… in love since 1992, not only with Sick Of It All!

1992 is a precious year for my humble self, it is the year i met my (to be) wife. Whilst that is the best that ever happened to me there are other moments of falling in love too – 1992 was also the year i saw a young NYHC band for the first time … Sick Of It All! They have been a constant love (as much as me to-be wife) since then and, one of these magic win-win situations, me love aka me wife also digs Sick Of It All and can be seen quite often sporting a SIOA T-Shirt. They belong to a few number of bands where at least i try to see every show in Hamburg and luckily they are still around and going strong.

This time round they came as headliner for the “Persistence 2015” Tour, for my licking a rather strange and marketing driven setting of 7 bands crossing left and right the hardcore genre. As i can not stand festivals normally and sure not a show that starts at 18:00 on a Friday we choose to let go the inital bands – sorry Broken Teeth (Manchester HC), All For Nothing (Rotterdamn Hardcore), Turnstile (Baltimore/DC HC) and Rykers (Kassel HC) as over 50 you do not have the stamina anymore for such a long trip…

Thanks to the god order on running order we arrived to the last chords of Rykers and squeezed us into a backed and wet venure – sold out and average age “young”. But hey, thats a matter of fact.

Walls Of Jericho (Große Freiheit 36, 17.01.2015  (c) gehkacken.de)
Walls Of Jericho (Große Freiheit 36, 17.01.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)

First on for us thus was Walls Of Jericho (from Detroit), i’d say Metalcore and a friendly girl on vocals that impressed with dog-barking voice and power-lifting biceps. Not my favorite type of musick but what they do they do well.

Ignite (Große Freiheit 36, 17.01.2015  (c) gehkacken.de)
Ignite (Große Freiheit 36, 17.01.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)

Next Ignite (from OC County) and by and large they are disappointing – i think i now why i did let go all of their records since 1995. Again, it is what they like and they seem to give their energy into it but sound wise it is not what i dig. Some of the faster and harder songs in good chords remind of Dag Nasty, but that is later Dag Nasty and even that is too soft for me.

Sick Of It All (Große Freiheit 36, 17.01.2015  (c) gehkacken.de)
Sick Of It All (Große Freiheit 36, 17.01.2015 (c) gehkacken.de)

And that did lead to the headliner. From NYC. Last time they played this place (2 years ago?) they did not sell enough tickets and where thrown into the cellar (the place below the big hall is called “Kaiserkeller”) where we and about 150 people enjoyed them close, F2F and on a small stage in best club atmosphere. Very joyful, very oldschool and almost 2 hours of fun.

What can i say – they played for an hour, they made a nice tour through their Œuvre and they gave the kids old and new stuff with excellent sound and stage setting. Their recipe is simple: Unpretentious and Integer. I guess that is what they still follow, be on a big stage as a headliner, be it on a side stage at Wacken or be it on a small stage in a small country in Europe. And, frank, the kids dig it and i dig it. But i will feel more home if the next show is a smaller setting, less bands and maybe less people.

But you can not have everything to your liking,  so i am a happy bunny as i got to marry the girl i felt in love with in 1992. And was never disappointed!