… the invisible naked man appears: It’s Yard Bomb record release party!

The record has been in circulation for a while though the official release was only end of September. As such the record release party was set for 02.10., which meant next day would be a public holiday and thus nobody should have had an excuse for not showing up.


In the end downstairs at the Hafenklang turned out as a space too large for the party, above beauty was celebrated by less than 100 people i guess, a bit of a downturn.

First on Last Line Of Defense, who jumped in for Suck who could not make it due to their singer being ill. It was an easy and obvious choice, as they share home and people with Yard Bomb.

Last Line Of Defense (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 02.10.2019)

On average i am not a big fan of their songs, too often they sound just odd to my ears without being able to pin-point exactly what offends me. The best moment came at the end when they grabbed a 2nd singer from their circle of friends and gave us what i believe was a great cover version … check it your for yerself:

As ever don’t get offended by my mu-sick-al tastes and receptors, check them out on your own. For me not the best start into the proceedings.

Next on the Razors, who a couple of days ago had just played on the river Elbe on the MS Hedi, now back on-shore and a stone throw away from the Elbe. They had been invited specifically for this occasion by Yard Bomb and sure wanted to give cudos to their great seminal effort of a first record release.

Razors (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 02.10.2019)

For the Razors it was a bit of a 40 year comeback, their first 7″ (out in October 1979) was recorded at the old Hafenklang Studios, right here at this location. Some say it was the first DIY Punk 7″  by a German band – some doubt it. I am not sure about the statement but that does not matter – here is  “Madhouse Meeting” from their 1982 12″ on Konneckschen.

They had shorted and speeded up their set and almost matched up with the so much younger Hardcore bands. For the encore, as ever “Because you’re young” they got members of the Hamburg City Punk Rock Singers on stage and gave a nice sing-a-long finish.

Razors with Choir  (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 02.10.2019)

Next stop for the Razors will be “Burn down the Baum 13.0” on 30.12.2019 at the Knust, with Sixteen Again (finest Buzzcocks covers from Hamburg) and Knock Off (finest Oi! from London).

Then it was time for Yard Bomb and what i thought another speedy run down of their songs (they can play 14 songs in 21 minutes). But this time round it was a bit more mellow, they took more time to … twist again:

For me they are the hottest shit currently, specifically in that little genre of CA Hardcore 1980s build. Perfect speed, great and very capable guitar work, solid back line and a singer so full of energy. Relentless energy.

Yard Bomb  (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 02.10.2019)

For this occasion they even re-worked their hit “Turning up Milhouse” into a longer version with a a groovy extra minute, see yerself…

They got a good reception but given that it was only like 1/3 packed it was not bodies flying everywhere and people jumping up and down. I guess upstairs that would have been a much easier thing and, in hindsight, a better place for the party.

Yard Bomb  (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 02.10.2019)

They also played some covers as encores and got their old drummer back up for that occasion. And with that encore even the slowest brain would realize where they pull the mu-sick-al ideas from.

Great set to celebrate a great record. Let’s hope they put some touring behind it in order to sell it off quickly. They deserve to be seen so much wider than just Wedel or Hamburg, can someone please put them into a bus to support a larger US band?

The invisible naked man watching Yard Bomb ( pic by Fab)
The invisible naked man watching Yard Bomb ( pic by Fab)

But Yard Bomb did not finish off the party, late in the night we got something extra. Rolf, who has some Finland connections, was to surprise the lot with some Finish Country Death Metal Banjo or whatever mu-sick-al cupboard you would like to pass onto them.

They actually claim: “Dark Bottle is doombilly, psych-country, alt-punk and krautstoner at the same time.” There you go!

The “crowd” by now was a mere 30 people but they all enjoyed the surprise of something completely different. Sure it was late and sure the day off next day had lured some folks into booze – and on booze this was indeed a fun thing to watch. And that fun the audience provided back to the stage.

Dark Bottle  (Hafenklang, Hamburg, 02.10.2019)

But Dark Bottle (from sunny Tampereen kaupunki) had a wee bit more: The songs had meanings and besides the uptempo stuff it also has surprisingly good lyrics. Go and check them out, it may be worth it!

Great and late evening, though not really a record release party per se. It missed the feeling of “packed” and “everybody going nuts” but as said the Yard Bomb 12″ gets that across for a start. Go and score it! Now!

… short songs and other mean stuff: Meine Schuppen back to the 80’s!

And you thought ‘Meine Schuppen’ are dead and dusted…not so of course. The band used the last year (or so) to write and record plenty of new material. Enough songs in fact, to release another 3-4 EP’s in the near future…and maybe even really bring out a double album on vinyl. If not that, they are definitive thinking of getting out a ‘best of Schuppen2000’ CD at some stage. Well, let’s wait and drink more beer.

(c) 2019 Hrost Hrubesch Hrecords / Holy War Records

In the meantime, the band celebrating their long awaited comeback with this new EP called ‘short songs and other mean stuff’ and is going back to the roots of early 80s hardcore. Why? Well, because they can….but also, after some criticism that the songs on the previous EP’s have been too long, too metal sounding or too much rock’n’roll influenced and the lyrics are often about old stories nobody can remember anymore …, the band thought playing some short and snappy hardcore songs with a fresh lyrical approach might do the trick to silence some citric, but lets see.

(c) 2019 Hrost Hrubesch Hrecords / Holy War Records

Then in the end, 3-4 songs telling again things from around the time in the early 80s, but that’s just fitting for a soundtrack from around the same time, so just shut up (insert smiley here)

To get the sound just right, Rudi had to get a few other musicians around him, who helped to keep it short, fast, nice and tidy… and a bit scary at times. As you might already noticed, half of the songs are in English and half in the local tongue, as early German releases (like the Slime LP and the mighty Buttocks first ep) also sang in both languages.

There sometimes went a certain pungent stench around in the studio, after all those empty whiskey and beer bottles, cigarettes butts and god knows what piled up over the weeks of recording those new gems for you, but it was all worth it, as the band is pretty happy with new material and hopes that it goes down well with all their loyal hordes of fans.

Meine Schuppen – Sommer Urlaub ’73
( (c) 2019 Hrorst Hrubesch Hrecords / Holy War Records)

Starting with the song ‘Sommer Urlaub ’73’ (summer holiday ’73) the direction of the ep is pretty clear music wise, yet the lyrics are a bit away from the usual ‘what happened in the punk scene then’ and is about a tiny place at the North Sea called Büsum. Here singer Rudi spent 5 or 6 holidays in a row as a young kid and had to deal with the seawater not only often not being there at all, but when it was often choppy, muddy and filled with stinging jellyfish.

Other oddities like the area been a test field for deep flying fighter jets and having to fight off other kids in the sandbox, makes it (looking back at it now) strange to have a holiday there at all. That said, Rudi said it was great to be there as a kid, but when he recently went back to see the place once again, asked the question…what have we been doing here?

Meine Schuppen – Can’t Get Me
( (c) 2019 Hrorst Hrubesch Hrecords / Holy War Records)

2nd song ‘Can’t get me’ is in English and don’t need any translation and not much explanation, as it’s just about Rudi’s move to Denmark in the mid 80s, to avoid being drafted into the German Forces. Another real story and not made up by any means. Invented stories you could find only in the Funzine magazine, but more about that in the song about that popular Punk Fan magazine later on.

Meine Schuppen – Du Bist Ganz Allein
( (c) 2019 Hrorst Hrubesch Hrecords / Holy War Records)

3rd song ‘Du bist ganz allein’ (you are all alone) is about an old friend, who once was a real close mate but started to drift away…into the void of meaninglessness with a life only surrounded by a couple of like minded friends, who are listening to old shitty softcock rock music and their shitty situation of only being at home and looking back in the ‘glory’ past is then fuelled by alcohol and drugs.

All the efforts of getting him out about and to move on with new people and new music didn’t work and he went back to his shell, living a life of a hermit by choice, but not being happy about it. Why not change? Why not trying to get out of it? Well, we are all different and some people just don’t have the will or strength to change their path they have chosen. We all got a friend or know at least one person like that.

Meine Schuppen – MS Fan Club
( (c) 2019 Hrorst Hrubesch Hrecords / Holy War Records)

‘MS Fanclub’ (the song #4) is upbeat again and talks about all the criticism the band had to endure over the last few years (since coming back together again). Well, they don’t mind it at all, since dishing themselves out against everything and everybody and also being outspoken against other bands they might dislike. But critic should stay in the healthy boundaries of  what is actual possible and realistic. For a band with 4 dull musicians with a voiceless singer, you just can’t get them suddenly to sound like Queen, just by telling them how shitty they are. Schuppen2000 is a ongoing project which takes good criticism on board and is changing naturally over time. The songs you get for free on the net and everybody should just should be happy that they are back to enlighten you, brighten up your day and make you sometimes have a little smile on your face….even if they could be better if they would take singing, drumming and guitar playing lessons.

Meine Schuppen – THC
( (c) 2019 Hrorst Hrubesch Hrecords / Holy War Records)

Then it’s already going fast to song 5 ‘THC’ with some German lyrics, which are about those people who are fleeing in some sort of dream world of ‘everything is fine and works itself out’ by abusing certain chemical Hippie substances. Reality check please…things are not going to change a bit when you live on some farm smoking your joints and laughing your head off for no reason. Unless you are active in some sort of youth movement or party and trying to change at least a few small things which are not right or need to be changed, nothing ever will happen.

Meine Schuppen – Thank God It’s Weekend
( (c) 2019 Hrorst Hrubesch Hrecords / Holy War Records)

‘Thank God it’s weekend’ (song #6) doesn’t need any explanation as it’s straight forward and talks about everyday family life and people who are only escaping it for one or 2 days at the weekend. Then you can finally live up, have fun and everything is great and just like back in the old days, before there was something called work midlife crisis or stress.

Meine Schuppen – Funzine Deadline
( (c) 2019 Hrorst Hrubesch Hrecords / Holy War Records)

Funzine deadline (Song #7) is about the punk fan magazine the old Knallschoten crew around Biber, Pizza and Rudi K., (along with guest authors Minus, Thomas Koch, Dirk E. and Funzine mascot Stickel) published in the early 80s to mid 90s. Its about all the things happening at the Funzine HQ, like the authors working really hard on their top notch stories and only being supplied with warm tea and noisy hc music, while in the meantime Minus and Stickel are emptying the fridge of all alcohol and sliced cheese.

In general all the stuff which had to be done just before the magazine goes to print, like writing up whatever rubbish might comes to your head and just put a bit of dodgy lay-out around it, done.

Meine Schuppen – Mein Verein
( (c) 2019 Hrorst Hrubesch Hrecords / Holy War Records)

Last song and numero 8 is then ‘Mein Verein’ (my club) and is about all the frustrations, all the endurance and patience, all the setbacks and especially about all the lost and grey hair you had to deal with over the last few years when supporting one of Hamburg’s 2 bigger soccer clubs. But I guess, football fans in Hanover, Stuttgart and many other cities had similarly experiences and all know how bad it can be, having to witness a game where no ball wants to go in the net. Where the sidebar and crossbar gets hit like 20 times, but the only goal of the game gets scored against you, maybe even as an own goal… hard times for sure and making everybody looking a few years older.

Maybe we should change sport and look into smoother things and becoming fans of a curling or synchronized swimming team, who knows.

And for those who missed the limited 200 vinyl edition pictured below

you will need to create your own CD from the MP3 files. In order to have a proper jewel cover download it here!