… The Briefs are back, so party on Hamburg!

People got quite exited when word came around that The Briefs are back for good and will hit Hamburg during their short Winter 2018 Tour in Europe. Back in the early 2000’s they spat out 5 great long players and endless singles (about 12 if i have my greedy record collector asshole memories right) and where the #1 party machine live. And thus folks where keen to see if that party just continues.

Support was for Spit Pink from sunny Recklinghausen. The last time i saw them was last years „Burn down the Baum“ at the Knust and my verdict was rather harsh. This time round tried to stay in front of the stage throughout their set and did manage that (for most of the time).

Spit Pink (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 11.12.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

At times their songs have great licks, great chords and ear pleasing songwriting – only to not sustain that throughout the whole song. They are still „too much rock infused punk“ to me though they do nothing wrong per se. It just is slightly off what pleases my single minded mu-sick-al ear.

And with that the well packed Monkeys eagerly awaited The Briefs. Whilst they setup the gear an agitated Briefs fan tried to add a missing song (at least according to his tastes) to the setlist, only to be turned down by the stage hand and the bass player with rude words: „Please don’t do that, that ain’t no good„…

The Briefs - Setlist (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 11.12.2018)
The Briefs – Setlist (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 11.12.2018)

… but it did not stop The Briefs to do a professional stage entry with an instrumental intro and storming into Stuck On You:

Yep, they are back and they still know how to throw a good party. And they had a packed dance floor with a lot of enthusiastic fans singing along. They even got the stage fuse going (or someone put beer into a socket, who knows) and had a temporarily shutdown (including leaving the stage).

The Briefs (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 11.12.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

The had a rooster of many hits lined up and if not mistaken they played both songs from their brand new 2018 single. And that made everybody thirsty for the 2019 to come record, by the looks that will be just another one to be added to the collection.

Also worth to note the high number of female fans in the front, whilst they kept their sun glasses on it looked like they are not only a boys party band but also something for them girls – which in hindsight anyway is the best setting. Shows with bullying males only out for physical accidents are dead boring and shows where everybody at the front happily dances away are simply the best.

The Briefs (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 11.12.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

And the last song prior to some encores was from the Angry Samoans – Todd Killings made the audience (or better, the card game producing part of the audience) go ape shit:

Spot on that is where them Briefs get the party credibility from: The mix of 1977 punk rock and high speed US punk elements. Rarely a band had that mix that much perfected. As such it is great pleasure that they record again and that they come out and play again. And if not mistaken this was just a trial run across Europe: With the new record in tow they seem to plan an much longer tour in 2019.

Great turnout for a cold Tuesday evening and great fun emitted from the stage. Two birthdays in the audience. A couple of pints. No hangover next day at work. Nice one.

… 40 years of Teenage Kicks: The Undertones!

Two years ago The Undertones surprised the lot at the Markthalle big time – an endless barrage of 2 minute party hits delivered in a maximum joy setting. As such the return to Hamburg as part of the „40 Years of Teenage Kicks“ Tour was a fixture that even lured people from far, even a mate of mine from Rotterdamn came over after being blown away by them during their September show at the Paradiso in Amsterdamned.

It was an early night as they even sported a support band, but me and me mates happily let go that opportunity. And once it was 21:00 it was time for The Undertones, kickin‘ it in for i guess 850 odd people:

And from the first chord something was missing. On the one hand the „Undertones“ logo on the backdrop (has it gone AWOL?), on the other hand something with the sound was not 100% to my liking.

Nonetheless the only valid start if your tour is „40 years of Teenage Kicks“, as this was the A1 from their 1979 debut album. Most likely that record everybody has in his cupboard though it lacks said „Teenage Kicks“ (as it came out a year ahead).

The Undertones (Markthalle, Hamburg, 30.11.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

What i did like was the humble setting on the big stage: Two Marshalls, one AMPEG and drums on the riser. Three mikes. And loads of free space that was rarely used, as they tend not to roam around that much. That „tend“ does not account for Paul McLoone who sometimes likes his Morrissey poses way too much (for my and some of me friends liking).

Did the rest of the audience like it? Yes they did!

Cheering for encore (Markthalle, Hamburg, 30.11.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)
Cheering for encore (Markthalle, Hamburg, 30.11.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

For me it was slightly less enjoyable than in 2016 as they played less songs and did threw in a wee bit more that came out later. Sure thing that is my very personal problem and they have all the right to give the audience a full view of their 40 years – it is just that i have a wee bit a narrower view on them.

The Undertones (Markthalle, Hamburg, 30.11.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

Still, it was lot’s of fun and we even got Teenage Kicks twice in the set as a customer in front of the stage complained to the band that he was delayed into the show and missed the first instance. Sure aiming to meet customer demand they did threw it in again – nice trick.

If they come back every other year and if they but a different spin every time then i will still be loyal and go and see them – they deserve it, as they continue to be humble and friendly  musicians from Northern Ireland.

And they played my loveliest song too … here it is straight from a January 1979 Peel Show with an intro by the honest John Peel himself:

And now sing-along:

If you say no 
It would break my heart in two
But don't you realize
There's too many watching you

We're making too many problems
Making matters worse
Maybe its a curse
But oh baby its hurts
oh baby its hurts

If you say no 
It would break my heart in two
But don't you realize
There's too many watching you

We're making too many problems
Making matters worse
Maybe its a curse
But oh baby its hurts
oh baby its hurts

If you say no 
If you say no 
We're making too many problems
Making matters worse
Maybe its a curse
But oh baby its hurts
oh baby its hurts

Songwriters: William Edward Martin Doherty
Billy’s Third lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

And for me and me mate the night ended in way too much beer, and then some more. And then being thrown out of the venue (due to closing). But there are more humble and friendly Nothern Irish lads in Hamburg – one manages a watering hole not too far away and we even got a free pint there to top the night.

I can assure you i had a decent hangover going to the St. Pauli game on Saturday and that little snippet tells you actually how great The Undertones have been, are and will be.

Thanks Lads!

… a neat entry into a joyfull power pop weekend: Litterbug and Cyanide Pills upstairs!

A rainy Thursday evening is actually the least best day for a crowded show, specifically if there is other entertainment in town too. Crowds where either drawn to the Fabrik (to see MC50 and Wayne Kramer) or to the MS Hedi (to see Nothington) … or upstairs to the Hafenklang in order to get ears ready for more serious power pop with the Undertones on Friday.

Me and many friends decided for the Hafenklang and whilst initially it felt empty it later was decently filled (though not sold out). First on Jitterbug from sunny Blackpool (that seaside town up north that is subject to the annual pilgrimage by many of the Hamburg lot).

Litterbug (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 29.11.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

Jitterbug play fast paced punk with some great bass play (and an almost hyperactive bass player) and less great singing. One of me mates noted „the guy on guitar seems to have too much on his plate when he also sings“ but for me it was still on the ok side.

Would i go the extra mile for them? Nope. Did i appreciate their set? Yes indeed, at times their sound had some great speed variations and – as said – some great bass lines. In most of the songs actually the bass did carry the melody, something that only few bands make their unique selling proposition.

What did stand out too was their merchandise, brilliant T-Shirts and a killer T-Shirt for all UK Punk literate collectors:

... one of the greatest T-Shirts recently!
… one of the greatest T-Shirts recently!

#1  Love for 1977, #2 A Tape and – with all tongue in check needed – #3 A Porky Prime Cut (and those who can not relate to that never ever called records from the hey days of Punk in the UK their own). Well done mates, well done!

Without too much hassle the stage was turned over to them Pills . If you don’t know them – here is how they set themselves:


Born a loser
Alcoholic, substance abuser
Hated, loathed with no fixed abode
Jinxed, given a curse
To never be best, always the worst
A peasant who wants to be king
PHIL PRIVILEGE attempts to sing

Bad tempered, aggressive
music obsessive
Never the banquet
Only the crumbs
CHRIS WRIST bangs the drums

Glassy eyes, greasy skin
Constant depression is a state he’s in
A dirty, nasty rat faced critter
Runt of the litter
SY PINKEYE guitar picker

Petty criminal
Small time crook
Broken home, bad neighbourhood
The human race hates his pretty face
ALARICK ‘THE TRICK’ plucks the bass

Liar, faker, liberty taker
Sleazy vain, a wannabe stud
A rotten piece of Norwegian wood
A drunken lout with insatiable greed
ALEX ARSON strums the lead

A gang of c***s from a desolate land
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the band….

And they stormed into their set like this:

Just perfect: High energy power pop, scent of glam and and undertone of punk. And 5 different stage personas with unique schemes, grins and … sound. I felt victim to them a long time ago and i am always stunned that they are able to re-surprise me. In principle i know what will happen but when it happens i am still stunned.

Cyanide Pills (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 29.11.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

They blasted song after song, had fun on stage and fun off stage and made a lot of people in the audience smile (and some even to dance). To many outsiders they may look like a degenerated lot but in fact they are there to remind people that music is relevant for quite some time (when repacked every once in a while).

And after blasting through 20something songs they ended the set on another highlight:

Conquered!  Though forever i will put forward the request that actually they do play my loveliest song! Please!

When the lot dissolved after the show it was a lot of „see you tomorrow at Undertones“ and that is exactly what i will do. Just to get more of those 2:00 long power pop pearls!