… cashing in the cheap way: Metal Schuppen kill Punk yet again!

Metal Shack? Metal Dandruff? Didn’t they re-name themselves recently to Meine 2000 Schuppen, after already going through a spell of name changes when they went from Meine Schuppen to Missing the Scene and to Schuppen 2000? And what the fuck is Schuppen mastermind Rudi up to down under in Perth?

From far it looks like Rudi is copying the UK band The Spizzles – just like them them Schuppen change their name for every release and on top of that they are also proud to announce that they got with Guy Jardine probably the #1 Spizz Energy Fan signed up for the newest Schuppen release on drums.

What are these guys coming up with next to confuse all Meine Schuppen Fans worldwide?

Metall Schuppen - Punk Rock E.P. (Holy War Records, Hrost Hrubesch Hrecords & Funzine, 2016)
Metal Schuppen – Punk Rock E.P. (Holy War Records, Hrost Hrubesch Hrecords & Funzine, 2016)

Well, let’s not predict the future and stay in the present, where we got a hot and brand new Metal Schuppen EP being released, which should be played on any 2016 NYE Party going around (if only it would be released in 2016, but that is another story on unfortunate delays – Platzangst from Hamburg might be able to tell you a story around those kinda problems).

It’s already now an instant classic, because it’s again jam packed with sing-a-long tunes and this time it’s all about how Punk Rock changed their (and many other kids) life in the late 70s and early 80s.

Markthalle, Hamburg
Markthalle, Hamburg

So, instead of taking in the next German city and sing about old punk rock stories from Pinneberg, Hannover or Munich, they stayed more or less in Hamburg and took on once again some of the most chaotic events happening at former Punkrock venue #1 The Markthalle, when The Clash came for a 2nd spell to Hamburg (their first in 1978 went unnoticed by most rock fans) and got a not so great welcoming. They rather got hate. Pure hate.

Outside the Markthalle, 1980
Outside the Markthalle, May 1980

Metal Schuppen – Clash 80 Markthalle (the video edit):

But they are not only living in the past and so finally here is a song about the jolly bunch of Punks who are all part of a German Facebook group called Pogo in der Strassenbahn. The group has been around for years and members are enjoying writing, posting pictures and videos of old and new German Punk Rock bands and finally even presented themselves with a compilation album which includes only bands of it’s groups members.

VA - Pogo in der Strassenbahn (No Admin Records, 2016)
VA – Pogo in der Strassenbahn (No Admin Records, 2016)

To celebrate this, Metall Schuppen are throwing in a song about all the fun and what happened in the last few years in one of the most active Facebook punk groups.

In the next song they are remembering the ‘good’ old days when using public transport (and even just walking on the streets) in full punk gear was a bit of an adventure by itself and ended often in being confronted by those lame street-rockers. “Prolls hassen Punks” (aka Bogans are hating punks) looks at the frustration of having to deal with those motorbike-less wanna be rockers.

Metal Schuppen – Prolls hassen Punks (low quality web version):

And keeping it on the cheap side, the song “Der ’79 Punk” is basically a re-make (or shall we call it a rip off?) of the 1977 Cherry Vanilla hit The Punk. The lyrics are changed to fit into the late 70’s Hamburg environment (instead of the New York’s), were punks had constantly to deal with the thread of being attacked by Teddy boys.

Cut from Teen Pop Mag Bravo
Cut from Teen Pop Mag Bravo

Those guys were on average all 10 years older and 2 feet taller than your little 16 year old kiddie punk, who just discovered punk rock a few months back and suddenly made himself an enemy to this gang of nostalgic Elvis dudes, just by looking different.

Metal Schuppen – Der ’79 Punk (low quality web version):

Some of the bands closest friends (along with new Schuppen recruit Guy Jardine) will celebrate being in the Punk Rock Scene for 40 years in 2017 and even the rest of the Schuppen crowd are not too far off either. With all the up’s and down’s the scene and one self has experienced over the years, there is still the extreme love for this music style and all the bands they grew up with.

Graphics (c) by Slaughter San
Graphics (c) by Slaughter San

Punk Rock was – and still is – for all of them the number one influence: They know Punk is good for them, the same as they knew instinctively in teenage years and Punk will always have a special place in their hearts.

Metal Schuppen – Punk im Herzen (low quality web version):

What would be a punk themed EP without another song about Germany’s leading Punk Rock Radio Station? 20 years of New Rose Radio (from Berlin) seemed worth a new tune about Master DJ Nolti and his show (though he has been kicked out of the current line up due to his insufficient handling of the soundeffects – but as rumours have it it was simply because Rudi K. could not stand someone being better on guitar).

New Rose Punk Rock Radio (http://www.new-rose.de/)
New Rose Punk Rock Radio (http://www.new-rose.de/)

Metal Schuppen – Punk Rock Radio (low quality web version):

As most of you probably already guessed or noticed, the name Metal Schuppen is not there without a reason. The band finally sports heavy rock guitars, doom sounding intros and metallic guitar leads on many songs.

In the late 80s them Schuppen played under the moniker Missing the Scene and found themselves constantly playing for an audience which either yelled something like FASTER, because they demanded only Hardcore Punk or FUNNIER, because of German Funpunk mainstream success of bands like Ärzte, Tote Hosen or Abstürzende Brieftauben.

And upon a break-in into the Schuppen rehearsal room and the loss of all their equipment the mighty Schuppen did split up exactly 30 years ago to this date.

The split avoided the instant transformation into a metal crossover outfit – something they have finally achieved today and thus seem once again aiming at destroying the punk scene, as Rudi alongside the boys from the cult magazine Funzine apparently already did in the mid 80’s.

Rudi K. - No thanks for killing Punk in the 80s!
Rudi K. – No thanks for killing Punk in the 80s! ( (c) www.oldpunks.de)

At least that is the word on the streets of Hamburg … from … err … well … at least one person they can think of anyway.

Metal Schuppen – Ich hab den Punk kaput gemacht (low quality web version):

And that leaves us with a big Q – did Rudi destroy punk on purpose? Why is he able to assemble a rooster of punk rock veterans to support his punk rock death mission? Where does he hide the money gained from evading German taxes? Will Wachtmeister U. Haft give notice to his former colleagues in the Hamburg Police Force? What happened to U.E.D.L.? Questions over Questions!

Metal Schuppen: Rudi Metall (Lead Vocals), Toni Titanium Thurow (Doom Bass), Matthias Nickel (Headbeanger Guitar), Markus Nickel-back (Chrom Guitar), Guy Jardine Kryptonite (Death Drums) (c) gehkacken.de
Metal Schuppen: Rudi Metall (Lead Vocals), Toni Titanium Thurow (Doom Bass), Matthias Nickel (Headbeanger Guitar), Markus Nickel-back (Chrome Guitar), Guy Jardine Kryptonite (Death Drums) (c) gehkacken.de

Thanks Metal Schuppen, you made our day!

If you want to obtain a copy please pester Rudi in Blackpool 2017! But beware – he might not be there. So if you need a CD copy and you think you a worthy of it – leave a comment below and Rudi and/or his EU Distributor will come right back at you! So beware!

… Schuppen 2000 warm up for Rebellion 2016 – hot new video!

Whilst Meine Schuppen aka Schuppen 2000 have rejected all offers to play the main stage on Rebellion they provide a nice “hats off” to Trevor, the organ wizard on the pier. Join them in 2016 for Rebellion and join the Hamburg lot for the dance tea! And whilst there, score some Schuppen CD’s from Rudi!

Back with a Bang ctd: Meine 2000 Schuppen unleash just another hit single!

Rudi can’t sit still down under in Perth and seems to have endless access to hard cash: Flying the troops into the studio in Perth and recording just another hit single … this time he turns to an instant classic from Hanover:

Beware of the 3 LP Box “Missing the 2000 Schuppen Scene” currently being planned by Hrorst Hrubesch Hrecords and Holy War Records. Whilst that is still in plan please ensure you pick up copies of the current releases (“Hamburg“, “Berlin“) from Rudi in Blackpool this summer! They are cheap as fuck and they suck – not. Don’t wait, spare yourself a pint at the pub rather!