my loveliest vinyl, part 17

Chin-Chin - Sound of the Westway (Farmer Records Chin-Chin 2, 1985)
Chin-Chin – Sound of the Westway (Farmer Records Chin-Chin 2, 1985)

Now this is Switzerland again and this is something special. There are a couple of all-girl post-punk groups in the US of A that state that their sound was inspired by this 80s Swizz band. The sound actualy was Punk but later it was dubbed „C86“ or „Schrammel-Pop“ – all  tags that i can not reconcile. They made energetic music, with limited abilities at the start and they where not afraid of „letting it all out“. They went to some fame as the were signed by the same lable as the Shop Assistents, a band that got a lot of fame in the UK. The verdict:

1977 – sure DIY! And plenty of Ramones,
published by a cool lable – Farmer Records where a small and cool DIY lable from CH!
found in a cool shop – Konneckschen back then, sure thing!
catching sound – „Never Surrender“ is a „ohhh-hoh-ohah“ anthem of timeless beauty. Should have been covered many many bands – but by the looks it hasn’t been…
not too bad words – yep, a real youth anthem!

I would realy like to know what happend to these girls!

The record got re-released in 2010 in the US of A and the marketing for that states:

In 1985, Chin Chin's album "Sound Of The Westway" was released on Farmer Records, containing 12 original compositions recorded and mixed in just 7 days. "Sound Of The Westway" is a brilliant mix of punk-informed crunch and buoyant pop melody that shows Chin-Chin tobe true pioneers of DIY noisy pop.

As it happens this combination of DIY punk ethic, fuzz guitars and bubblegum pop was also gaining traction in the UK with the nascent C86 scene. Featuring bands like Shop Assistants and The Pastels, C86 was a confluence of youngbands who were as influenced by Phil Spector as The Ramones, and Chin-Chin fit right in next to groups like The Rosehips and The Fizzbombs.

Listen! Volume Up!