… how 4 people can enlighten 50 odd on a small vessel and how 11 people can get 28.000 aroused: A typical Monday evening nightmare!

Ever since my beloved football team resides in the 2nd League it has been a common fixture to see a Friday home game that kicks off at 18:30 followed by a show in one of my favourite clubs nearby starting somewhere after 21:00 – so a nice entry into a weekend with some great footie and some lovely mu-sick.

This Monday evening it was all upside down: The Haermorrhoids and Chixdiggit (a professional rock band from Calgary) where set to grace the MS Hedi (a tiny vessel orbiting the Hamburg Harbour) and Dynamo Dresden was set to face the mighty FCSP at the Millerntor in what was the first home game of the new season.

The MS Hedi would set sail at 19:00 and kick-off for the televised Monday Night Top Game was to be 20:30 and thus throwing me and some mates into difficulties. We decided to keep the route, though reversed and in consequence accepted a run from the riverside through St. Pauli to the stadium, knowing we would only make it to half time.

Support on the MS Hedi was by hometown heroes The Haermorrhoids who, by today logic, sport a rather old fashioned pop punk in US style. Currently they seem the play every slot they can go onto and playing so often has created a tight set. And indeed a tight set was delivered on the slippery planks of the MS Hedi.

The Haermorrhoids (MS Hedi, Hamburg, 07.08.2017) (c) gehkacken.de)

They have their own songs, they have some clever (Dicks – Hate the Wasserschutzpolizei) and some less clever covers (Ramones – Havana Affair) but most of all they have drive, they have chorus and they have presence:

Much to my surprise I did dig them, either must have been the sunny surrounding or simply the fact that they were indeed solid. I guess I’ll soon have another chance to grab them and then will see if it also works in a dodgy, filthy and dark club.

With some short re-dock of the MS Hedi and some swap of equipment the party set sail for another journey and this time it was for Chixdiggit to accustom themselves to the non-existing stage, the ever moving floor and the fact that you just can’t swing around with your guitar neck out as you would hurt someone.

Without further ado KJ and his ever changing backing band took the floor, did little adjustments of the volume levels of the amps and questioned the audience if all sound great. It did and thus the show went ahead. And from the start it was “fun fun fun” and loads of smiles.

Chixdiggit (MS Hedi, Hamburg, 07.08.2017) (c) gehkacken.de)

And as always KJ was the ever friendly and talkative frontman that kept the audience engaged and in sync. And because of the setting on the vessel he gave the song selection to the audience, seeking input and consent on what to play next.

Fun moment was when KJ got slightly distracted and his eyes went really big: Two huge Navy vessels came into very very close view (literally the tiny MS Hedi came to deliver a broadside of Mu-sick) and for a second KJ lost his plot. But then he was quick-witted to change the words of the song on the fly and put these nasty gray monsters into the flow.

Chixdiggit vs. Navy (MS Hedi, Hamburg, 07.08.2017) (c) gehkacken.de)

And as this seemed to be a lucky day I was able to get my very personal favourite song done by simply throwing it in at the right point in time. So here is the ode to the famous Boston Bruins goalie, not played on ice but on the jucy waters of the river Elbe. Nevertheless, it’s a timeless beauty and one of the most perfect odes to a sports hero.

And they kept playing, KJ kept informing fans (many came from abroad for this very special charter cruise) about the things to see riverside (like our fucking expensive Opera House) and they just could not stop playing. Even as the captain turned the MS Hedi back to the landing bridge they blasted another one only to try to do a final song when the vessel was already moored (something that technically wasn’t allowed).

Great show, loads of fun and with a perfect sunset. Me mate Frosch got all exited that he wanted a memory but he spoiled it by telling KJ that he has a ticket for footie and no spare for Chixdiggit (who were interested too). Bad move mate, bad move!

KJ & Frosch (MS Hedi, Hamburg, 07.08.2017 (c) gehkacken.de)
KJ & Frosch (MS Hedi, Hamburg, 07.08.2017 (c) gehkacken.de)

And then we had to hurry, already knowing that we missed two goals (unfortunately it was 1:1 rather than a joyful 2:0). I arrived on my seat  just when the half time whistle was blown.

Me love and me friends reported „soso“ for the first half and noted that we gave away a rather easy goal. Starting into he 2nd half FCSP got the better of it and was able to turn the almost perfect tactical set visualised below into quick attacks, scoring another goal by Buchtmann and almost scoring a 3rd one (offside by inches).

Millerntor (07.08.2017 21:44 (c) gehkacken.de)
Millerntor (07.08.2017 21:44 (c) gehkacken.de)

But then again a tiny miss in the defense gave away another goal and then Dresden did shut down and the mighty FCSP never got back into danger territory.

And just seeing one half was strange, so i never really got into it in the same way i usually do. Still, unbeaten and looking up rather than down – that’s a good start into the season and valued by the fans.

Millerntor (07.08.2017 22:28 (c) gehkacken.de)
Millerntor (07.08.2017 22:28 (c) gehkacken.de)

And as the evening started with singing it also closed with the crowd singing for the team.

And fun thing: All goals for FCSP this season scored so far by Buchtmann! Every „Team of the week“ of the German footie paper Kicker included … Buchtmann! Great to see him excel this season!

Forza FCSP! And thanks Chixdiggit for ensuring my upsidedown Monday evening did work out.

… a professional rock band (from Calgary)

Ever since „Best hung carrot in the fridge“ made it into my vinyl collection i dig Chixdiggit. They never claimed fame, they never claimed a particular standpoint other then putting forward some great tunes, hooks and sing-along-lines. The have graced Hamburg quite often and i think they never played to a particular large crowd – really strange. This time round  upstairs at the Hafenklang it was a mere 50 people that graced them…

Holly Would Surrender - Hafenklang, Hamburg, 03.04.2014 ((c) gehkacken.de)
Holly Would Surrender – Hafenklang, Hamburg, 03.04.2014 ((c) gehkacken.de)

Up first where Holly Would Surrender from Hamburg and their only purpose was … to supply Chixdiggit the back-line. In front of them a huge empty space most likely made them feel quite odd. I do not like their sound, for my liking too much a lightweight US „Pop Punk“ copy of eg. Blink-182 but it must have been hard to be diminished that way. But, funny, they even had a groupie singing and filming along…

Chixdiggit came late, quickly set themselves up and …


Just smart, and indeed a professional rock band. And it went on and on, KJ just outsmarted the audience with lots of fun talking and engagement. Entertaining!

Chixdiggit - Hafenklang, Hamburg 03.04.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)
Chixdiggit – Hafenklang, Hamburg 03.04.2014 (c) gehkacken.de)

Time flies by, the audience decides on the songs (ok, more or less), KJ entertains us with the story of Stephanie, who actually did buy the first ever T-Shirt of the band back in Calgary and now lives in Hamburg (and serves good food at Mamalicous) and sure was in the audience. Tears everyone!

In the end they finished off with my fav hockey song, so i am all geared up for next week when i play hockey again (and hopefully get to avoid the puck and do not attract new stitch marks).


Lovely weekday evening indeed.

And for those who do not dig hockey – here is Gerry Cheevers (a real hero in the rink)!

my loveliest vinyl, part 10

Chixdiggit - Chixdiggit! (Sub Pop SP355, 1996) - Chixdiggit II (Bad Taste Records 2007)
Chixdiggit – Chixdiggit! (Sub Pop SP355, 1996) – Chixdiggit II (Bad Taste Records 2007)


Punkrock and Hockey where my thing in the early 80ties. I even went to shows with  clothes that had an „HSV Eishockey“ patch on it (at that time soccer (and HSV) where no-go for punk – something that has sure big time relaxed since then). Chixdiggit appeared on the radar with their „Best Hung Carrot“ EP on Lance Rock in 1995, esp. as it had an Heino (sic! Hanson Brothers – Can’t hide the Heino) cover. Their debut for Sub Pop came in the hey-day of „Pop-punk“ and in a unique fashion they re-recorded it in 2007. And re-did the cover, giving them an „grown up“ state…

1977 – yup, a clear line of sight back to the mighty Ramones.
published by a cool label – Sub Pop, not sure if really „cool“ with me but yes – back then ok!
found in a cool shop – ticked, again Martin Stehr’s Drugstore
catching sound – Seldom a better entry into an album like the combination of the instrumental „Dolphins Love Kids“ followed in-kick by „Great Legs“ and all within under 02:00 minutes! Only other contender is the first Travoltas album („Modern World“).
not too bad words – the one who sings about love bringing in a hockey goalie can’t be a bad thing:

saw a picture yesterday
of a guy who used to play
for the boston bruins
and in school i always drew him

he had the longest undefeated streak
for every shot that hit his cheek
he drew on a stitch mark
and i think he played with brad park

i feel like gerry cheevers
i feel like gerry cheevers
i got stitch marks on my heart
just like gerry cheevers

saw a picture yesterday
of a guy who used to play
for the boston bruins
and in school i always drew him
he wore a mask just like my heart
he had stitch marks on every part
and he wore number 30
thats how old you were when you met me

i feel like gerry cheevers
i feel like gerry cheevers
i got stitch marks on my heart
just like gerry cheevers
i feel like gerry cheevers
(i got stitch marks on my heart)

(c) Chixdiggit 1996

and now listen and watch:

And in case you need more as in „do they still make it today?“ – go figure out