Goodbye Dschungel (V2) – welcome Dschungel (V3)!

Dschungel (Schanzenstrasse)
Dschungel (Schanzenstrasse)

It ain’t a surprise that cool pubs make space for yet another fashion store in what was the lively and „different“ Schanzenviertel part of Hamburg. But every change is a chance, so this time round it is a chance to enjoy the 3rd incarnation of the Dschungel over at Sternstraße 4. V1 was on the other side of the Schanzenstraße, just opposite and it all started way back in 1986…time fles by!

Both Jam Today and Gerd made it a nice „farewell and see you soon“! Thanks!

All pic (c) 2013

There was no stage light though so my attempt to capture video was ill fated!

Thanks Jam 69 – the running gag get’s embedded!

Thanks Gerd – the full c-repertoire was conducted!

Beat und Glück!

Die famosen Jam 69 live im Indra, einfach schön! Danke Lui!


… und natürlich die unendlich lieben Jam Today! Wie immer: Danke Jungs!

Tusind tak og stå stærk du oprørere!

Videos by Moni (tak min kæreste!) and (c) 2013 – re-use not allowed.

.. thanks for the gift mate!

Teenage Bottlerocket - Setlist (09.08.2013, Hamburg)
Teenage Bottlerocket – Setlist (09.08.2013, Hamburg)

I was off to London on work, did not make it in time back to the Teenage Bottlerocket show @Meanie Bar in Hamburg (the tiniest spot you can imagine). So what do i get from me mate Frosch …. the setlist! Thanks mate, much appreciated!

Update August 2016: 3 Years after the show Markus provided me with another shot – thanks mate!

Teenage Bottlerocket (Meanie Bar, 09.08.2013 (c)
Teenage Bottlerocket (Meanie Bar, 09.08.2013 (c)