… L.A.’s finest in a never ending Rock’n’Roll show: Hamburg loves The Generators!

That was supposed to be a worthy entry into a long weekend (thanks to all the German public holidays in May) and it turned out to be so, though it took some stamina to get there. At least the outlook of The Generators taking residence is what is most likely the most fitting club for them in Hamburg was worth the effort to finish up work on time and get into a relaxed weekend mode.

The Monkeys surprised with the support slots: First off it was two bands and second they were of quite, lets say, complementary style. Kick of was with Death By Horse from sunny Sweden.

Death by Horse (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 19.05.2018 (c) gehkacken.de 2018)
Death by Horse (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 19.05.2018 (c) gehkacken.de 2018)

I did not know what to expect so took my time to listen in. The setting seemed ok, an agile female singer with 3 boys. But from the first song i had an itch, that seemed not to go away. It took some time until i could make out what i did not like and that was the clicking sound of the bass. It did not fit and it sounded too much rock.

They had though one song and one moment that made the whole club listen: It was a really emotional one, presented by Jahna in a very emotional way. And it was about being abused as a little girl. I do not know if it was a personal account but that one did stick (and the audience was taken off foot and afterwards did not dare to applaud – so personal and moving that account was).

Next on RoadRage from fucking nowhere in Limburg. And their sound was initially refreshing – 5 lads with too much hair: Both facial and on their head. They label themselves as „Motor Punk“ (you got to accept that you can learn a new thing every single day) and they pushed forward like a truck.

RoadRage (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 19.05.2018 (c) gehkacken.de 2018)
RoadRage (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 19.05.2018 (c) gehkacken.de 2018)

But soon, too soon actually, it got very boring both for my ears and my eyes. Whilst Death By Horse had something unique (that somehow did not sound good to me) RoadRage sounded so similar to so many bands (and had way too much rock posing). Sorry, not my thingy and like many others (who prefer their hair short) i resorted to the Pub for some more good old Guinness and watching Frankfurt taking Bayern Munich hostage for the German cup (and to see yet another reason to get rid of the video referee).

I was not the only one leaving them early: The drummer of the Generators stood in front of the stage during all of the Death By Horse set and took the same position when RoadRage came one – he also did not stay through the whole set (maybe just because he needed to prep). Nice gesture anyway to see the support bands from near (which i also always try to do, i think any band that endeavors to play a „support slot“ should get some sympathy).

By then it felt a wee bit late but luckily The Generators are a professional touring band so with not too much fuzz they did set themselves up (though Mike had some initial problems with his effect board and the backline … only to realize late that it might be helpful to insert that damn cable into the input jack of the amp). And once they had all things sorted Doug joined them on stage and they kicked off with all the force, all the strength and all the sound that i was missing so far.

The Generators (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 19.05.2018) (c) gehkacken.de)

It has been only two years ago that they played Hamburg but this time they actually had a full new LP with them, so some part of the set was devoted to actually playing new songs. And them new ones fitted into their rooster just perfect, loads of sing-a-long and loads of grins’n’moves from Mike.

Now i felt in business and also the rest of the Monkeys was in front of the stage and enjoying them. And you could also see that they had fun on the stage, it was the last day of their touring in Germany and they only had one more gig in Copenhagen before they would resort home to L.A..

The Generators (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 19.05.2018) (c) gehkacken.de)

And whilst it all felt late earlier it was The Generators who made up for time: They did play long and they did add not one, not two but many encores. And then, against all american custom, they came back on stage to do even more. I think they where both in a good mood plus thrilled by the feedback from the Hamburg lot. Here is one of the many attempts of a final encore:

And all of these encore got the crowd going even further, that extra mile that cements the fun emitted down from the stage on the floor in front of the stage. And within that audience one member had utmost fun: Johnny Slash, once bass player for the band, was with them and either was out of his head or just plain boozed: His permanent stage invasions and falling across the monitors did anoy some people though Doug made it clear that there was not yet the need to throw him out. So, to double the fun, we also got him singing. And in the end he just turned out a nice chap with just too much fun and energy that moment …

The Generators (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 19.05.2018) (c) gehkacken.de)

Stunning, just stunning. And worth a reflection: Since Schleprock scammed Warner out of a million dollars for their 1996 Warner LP that combination of Doug and Mike just works like a treat. I did love them prior to that point and have all the Schleprock output on vinyl but that record to many people was just a surprise 10+ points. And now with The Generators they already have 11 Albums out (and over 20 releases in total) and they remain just and amazing outfit.

And with that knowledge i resorted back to a final pint, some more chats and plundering the merch stall. A very worthy show and i bet ya they will be back at the Monkeys soonest: That little gem fits them like a glove.

… when the turnout is friends only: Razors and Spunk Vulcano & The Eruptions on a rather empty night!

In October Dirt Box Disco and Wonk Unit packed the Monkeys and provided utmost fun to the Hamburg lot. The same lot was expected to show up on this lovely Friday, both because it was TGIF and it was Spunk Vulcano and his band (and Spunk is the main force behind all songwriting in DBD i was told).

On top it was the first home appearance for Christane as the stand-in for Erwin with the Razors. But all of that did not lure people down to the Monkeys – i guess it was a mere 75 people who showed up, including some who looked like they had tried the sold out Talco show at the Fabrik 300 meters up the road and did not get a ticket.

First on Razors and with the big burden of Old Erwin still in battle with the big fucking C, something that everybody wishes him well for. Damn fucking C. For him Christiane freed herself up from Gerd duties despite the fact that Gerd had another headlining gig the next day. Was the feel different? Sound wise not but sure thing there where more smiles on stage. And the chorus vocals with a female scent fitted surprisingly well.

Razors (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 23.03.2018) (c) gehkacken.de)

The Razors most likely had the better end of the small turnout, as they could claim nearly 100% of the audience as friends. And that is how they took it and did not give in to shorten the set. Whilst all their hit’s provided enough sing-a-long it was again their David Bowie adaption that did send shivers down everyone spine, aptly introduced by Klaus:

And whilst that would have ended the set under normal conditions them Razors had a surprise for Spunk – they had rehearsed a Dirt Box Disco sing-a-long and invited Spunk onto the stage for the encore. And that provided just great fun to all concerned – be it the Razors, be it the lot in front of the stage or be it them Eruptions, who smiled away on the side in front of the stage.

Here it is, in all beauty, as a one time beauty:

That was just perfect and a neat hats off to Dirt Box and Spunk.

Next on Spunk Vulcano, who we all now, and The Eruptions. Them Eruptions looked young and sported more the American way of Punk – both from a visual but also from a sound. So those who feared a DBD-Clone where proven wrong.

It was the same amount of fun in the lyrics (through hard to make out) and it was a different kind of mu-sick-al energy coming down from the stage.

Spunk Vulcano & The Eruptions (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 23.03.2018) (c) gehkacken.de)

Still, the lot had fun and even a Spunk clone made it into the audience and kept dancing away. Was it as entertaining as Dirt Box Disco? Mhhh, for me not. And i can not even make out why. But what i do know is that leaving that equation aside this was another case of why live mu-sick is to be preferred: I may not buy their records but sure thing i am going to see them live. And it sounded like this youth, listen up:

Spunk finished just short before midnight, leaving some time to have another one for the road with friends and planning more for the weekend.

And those plans where needed, as there was a triple-crown to win: Next to this show the Saturday awaited the lot with Gerd (pushing a show into their busy stadium schedule to make up for the missed Christmas show) and the option for the tripple crown: The Haermorrhoids and DeeCracks (Viennas finest) would grace the Molotow in an after-midnight show. I counted 6 people (including my humble self) that gave into the urge to win that triple crown!

… small crowd enthusiasm: Trench and Komintern Sect at the Monkeys!

It’s been a while: Work, a near death experience (men flu) and a not so great rooster had me away from live mu-sick for January but that had to stop. And the best to stop it was a band that had been a secret love for ample of years, so the return of Komintern Sect was a date not to be missed.

Paired with them Frenchies was Trench, who invented a neat lable for themselves: „Rough Øresund Streetpunk“ as in 2 ex-Lost Warning members from sunny Malmö paired with two danish (?) guys. And apparently not a single show under their belt. But hey, was Hamburg not anyway the place where bands strike fame on their initial years?

And that’s how they sounded like: Energy, power and a great way of twin vocals between the singer and the guitar player. Actually that one thing made them stick with me big time – i loved their short (7 songs) but tight set to the max.

Trench (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 09.02.2018) (c) gehkacken.de)

And i was not the only one, the rather spare crowd at the Monkeys gave quite some attention to Trench and cheered them up a wee bit more than usual for a support band. Best moment was when Trench had completed their set and listened in awe to the audience cheering „the whole set again, the whole set again“ upon disclosing that they could not do an encore due to the lack of more songs.

Whilst initially they suggest to the audience that they could choose a random number between 1 and 7 to select the encore song a slight grasp of commerciality made them choose one of the songs that will be on their debut EP on Contra Records . And i can assure you that Riot has all the hit potential to make that record sell – listen up youth for that encore:

Wow – that was a stunning set by a fresh band, i am looking forward to more. If they can stick to it and if they can capitalise their unique twin singing then they shall be a force beyond that bridge area.

Next on Komintern Sect and unfortunately the audience did not really grow by magic – only those who were glued to the bar or smoking in the pub earlier added to the numbers. Konintern Sect hail from Orléans, a french dwelling that can happily claim to have been conquered and destroyed by Julius Caesar in 52 BC – as long Komintern Sect seem to be around in the French scene and have well aged (despite that little belly growing on Carl).

What is worth to note is that they took a flight to Hamburg just to play this single date and most likely to enjoy the weekend in Hamburg. That is indeed humble and is just another praise for that little hut called Monkeys out there in Altona (the danish part of Hamburg, just another history lesson for you lot).

Komintern Sect (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 09.02.2018) (c) gehkacken.de)

They took the stage and whilst on borrowed backline from Trench they had the sound just puuuurrrfect from the first chord. Melody, dual guitars and drive (without speeding). And on top Carl, commanding the audience and moving a wee bit more on stage than Alf, who fronted Trench. And they had all of these clever sing-a-long refrains that even the German audience could enter into in an attempt to break the language barrier:

Yes, they where great. They even sounded better than the last time i saw them in Hamburg and me and me mates thoroughly enjoyed their set. I think after a long long mu-sick-al path they have found that little niche that fits them and gives them the positive feedback they deserve.

Komintern Sect (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 09.02.2018) (c) gehkacken.de)

And no set of them is complete without that song to come, one of the signature songs of French punk (and most likely the setting stone for the French Streetpunk and Oi! scene). And indeed that was another smasher that had the crowd on sing-a-long mode and dancing.

So here is „Pour La Gloire“ (although Komintern Sect no longer need to seek fame, they have it!):

And as it is just a great song here is how it looked like back in 1983, pushed down from the stage by Camera Silens:

(I gotta show it because i love those visuals in the video to the max).

Komintern Sect did beat Trench on songs, they had 17 in their portfolio and they where pressed by the Hamburg lot to play some yet again – there was no stopping in encore requests and cheers.

And thus me and me mates where in a jolly good mood, got fuelled by some more booze and had more chats and drinks before resorting home in a perfect TGIF mode.

Great show but definitely a turnout too small. It was frickin‘ cold in Hamburg but that is not a valid reason to not show up. But those who did gave all their best to cheer two great set’s by two willing and able bands. And that’s how it should be.

Are ticket collectors pretentious arseholes?
Are ticket collectors pretentious arseholes?