… good Boys, bad and shitty Jobs: A Boys night out.

For the Bad Job Boys it was a long awaited date, as they had to push their record release party into 2023 following the release of their debut album in late 2022. Tongue-in-check they recruited Bullshit Boy as support so that the date, attended largely by family and friends, was a boys night out on stage.

Bullshit Boy kicked off and one thing was for sure: They will (and did) look better than the main act. When i saw them last time as support of the Ramonas at the Hafenklang i was least convinced but promised to give them another chance.

The chance came surprisingly quick and i have to admit that this time round the package worked so much better for me.

Bullshit Boy (Indra, Hamburg, 10.02.2023 (c) gehkacken.de 2023)

Specifically the rhythm section worked well, sturdy drumming by Carsten and a very versatile bassline by Silvie, delivered with a bright smile. On top of that the very unique vocal delivery by Sabine, at some times screeching, at other times soft spoken.

The only shortcoming was that guitar and vocals where often way too silent, almost inaudible.

They had their good moments when the bass groove was carrying the song and to my pleasure they also now attempt a surf song (a well made mu-sick-al choice actually, right down my alley). The got friendly applause, a wee bit short of enthusiasm.

Quick changeover and this is how Bad Job Boys took the stage:

Thats His Holiness Monseigneur Larsson on drums and vocals, Frank singing, Bodo on guitar and the first show for Piotr, their new bass player. And their little ode towards the first Covid year with an upbeat chorus to sing-a-long:

Denk einfach zurück an den Frühling 2020
Die Sonne schien den ganzen Tag
Der Himmel war blau, die Luft war klar
Das Leben zu zweit so wunderbar
Alle waren locker, alles war cool
Man sah die Delfine schwimmen vor Istanbul

That was #1, 16 more to come – almost LL originals. And both in English and German lyrics. And with a wide array of style, almost to the point that it is hard to pin-point a mu-sick-al cupboard for them.

Bad Job Boys – Setlist (Indra, Hamburg, 10.02.2023)

For themselves they stick the following tags onto their sound: Punk, Glam, Hardcore Punk, Ska Punk and Power Pop. In my head (and for me ears) it was both a gift (and a positive choice) and a burden – too frequent sound respective style changes somehow do interrupt the flow of music.

Bad Job Boys (Indra, Hamburg, 10.02.2023 (c) gehkacken.de 2023)

Initially they also had a bit of sound problems but luckily an expert from the audience insisted towards Bodo that his guitar needs to be a definite bit louder. How could a guitar player resist that plea?

I have to admit that i somehow had the feeling that most of them concentrated pretty much on getting their delivery right and as a result there was less action on stage. I guess that will disappear with more shows and getting more comfortable with their set (and stage presence).

Towards the end and as a start for an encore they actually scammed Bodo into a cover, so here is Janie Jones from The Clash (and Frank’s voice was already gone):

They got plenty of supportive applause along the way and i think they had done a much better job than their own name dictates.

At good moments i did like the songs, at very good moments i heard a Professionals like guitar and i can see a rock solid rhythm section with expert handling of their instruments. If they now get more relaxed, more audience engaged and maybe their songs into a different sequence it’ll be a neat set.

As i already had their record on hand prior to Christmas all i ever took home was a merch bag (Fanx Anja). But rest assured, their record is actually good and specifically what somehow offended me live does work on the record: Different styles, different delivery. It is a record off the beaten (Hamburg Punk) track, versatile and with a near perfect production.

In short – it is worth to get! Get it now!

Bad Job Boys – As i have the record already i only got a bag…

With that the lot went on to party, i had to leave early as i had different commitments for Saturday. Checking back with some on Sunday prior to the glorious St. Pauli home win it was a hung over Saturday for them, so it looks like it was a good record release party. And wasn’t that the intent?

… sans prétention et avec une joie enfantine: Les Bolokos se donnent à fond!

Ever since i stumbled upon them in 2021 through their video for “Caribbean Dream” i was convinced that i must see them live. Some good people around me where in the same mood and took the chance to see them at Rebellion 2022. I had hopes that whilst in Europe they would grab the opportunity to come to mainland Europe like many other bands from Oversea doing a Rebellion stint .. and lucky i was!

They are the first Punk band from Guadeloupe and they set the scene themselves like this:

The Bolokos is a Punk band formed in 2009 in Goyave, Guadeloupe (French West Indies). Pioneers of the genre in their island, their sound is a blend of Punk, Rock, Ska, Country and influences from Creole and Celtic Music.

Their self-titled first album was produced by the Martinican artist Kali.

Since they continue to tour the Caribbean and overseas (England, France…)  

I was really keen to see them and Sam from the Indra made it happen (and was surprised that the band trusted him after just two emails and a phone call). Unfortunately on that Friday there was loads of other live mu-sick opportunities around so only ever 30+ people made it to the Indra. Damn. Not a good turnout Hamburg!

This is how The Bolokos kicked off at 21:30 sharp:

It is worth to note that somehow their drummer could not travel and they picked up a stand-in in Europe, with just a couple of practices and two shows together. It worked quite well and you could see throughout the set that drummer and guitar kept eye contact for guidance.

Their look against the simple black backdrop of the Indra also was an absolute fit, black trousers, white shirts and their makeup – all in all a great visual (and pleasing my selfish viewpoint that bands should dress for the occasion).

The Bolokos (Indra Music Club, Hamburg, 19.08.2022 (c) gehkacken.de 2022)

From the first songs onward you had a clear felling that the lack of audience did not hamper them, they rather emitted a lot of joy from the stage and took an easy approach towards errors, failures or wrong chords (though there weren’t many)

Their songs generally do not break any speed record (and with a stand-in drummer mid-tempo anyway is a safer road) but they are indeed as broad mu-sick-ally as their claim of influences.

And many eventually land in sing-a-long territory, even when you do not get the lyrics. What they did not expect (not knowing the persistence of the Hamburg lot) was then when invited to sing-a-long then Hamburg sometimes plays back at you.

And that what the lot did, invited to provide a “la-lala-la” like chorus it did not stop when the song ended, upon the last chord the lot carried on, the band had to restart. Once. And again. Thought they would get away with it. Nope – yet again. After the 4th reprise the singer just gave up, fell back to the amp and declared “You got us done now”.

The Bolokos (Indra Music Club, Hamburg, 19.08.2022 (c) gehkacken.de 2022)

And they simply just did not stop, though – upon advice from the audience – they put a 30 minute break in for a smoke, a chat and a drink in the beer garden of the Indra. Only ever to come out and requesting presence in front of the stage again.

And back inside they gave us what i consider their signature song:

Class, just class.

I was happy throughout, the people around me where happy too and best thing, the band was also in a happy mood, very humble and enjoying every minute. Sure some “what-if” came to mind, eg. could they have been paired at the Monkeys with The Movement and thus had a bigger audience?

The Bolokos (Indra Music Club, Hamburg, 19.08.2022 (c) gehkacken.de 2022)

Nevermind, a great show by a band from far away, from a tiny sunny island, having sat in a car to drive to Hamburg from Düsseldorf (and knowing they got to drive back in the night) and pushing 22 songs onto the lot. Wow!

The Bolokos – Set List (Indra Music Club, Hamburg, 19.08.2022 (c) gehkacken.de 2022)

They played for what felt like another 45 minutes and invited everybody onto the stage for a final sing-a-long to “If The Kids Are United”, something that most likely everybody in the audience can sing verse by verse.

The Bolokos (Indra Music Club, Hamburg, 19.08.2022 (c) gehkacken.de 2022)

Remember the start at 21:30 sharp? They played until 23:50, relentlessly and without showing signs of exhaustion. As they said later “We’ll sleep well enough when we’re dead”. Point made!

And after the show they sat at the bar, chatting, helped their family to sell merch, signed records and generally where just friendly, approachable people from far interested in those who came out to see them.

Lets hope they come back soon and lets ensure they play a crowed, wild and sweaty house in a hot summer (anything below 28° is cold for them).

PS: Unfortunately the liquid merch was not available at the Indra, i will now try hard to find some of their rum via my trusted sources.

… rum is a big thing in Guadeloupe, so here is to yours!

PPS: And they have a song about the local signature dish, a fried sandwich called Bokit (“The Soul Of Guadeloupe In A Sandwich“). I will try that one too, looks nice.

PPPS: I do not speak French, hence thanks to an online translator for the headline, if it does not make sense at all please let me know (and if someone volunteers to translate all of this to French then please be my guest).

… time warp into 1973 thanks to Giuda!

Indra, Hamburg 28.05.2014 ( (c) gehkacken.de)
Indra, Hamburg 28.05.2014 ( (c) gehkacken.de)

Very rarely nowadays i am really exited to see a band – Giuda from Italy where such an occasion. I missed them last time at the Indra, where barely 50 people watched them. This time round they where paired with The Guv’nors from DK and they played on the evening prior to a public holiday…well…to my surprise the Indra was still half empty. It must have been the boring “new school of danish heavy metal” that has put people off – what other reason could there be to miss one of the only bands that truly has found a lone niche of their own and exercises true class in there?

The Guv'nors (Indra, 28.05.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)
The Guv’nors (Indra, 28.05.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)

First on where The Guv’nors and sorry my danish friends – that was not to my liking, so i did spend most of the time outside trading stories about getting old and health issues…like true old punks do.

Giuda (Indra, 28.05.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)
Giuda (Indra, 28.05.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)

Oh boy, what a difference – Giuda took the audience by storm! Every once in a while i do see bands that make me think “oh boy, i have seen something unique and maybe even the future of rock’n’roll”. The last time this hit me was when Rocket From The Crypt played the old Knust cellar at Brandstwiete in (i think) 1996, that was a raunchy show giving view (and sound) to something unique new. Same here – primed by their records i knew what i was up to but they did get it over with so much determination and true style … unbelievable!

Call it “Retro“, call it “Soundtrack of my school parties” – just call it whatever you like. In the end it is not only a great and unpretentious show but a great, unique and true sound. Stunning. That it comes from Italy. Of all places. Just class!

And for those (and you are too many to name) who missed it, you are (lucky) bastards – here you are:

Lesson one: Instrumental Intro and the singer enters the stage from the audience!

Lesson two: keep the pace!

Lesson three: Keep a teenage rebel stance!

Lesson four: It’s rock’n’roll and football, not drugs!

Lesson five: Nod’s to those who graced the place before (at the Indra that was on 18.08.1960 and it was a rather unknown band from Liverpool)

Lesson six: Rock’n’roll and … football – score twice to be sure to win on away goals!

Lesson seven: Tell the audience to spread the words!

Thanks to Giuda and indeed thanks to Sam for putting it on. And shame for those who did let go the chance to see something unique. For once.