… MOi!n, it’s hangover again: Part 3 of that little gem with some nice surprises!

It was that time of the year again: End of September, end of a lovely summer, and thus time again for mOi!n it’s Hamburg. A little gem in that little gem out in the danish part of Hamburg, two nights full of sing-a-long street punk and dance-a-long ska and reggae.

Day One had the tighter rooster and in hindsight that four band mix worked smarter than the full-on six band assault on Saturday (as Day Two lacked some of the relaxed Ska/Reggae sounds).

Kick-off was with Trench, a secret love of mine since their debut at the Monkeys earlier this year. We are still waiting for their debut EP (now slanted for December release) but in the meanwhile they continue to be a worthwhile enjoyment.

Trench (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 28.09.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

They are tight, hard, well paced and aggressive. All you actually need in that little cupboard labled „Streetpunk“.

The studio outtakes for said EP should actually water yer mouth or make yer ears eager to hear more. I’d love to see them more often in Hamburg, let’s hope that the good people running that great little venture will book them more often for support.

With a swift changeover the style also changed – The Hacklers from sunny Ireland took the stage with everything to put a dance party on: 6 lads inclusive of keyboards and sax. And for sure that’ll be Ska and Reggae and it was provided in the best possible way.

The Hacklers (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 28.09.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

Where Trench had some people dancing, The Hacklers now had everyone in front of the stage moving. That’s indeed the distinct advantage of that different cupboard: It lends itself so much easier to both the female and the male contingent enjoying body movements (and you can’t stop yer feet mate, you can’t stop ‚em).

Out on the Streets“ – a real gem of a hit! If you need a bit of party sounds and keep the people dancing – go and score their debut LP, it’s a worthy catch!

Next on the Arch Rivals and they were greeted by the lot with loads of cheers – they had conquered the Monkeys before and they speeded up the the proceedings a wee bit: Their little cupboard is working class Oi! and they command the proceedings both with their sound and through Mike, who mans the ramp.

Their game plan was like this:

Arch Rivals - Setlist (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 28.09.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)
Arch Rivals – Setlist (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 28.09.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

Full frontal from the start they scored goal after goal and won over the crowd (that actually did not want anything else than to be won over). And tongue in check they finally gave way to their own sing-a-long ode (to them fucking self).

I bet you i was not the only one who did continue the sing-a-long when strolling home in the we of the night with a bit of slippery feet (due to too much beer). Great, just perfect. All people ever need to get out of their mind!

Arch Rivals (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 28.09.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

And at the end they put a final mark with a sing-a-long on loan from that other band that just played over here and all of the crowd did sing-a-long with loads of energy and loads of enthusiasm.

Arch Rivals? Bring ‚em on, anytime.

On that high it was hard to keep the momentum but Berlin’s one and only Party Machine was the very right choice to finish up the already all sweaty party crowd. After some hickup with the keyboards (a broken cable finally was identified as the culprit and eliminated from the proceedings) there was no stopping to and endless hit party.

Arthur and The Spooners (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 28.09.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

Yet again it was the Monster Sound of Ska that made lame dance again and mute sing again. It most likely made blind hear again but Arthur ain’t no Jesus – he rather wants to be a Saturday Hero:

Bang! Boom! Done. All sweaty the crowd just gave in and danced the night away. It could have been endless but at the end everybody was done: On stage, off stage – just done.

Me myself and I where done too, to much of the black gold made it’s way into the pint and into me humble self. But that is the way it should be and that Friday mix of bands and style was just puuurfect.

Perfect Mix: Beer and live Punk fucking Rock!
Perfect Mix: Beer and live Punk fucking Rock!

Thus that picture had it all: Hamburg – Punk Rock City, with a beer and a stage and some choice live music. It can’t be better mate, it can’t be better.

With a neat hangover it joined the 2nd day, with 6 bands in front of me. Faces in the club slightly changed compared to Friday and some even did join the DJ Tour through the harbor. For me that would have been too much, i am to old for that shit and me body needs a good rest after a hangover.

Very early Ultra Razzia from Montreal had to take the stage, i think half of the club was still empty. As they – at least for me – turned out as a great surprise i was happy that i made it in time.

Ultra Razzia (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 29.09.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

Just another cupboard was opened here, Oi! with a deep root in Punk i’d say. For me just perfect French Punk Rock and as ever with a problem of language as i don’t speak a single word of French.

Wow – for me the biggest surprise on both days. Very much to my liking and very much in sync with some of my favorite stuff. Please check them out, they have a neat demo for free!

Whilst Ultra Razzia where a surprise the next cupboard to be opened was a surprise by the sheer label tucked upon it: To me plain hardcore! And it was Concrete Elite from Austin with some self proclaimed Brick Wall Music.

Concrete Elite (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 29.09.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

Very fast, very hard and the singer roaming like a H/C kid. Left, right, left, right and in between growls of anger and hate (as much as i could make out). They sounded like this:

A wee bit left field for this event but as ever there is nothing bad in stretching mu-sick-al boundaries. One thing is for sure though – they will not be voted as crowd favorites, i guess they even where too offensive for some.

What was great though was to see and hear that lead guitar (back there in the white shirt): He did hide away and did little moves but i bet ya he writes all the songs and his great guitar play carries all the songs!

Luckily next on some more mellow sounds, Bromure from Paris with some known faces. Their sound was clearly and deeply rooted in 80s French Punk and the addition of the sax makes it indeed special.

Bromure (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 29.09.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

They had more people in front of the stage and they had people dancing (no wonder vs. the break neck speed of Concrete Elite). I am not to sure with the sound though, to my ears that one did not sound as perfect and something felt lost in the mix (at least for my ears).

I dig them and i dig them specifically because they are different (and somehow are like having been fallen out of time). Class effort!

Where all the changeovers on stage earlier had been rather quick it took Menace a wee bit more time to be ready. That provided at least me and some around me with some frustration and that frustration did grow when they started.

Menace (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 29.09.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

From crowd reaction they seemed to have a top status, both the Oi! faction and the Blackpool Pilgrims had them down as great. I did see them a couple of times in the last 10 years and i have to admit i was never satisfied live.

This time round it was drawn into two directions: Once they where together on stage and sounded ok i realized that they have taken on power and speed and actually sounded very modern and up-to-date. On the other hand i did miss the bare Menace sound of all their early output and thus could not really enjoy the old favorites in the new sound.

But i was pretty much alone with that feel – around me a lot of happy people where singing and dancing and thus Menace did everything right (and i guess for once i was wrong). But that it how it is: For every band you have a sound in your brain and it is difficult to adjust your bearings.

Many people took it as the perfect set, i took it with some reservation though i guess the crowd can’t be wrong.

Next Bad Co. Project, forever with the burden of eg. „…from the ashes of Oxymoron„.  Just like Menace it took them a wee bit to be ready but then they took the audience, with plenty of folks from Berlin, by storm.

BAd Co. Project (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 29.09.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

It’s not that i don’t like them but it is just that their mu-sick just does not resonate with me. Nothing wrong with that, it resonated with many people in the crowd and as such they seemed to have delivered what the crowd waited for (and i think it was the first ever time they graced Hamburg, so the crowd did wait for some time). Bonus: Their bass player, centered on the stage, did seem to smile through all songs and choruses – so it looked like they had fun.

Finally and quite late Gimp Fist and thus the perfect encore for the two days event. Straight on Punk Rock with some scents of early Newtown Neurotics (at least for my ears) and an ever friendly (off and on stage) Jonny Robson.

They have nothing fancy and that makes them so special. They did not even need a long setup, a few twangs and a nodding „that’ll be alright„. Menace were the loud crowd favorites – Gimp Fist were the silent majority i guess. Yet again they bring it all together and match up many sides: Be it the Blackpool Pilgrim, be it the Cock Sparrer Maniac or be it the Football, Skinhead Punk’n’Roll Fan.

Gimp Fist (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 29.09.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

They hail from the North East, from the lovely county of Durham and as lovely as the area they are themselves. And they sure know about footie:

Perfect closure of the night i’d say. And a lot of happy faces in the audience (and one big fan almost in tears – you know who you are mate!).

Perfect two day, as said with the first day sporting a perfect setting and great variety and the 2nd day a wee bit too long (for me and me hangover). And on the next day i realized that my two days ticket had a magic number that was to help the magical FCSP through the local derby (which i skipped, for many reasons).

1(83)910 - a magic number for free!
1(83)910 – a magic number for free!

Thanks to all bands and fans and deep thanks to the good folks at the Monkeys for making this happen and providing a shelter for this type of Music. Your endeavors are duly noted and at least i keep you in my morning prayers!

Looking forward to mOi!n it’s Hamburg #4 in 2019!

… when the night before is good enough for you: Berlin Blackouts and Angry Agenda in a near perfect mix!

Cock Sparrer on a European Club Tour – that was a good enough reason for the Monkeys to put together a little warm up (though i would rather guess it was supposed to be a stocking up of liquids or training ground on beer consumption for many).

The mix was great: Berlin Blackouts with a Cock Sparrer like chorus quality and The Angry Agenda a solid Oi! street credibility.

First on the Blackouts (from Berlin, indeed) and whilst on social media it was like 156 people interested in the event the turnout was … i guess not more than 50. And most of them rather into the Oi! side of things, so the Berlin Blackouts had to face a rather empty dance floor.

Berlin Blackouts
(Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 07.09.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

Since i saw them last time (2015, support slot for Bishops Green) they have shrunk to a 3 piece but without loosing too much. Actually, in my ears, they gained tightness and a bit more vocal diversity. What they do they to perfect and their sound indeed is so pleasant that sometimes i miss the edges. For some it also contained too much of whoahoah in he male vocals  but hey – that’s his way of singing.

And it sounded like this:

For playing a mere 20 people in front of the stage they did a solid performance and they should be back in front of many more people all geared for some sing-a-long punk. That would give them what they deserve. And more people would also improve sound, without bodies to break the sound it had a bit of an empty closet type of sound.

Actually one member in the audience spotted a point here and noted „… i think we had more people in the rehearsal room back then at times than they have here„.

With just a little bit of changeover it was then time for Watfords finest: The Angry Agenda. They are around since 2011 and they had put a heavy marker with their first 12“ „Here comes trouble„, a record full of angry  barrages.

Whilst all that anger seemed to manifest itself in the front man (actually, a real Rampen-Sau as we say in German) the rest of the band was quiet (and almost shy) in the background.

The Angry Agenda 
(Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 07.09.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

Indeed they have it: The backline delivers a rock solid Oi! with an emphasis on Rock: They got more of that Motörhead or Rose Tattoo sound than of almost pop like guitar works of Cock Sparrer. And they have a loudmouth on vocals who has a story to tell – in every fucking song.

To me that was the one item that made them stand out actually – they seem not to have songs but go back to old tradition of story telling in the pub (with a bit of fitting mu-sick in the backdrop). Quite unique and very much ok with me (though i would not do every effort to see them).

They had more people in front of the stage, they had a bit of dancing but in the end of the day they too suffered from the rather low turnout.

With them done people resorted either to more beer or went home. As i was to let go Cock Sparrer at the Knust for many reasons i had a final one for the road and did hit home.

Those who love Cock Sparrer, a pint and some more i am led to believe had fun over at the Knust the next day, though local news papers seem to make a bit of a fuzz about a full blown riot (and some football rivalry) – i hear it was less of that but some unjustified violence did occur. Nevermind, that was only the 3rd reason to let that one go by…

... another famous hardticket from the Monkeys!
… another famous hardticket from the Monkeys!

… Bonecrusher: What you pay for is what you get!

This July is a very busy July for shows in Hamburg, almost every day there is a show worth considering and for me it is about every other day that i plan to attend … much higher frequency than normally for me. On a warm and sunny Friday it was time for Bonecrusher at the Monkeys and for some hope that more people would attend than last time round, where it was a very lonely Sunday.

Support was for The Analogs from Poland and i had no clue about them: Neither that they existed nor how they sound. But that is the good thing if you go out into a club – you get to see something new every once in a while. Just be open for that!

The Analogs (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 20.07.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

They are around for some time, since 1995 according to a rather funny Wikipedia entry, and they are a recognized Street Punk Legend in Poland. They mu-sick-al style ventures a lot into what i would call rock but never on the boring side. The one item that did stand out was that they like their songs long and complex, i guess none was shorter than 4 minutes.

I captured what felt the longest one, in order to put it here i had to tone down the quality to reduce hosting size. But hear yerself:

They were tight, together and well rehearsed and many people in the audience seemed to dig them (besides their polish fans i noted a couple of locals smiling away and getting some merch after the show).

Next on Bonecrusher, that hard working working class outfit that does not need a lot to be ready: They took the stage, they adjusted little bits and off they took.  Off went also the shirt by one member of the audience, a moment some feared. This time round he annoyed again but got some push back from some of the audience. His own fun did not impact the fun of others that much, still at moments yet again it was at the brink of a non-verbal communication.

Bonecrusher (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 20.07.2018 (c) gehkacken.de)

Bonecrusher provided a neat and complete set of old and new material and delivered their set as a well oiled engine. Both guitars celebrate a near perfect sound and bass/drums provide the solid pushing backdrop it needs. And Michael takes the front, engages the audience and delivers the message. And what they do not have is even a scent of a gap between „on stage“ and „off stage“.

Just perfect if you ask me. The only item that did make me unhappy was not the shirtless contingent but the fact that despite more people attending compared to last time round it was still more „half empty“ than „half full“. I keep my fingers crossed for the next time and hope that Mike and Co choose weeks off work that – at least in Hamburg – gives them a slot without any competition left or right of that date. They deserve it.

I took a final beer and plundered the merch stall, as Bonecrusher had the perfect item in stock: A Polo Shirt. The friendly lady handed me one labeled as „3XL“ and i complaint that i would not need a tent. She said „honey, it comes out much smaller, that’ll do for you„. Little did i know until next day when i realized it compares to M and my six pack (and my wide shoulders) won’t fit ever.

Mike – that’s the only customer complaint!