… We Were Feared and Urban Struggle: The Battle of the Cuckoo’s Nest – Two great LA Punk Documentaries

This beauty is from 1984 and never was properly released. The internet (damn internet, never forgets) states:

Believe it or not, once upon a time, Punk Rock was as dangerous as it was interesting.
This covers one of the best Punk Rock documentaries ever released: "Urban Struggle: The Battle for the Cuckoos Nest". This 1981 film is an unabashed look into the dawn of West Coast American Hardcore Punk-Rock and how the "powers-that-be" fought so hard against it.
It chronicles the Costa-Mesa based club "The Cuckoos Nest" and it's owner Jerry Roach during his long-going fight with local authorities trying to shut his club down. Unfortunately, he fought the law, and the law won. 

Featured throughout this are performances and interviews from quintessential punk bands such as Black Flag (in my personal favorite era with Henry Rollins), The Vandals (Stevo years), T.S.O.L., The Circle Jerks, and more. 

Legend has it that this documentary was aired on a local cable access channel at the time, and someone recorded it from TV. This sole recording is what birthed the generations and generations of bootlegs that came from it. Despite a lack of official release, "Urban Struggle" has long been traded in West-Coast based record stores.

Quote from Anti-Current Video Archive

Cut’s from it ended up in this worthwhile 2012 documentary:

That’s OC Life and some great footage and some great memories of those who where there.

I’d wish that someone would have a camera and film back then in Hamburg – oh my lord that would be memories!