my loveliest record cover, covered … issue one

F.U.'S vs. F.U.'S vs. S.W.'s ( (c) 2012)
F.U.’S vs. F.U.’S vs. S.W.’s ( (c) 2012)

I think i’ll start a new series here – it is time to visualise some great record covers that have been covered…

The storyline here is simple: F.U.’s, one of Boston’s greatest H/C bands, put their 2nd vinyl into a neat „My America“ jacket (on X-Claim that was). For a re-issue the cover was changed in i think 1989 towards a different landscape (and the even later the Taang! re-release put it back to square one). Now fast forward to 2012 and Record Store Day 2012: Crucial Response Records did release 113 handcrafted versions of Shipwrecked’s „The Last Pagans“ LP in a true homage to Boston H/C finest. Very handy, smart and neat indeed.

Actualy that record will be featured here soon, it took Shipwrecked (quote: „norwegian straight edge bootboys misplaced in time and location – should have been Boston 1981“) 7 years to make and it is Boston all over!