… established 2011, 1000 and one entries later!

Fer fucks sake – i just realized that the review of the Fucked Up show was my blog entry 1000 and that i completely omitted to capitalize on that little fun fact.

04.08.2011 marks the day i put this up, whilst the domain was in my possession actually many more years. But back then i decided to put www.oldpunks.de on permanent hiatus and go back expanding a wee bit more, just like in the early 80’s when i was putting out a small fanzine.

And now we are in 2019 and i have passed a thousand blags, wow. The only item i still don’t know is how many readers actually enjoy this shit. And what they enjoy. If you want to fill some of the void, just leave a comment.

Else it is fast forward to more books, more shows and, eventually, back to some footie.

Love and kisses,

D. – Custodian of the Archive

… Flashback: Dutch Oi! in 1984 – N.V. Le Anderen!

Now this a long way back – HH-Milch supported one of the early Dutch Oi! Bands when they played Hamburg (thanks to Rudi K., who setup the show).

It was not a crowded show (as it always was a dangerous hassle to get down towards Bergedorf on public transport) but it was a stunning performance by N.V. Le Anderen and i still treasure their 12″ big time.

What happend to these lads? No clue, who can advice?