Babylons burning!

Police & Thieves CCTV
Police & Thieves CCTV 08.2011

And for those who want to have a laugh – photoshop the looters!

Meine Playlist für den Tag:

Rancid – I Wanna Riot
Blanks 77 – Let’s Riot
Dead Kennedys – Riot
Violent Arrest – Riot
Big D And The Kids Table – Riot Girl
N.O.T.A. – Riot Kids
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Riot On Broad Street
Adolescents – Riot on the Beach
Argy Bargy – Riot Squad
Bad Brains – Riot Squad
Cock Sparrer – Riot Squad
Bones Bag – Riot Squad
50 Bags – Riot Tonight
Schleprock – Runnin‘ Riot
Beerzone – Running Riot
Big D And The Kids Table – Steady Riot
Have Nots – There’s Gonna Be A Riot
Anger Management League – White Riot
Cracker – White Riot
Kelp – White Riot
Fang – White Riot
The Clash – White Riot
+ endless loop: The Ruts – Babylons Burning