacken.de)

And improved they have indeed. The set is even tighter, the chorus is spot on and the three different vocals work quite neat and give a good feel of variation. Their speed is high and they rarely pause or break. If they now get some more own songs in that quality i would hope that someone would actually put a record out.

See yourself how they sounded on that tiny stage down in that dark cellar:

From where i sit a good set and i do hope that they get a chance on a bigger stage, supporting a bigger US band from that fast paced pop-punk genre. Could be fun to see!

Next on DeeCracks, who not only have a new LP with them but also a little gem they and Pirates Press did for Valentines Day 2018: A heart shaped flexi disk at a bargin price of 2€ – that is something so beautiful that i am lost for words…

DeeCracks Valentine Record - a 2€ bargin!
DeeCracks Valentine Record – a 2€ bargin!

And with little setup and just a very short redress them Austrians took the stage and blasted into their set:

And with that all of my tiredness was gone – just perfect fast paced Ramonescore with some unique selling propositions: Matt and his rather harsh voice provide the main vocals, Mike provides a sturdy and exact drumming (and provides the visual fun with all his smiles and faces) and Paul being the introvert (and could not provide the jumping, he would have hit his head given the low ceiling).

DeeCRACKS (Moltow, Hamburg, 24.03.2018) (c) gehkacken.de)

I am sold on them, they mixed old and new material and kept the pace. Those from the Hamburg lot that went to see Descendents in Vienna last year confirmed that it is a pairing that worked perfect, i’d wish they could support the Descendents in July in Hamburg and they could thus expose their beauty on the big stage of the Markthalle. They deserve it, period.

And whilst they finished at the wee of the night i took tally of those who attempted the triple crown: At least one candidate gave in on wear and beer between the two bands and took of home as he felt wasted and did not want to wake up somewhere on the street (but rather on his host sofa). The crown finally went split but i spare you to whom.

I took off on my bike towards home and it was a short and beautiful ride at 03:30 in the morning. En route (it is a 5 minutes distance actually) is a small park and that had the birds already singing. So i stopped there, listend to them and took the last meters with a big smile.

And on Sunday i was fucked but all three shows were worth it! As ever, mu-sick is to be served live, first and foremost. Go there! Enjoy!

… tiny place, tiny stage, tiny audience…does not stop DeeCRACKS!

DeeCRACKS (Gun Club, 29.05.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)
DeeCRACKS (Gun Club, 29.05.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)

Yesterday retro into 1973, today retro into Ramonescore – so lets say retro into 1976! DeeCRACKS from Austria relentlessly tour Europe and thus hit upon Hamburg. The only space available turned out to be the Gun Club, a tiny watering hole in St. Pauli with an equal tiny stage. And a support stint for Peach Kelli Pop, a bubblegum girl band from Canada. I think i counted 6 Austrians (besides 3 band members), 5 canadians, 2 landlords, 2 barflys and 10 people that wanted to see Peach Kelli Pop and roughly 5 that where in it for DeeCRACKS. I guess the door was not more than 25×6€ – now there is your sellout. How do you think clubs and touring bands survive in the long run? TV Money? Grants? Nope!

Ten a clock sharp DeeCRACKS blasted off and 5 seconds later broke down, as their own guitar amp had a loose socket…it became a constant throughout the show that it would break down after the opening chords! I like their records and live they where as great as on vinyl but hey Hamburg – give them a larger stage and audience please. I was so frustrated with the setting that i settled for home after their 45 minutes, watching stars. You could see Jupiter, Mercury and Mars next to other highlights…

DeeCRACKS live and loud:

Thanks boys!

my loveliest vinyl, part 37

DeeCRACKS - Attention! Deficit Disorder (Monster Zero #10, 2010)
DeeCRACKS – Attention! Deficit Disorder (Monster Zero #10, 2010)

Now it’s time to turn south and that is south of Germany – this time round not Switzerland (that has always had strong punk ties to Hamburg) but to Austria. Austria? That rocky country we do our ski holidays in? And they have punk bands? Actualy i only heard none to very few bands from Austria back in the early 80s but today they have a mighty force called DeeCRACKS (actualy, they started as „The Cretins“ but too many other bands had that name so they had to change), 10 years going and still strong. Plenty of singles and this is their prime 12″ Album! And it is fucking great!

The verdict:

1977 – actualy 1976, as it is full blast ramonescore!
published by a cool lable – Monster Zero NL, home of The Manges and The Windowsill – sure cool as fuck dutch punk masters!
found in a cool shop – Burnout Hamburg, tick!
catching sound – 1:35 packed with all you need: hammering drums, driving bass and sawing guitar plus snotty singin‘ with „shout-out-loud refrain“ – as said: RAMONESCORE!
The lyrics – about the drug that fit’s the soundtrack, perfect! 

See yerself mate:


well, don't care about chineese food
no pizza, pie nor barbeque
i don't spend much on the livery
'cause i hang out at the pharmacy

i'm allright

chicks could not handle me
i was a blank sheet of disassembly
cause mom and dad just wana keep me down
i was a hyperactive little clown

and now i sit here quiet again
and since you put me on a 10

ritalin for lunch
ritalin for lunch
ritalin for lunch
ritalin for lunch
ritalin for lunch
ritalin for lunch
ritalin for lunch
ritalin for lunch
ritalin for lunch
ritalin for lunch

i wan't my 
ritalin for lunch
i wan't my 
ritalin for lunch
i wan't my 
ritalin for lunch

(c) 2010 DeeCRACKS / Monster Zero

They are currently touring Russia and Japan, let’s hope they play Hamburg when they are back on EU tour in November!

Listen up fuckin‘ loud:

And see them live in 2011 in Austria: