… most likely best ever record cover re-design effort!

For ages i have the “Stealworks” book of John Yates, detailing his great graphic work for eg. Alternative Tentacles. Much of my own graphical preferences have been driven by his simple yet convincing designs.

John left AT a while ago and does freelance work and just for the fun of it he created the most likely best ever record cover re-design series. As he states in his own words: “A nod to Reid Miles and Francis Wolff and their amazing work at the Blue Note label, via a history of punk rock.

Say hello to PUNK NOTE and a GERMS (GI) cover that is just class:

Germs (GI) – remake by John Yates ( (c) Stealworks 2020)

If you want more hoover over to John!

A great interview on this project over here, check it out.