… Friggin‘ in the Riggin‘ – A cruise without a cause but loads of fun!

Sex Pistols Experience (MS Hedi. 18.05.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)
Sex Pistols Experience (MS Hedi. 18.05.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)

Sure we all know punk history and thus the infamous Silver Jubilee boat cruise by the Sex Pistols on 07.06.1977 – you can see yerself on Youtube. Allthough the Sex Pistols Experience just graced the Indra in February it sure was a match made in heaven to put them onto MS Hedi and give them a Hamburg Harbour Experience. 2 packed shows and many people taking the double dip – 1830 and 2000 for 10€ each, a bargin.

Sure due to location it was not the best set of all, sound was limited by what you can have on a small boat, but that did not take away the fun. Best captured when they where ready to start their 2nd set and the MS Hedi needed to return to base to get some more beer – too much was being consumed. But see yerself for a change of plan:

The fun ist best captured in videos this time – so here we are with some hits from the first trip. Starting of with a destination we could have reached with the vessel (not):

Followed suit by some good advice on holidays, knowing that we would pass the docked QE 2 on the way:

Thus it all turned …

So we docked again, forgot to take beer, corrected the mistake and it went on with my fav Pistols song actualy:

Followed by some request to be submissive…

…and a lesser known Pistols song – „Silly Thing“ was a Cook/Jones song rather then a Pistols one that came about with „Who killed Bambi“. You can see The Professionals (one of the most underated bands actualy) comming:

and then finished off with style:

and a non-encore. Neat!

Those who where there might note that the actual running order was slightly different, but hey, who the fuck cares and here it is me who is deciding what makes history. Period.

Some more pictures below:

Thanks to all who joined and thanks to the SPE – good fun indeed!

… Argy Bargy with Last Seen Laughing – a great show!

Another Hard and Smart Oi! show at the Indra (the place the Beatles played first when they came to Hamburg) and with Argy Bargy it had a real headliner i was looking for (because they have some great records out).

Last Seen Laughing (Hamburg, Indra, 03.05.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)
Last Seen Laughing (Hamburg, Indra, 03.05.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)

First on where Last Seen Laughing, they hail from Denmark and they play a rather simple sort of Streetpunk/Oi! – not bad, not extraordinary but with loads of energy and some fun too. As ever with support bands, they had to warm up the audience but did not really fully connect. To a certain extend not their fault, but hey, that’s the endeveaours of the support stint, ain’t it? See yerself:


Next on and much awaited Argy Bargy. And from the Intro on you knew this was up for some serious fun and some real driving hardcore Oi!:

Argy Bargy (Hamburg, Indra, 03.05.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)
Argy Bargy (Hamburg, Indra, 03.05.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)

Loads of energy, loads of good songs with actualy diverse styles – they know they punk history and roots and they can play up to it. And they have the backline to produce a great sound and they have a singer who can push the audience. And the people finally got moving!

Argy Bargy (Hamburg, Indra, 03.05.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)
Argy Bargy (Hamburg, Indra, 03.05.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)

I’d say „hit by hit“, allthough they did resort to covering Cock Sparrer and Sham 69, which was great sing-a-long stuff for sure but actualy not needed: their own songs have enough power! So here are two more – sing along!

here’s one

here’s the other



Another worthy night at the Indra with a small but neat show. Next on at the Indra are Giuda from Italy, i am looking forward to see these retro-Glam-Slade-Punk-Italian-something-special!!!

… a professional rock band (from Calgary)

Ever since „Best hung carrot in the fridge“ made it into my vinyl collection i dig Chixdiggit. They never claimed fame, they never claimed a particular standpoint other then putting forward some great tunes, hooks and sing-along-lines. The have graced Hamburg quite often and i think they never played to a particular large crowd – really strange. This time round  upstairs at the Hafenklang it was a mere 50 people that graced them…

Holly Would Surrender - Hafenklang, Hamburg, 03.04.2014 ((c) gehkacken.de)
Holly Would Surrender – Hafenklang, Hamburg, 03.04.2014 ((c) gehkacken.de)

Up first where Holly Would Surrender from Hamburg and their only purpose was … to supply Chixdiggit the back-line. In front of them a huge empty space most likely made them feel quite odd. I do not like their sound, for my liking too much a lightweight US „Pop Punk“ copy of eg. Blink-182 but it must have been hard to be diminished that way. But, funny, they even had a groupie singing and filming along…

Chixdiggit came late, quickly set themselves up and …


Just smart, and indeed a professional rock band. And it went on and on, KJ just outsmarted the audience with lots of fun talking and engagement. Entertaining!

Chixdiggit - Hafenklang, Hamburg 03.04.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)
Chixdiggit – Hafenklang, Hamburg 03.04.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)

Time flies by, the audience decides on the songs (ok, more or less), KJ entertains us with the story of Stephanie, who actually did buy the first ever T-Shirt of the band back in Calgary and now lives in Hamburg (and serves good food at Mamalicous) and sure was in the audience. Tears everyone!

In the end they finished off with my fav hockey song, so i am all geared up for next week when i play hockey again (and hopefully get to avoid the puck and do not attract new stitch marks).


Lovely weekday evening indeed.

And for those who do not dig hockey – here is Gerry Cheevers (a real hero in the rink)!