my loveliest vinyl, part 5

Cockney Rejects - We can do anything (EMI, Zonophone Z6, 1980)
Cockney Rejects – We can do anything (EMI, Zonophone Z6, 1980)

The might mighty Rejects! This was actualy the first record i bought of them, quickly followed by the other singles (Flares&Slippers! War on the terraces!). It is real, rough and with a snotty style – and it holds endless truth: WE CAN DO ANYTHING!

So, let’s see:

1977 – come on, who needs 1977 in 1980? OI!
published by a cool lable – that is Zonophone, an EMI outfit of T.REX fame revised as home of UK Street Punk, not realy cool. But was home for some cool stuff in the 80ies.
found in a cool shop – ticked, Konneckschen again.
catching sound – Mickey Geggus defined the a whole genre with his guitar, so YES!
not too bad words – this is how they felt – comming from the east end background they just felt they could do anything and right they where. for some time…
collectors value – do i fucking care?

And did they give a fuck about the world outside? Rightfully not! As in their own words: „The world against the Rejects … and the world never stood a chance!

So they say that we're on the way out
They say it's all just hype
Just take a look of fear in their eyes
Cause it's the in thing to abuse us
Behind our backs of course
They shroud the truth
With their own brand of lies
But we don't care what they say
We will never be put away
Cause we're all having the time of our lives

Cause we're gonna do just anything
We're gonna sing what we wanna sing
and we'll wade through anything that you say
We're all having too much fun
We can't stop we've only just begun
We're gonna carry on for another day

Now you keep giving us verbal
When we're not around
When we're there you don't utter a sound
You'd better stop it
You ain't getting nowhere
and it's too easy to smash
You right into the ground
Right into the ground

(C) 1980 Cockney Rejects


Now listen up:

But that is not the only reason, the other sure is they where lads from the street and they where no-nonsene, see this 1981 interview:

Make sure you check out Mickey brother Jeff’s memories of the old days „Cockney Reject“ (John Blake Publishing, ISBN 9781844540549) – „As lead singer of the Cockney Rejects, Jeff Turner was responsible for some of the most explosive gigs in musical history. Adopted by West Ham hooligan mob the ICF as their band of choice, Jeff and his band frequently had to deal with the kind of violence the ICF usually reserved for the terraces. Although he never condoned their actions, as a teenaged boxing champ, Turner often found himself in the thick of things. This is a story of what it’s like to go from the East End streets to being a teenage pop idol and back again. Gripping from the first page, Cockney Reject is his astonishing story told in his own words.“

my loveliest vinyl, part 4

Eater - Thinking of the U.S.A. (The Lable TLR003, June 1977)
Eater – Thinking of the U.S.A. (The Lable TLR003, June 1977)

Now this is one from way back. So much way back that most of you kids today won’t recognize this as „punk“ – but hey, also AC/DC appeared in my fav record shops back then in the „punk“ bin…now, this is straight from June 1977, straight from the action (London) and done by 16 year old lads – and it is a classic!

Lets see:

1977 – tick, this is June 1977!
published by a cool lable – ticked, The Lable (run by David Goodman) was something back then
found in a cool shop – ticked, found in the early 80ties in this small shack in Barmbek run by Stoney (a used comic and records outlet)
catching sound – monster reverb, catching chorus hockline
not too bad words – no-nonsense write up of a day in the life of Eater and their aspiration: getting over to the USA (and make it big)
collectors value – quite some, i have the version with the wrong publishing credits later corrected. but the bible (45 Rev) says it not worth it…do i fucking care?

Eater! You gotta fucking love’em….you gotta hate them the lucky bastards! Mark P called them ‘totally devoid of musical ideas’. John Savage, journalist of the time, summed them up as ‘Youth by itself is not enough‘. What do they know? Eater called Johnny Rotten ‘too old’. That’s about right… Average age 16, chicks, rock’n’roll, part of the greatest musical era ever, and a fistful of songs to stand the test of punk time. (Paul@Punk77)

And the words are a nod to their musickal roots:

Kicking up dust on an empty street
Waiting for John, Brian and Liz
I've already been stopped by the police
They're getting kicks, I'm feeling sick

Chorus. And I'm thinking - thinking of the USA
Thinking of the USA
Dreaming of the USA

10.30 and the band is still not on the stage
The kids are getting restless but all have to be paid
I really think that I should not stay
I need a rest .I need a drink
Chorus. And I'm thinking - thinking of the USA
Thinking of the USA
Dreaming of the USA

12.45 at the Roxy Club
And I'm tired of just hanging around
I need some sleep, I am so tired
All these people making crazy sounds


Walter Lure comes from the USA
Lou Reed comes from the USA
Richard Nixon comes from the USA
Gary Gilmore came from the USA

(c) 1977 A. Blade / I. Woodcock

What else is worth to note? Did you know that producer Dave Goodman soon moved to Malta (of all places), enjoyed the sun and died from a heart-attack in 2005. What happened to the lads of Eater? No carrer, no USA – into work.

See 14 year old drummer Dee here (remembering it all in 1997):

And here is is in all glory:

my loveliest vinyl, part 3

Teenage Bottlerocket - They Came From The Shadows (Fat Wreck Chords, 2009)
Teenage Bottlerocket – They Came From The Shadows (Fat Wreck Chords, 2009)


This one now spans decades, ain’t it? Released in 2009, that is quite a distance from 1979 (and the glory 7″ of The Pack). On this one there is so little to say other than if such a record comes out every year then every year since 1976 was a great year.

Again, by all counts a great record with a monster track in „Bigger than Kiss“:

1977 – does that matter here? Naaaa – not.
published by a cool lable – ticked, Fat Wreck is a great home-brew type of lable (gone big)
found in a cool shop – not ticked, unfortunately i do not own the green vinyl version…
catching sound – tick, tick, tick or „1,2,3…4“
not too bad words – conscious words to explain why they are big. damn good.
Bous: recorded at a great place – yes, right there, at the Blasting Room (of Bill Stephenson fame)

There is not a lot history to state on Teenage Bottlerocket, but i can tell you the (actually twin) brothers Carlisle do rock, big time! Bring them on! Anyday, Anytime!

Here it is it in all glory:

Detroit couldn't rock itself out of a paper bag
Gene Simmons looks kinda cool
But Paul Stanley kinda looks like a jag
Ace Frehley can play guitar
But he ain't no fucking Kerry King
So get your ass out of the way
Here comes a rock revolution
Listen up cause I'm about to sing
The creatures of the night
Can't hold a candle to this
We'll be kickin' ass we'll be takin' names
When we're bigger than Kiss
I never thought cocaine
Could be as good as this
We'll live our lives in alcoholic bliss
When we're bigger than Kiss

Me and Charlie we have it loud
Yeah you know we rock and roll all night
Paul Stanley fell down on stage and broke a hip
Let's hope he's not alright
The ladies don't like old men
Now my love gun is the one in demand
And we're gonna go down in history
As the world's greatest rock 'n' roll band
The creatures of the night
Can't hold a candle to this
We'll be kickin' ass we'll be takin' names
When we're bigger than Kiss
Calling Dr. Love hey geta load of this
Ray beat the piss out of Peter Criss
Now we're bigger than Kiss

(c) Teenage Bottlerocket

There is a little side note to this: Artist Ben Levin is worth a mention! As i do like my Bro Hernadez style comics i do like this too. Sure!