my loveliest vinyl, part 5

Cockney Rejects - We can do anything (EMI, Zonophone Z6, 1980)
Cockney Rejects – We can do anything (EMI, Zonophone Z6, 1980)

The might mighty Rejects! This was actualy the first record i bought of them, quickly followed by the other singles (Flares&Slippers! War on the terraces!). It is real, rough and with a snotty style – and it holds endless truth: WE CAN DO ANYTHING!

So, let’s see:

1977 – come on, who needs 1977 in 1980? OI!
published by a cool lable – that is Zonophone, an EMI outfit of T.REX fame revised as home of UK Street Punk, not realy cool. But was home for some cool stuff in the 80ies.
found in a cool shop – ticked, Konneckschen again.
catching sound – Mickey Geggus defined the a whole genre with his guitar, so YES!
not too bad words – this is how they felt – comming from the east end background they just felt they could do anything and right they where. for some time…
collectors value – do i fucking care?

And did they give a fuck about the world outside? Rightfully not! As in their own words: „The world against the Rejects … and the world never stood a chance!

So they say that we're on the way out
They say it's all just hype
Just take a look of fear in their eyes
Cause it's the in thing to abuse us
Behind our backs of course
They shroud the truth
With their own brand of lies
But we don't care what they say
We will never be put away
Cause we're all having the time of our lives

Cause we're gonna do just anything
We're gonna sing what we wanna sing
and we'll wade through anything that you say
We're all having too much fun
We can't stop we've only just begun
We're gonna carry on for another day

Now you keep giving us verbal
When we're not around
When we're there you don't utter a sound
You'd better stop it
You ain't getting nowhere
and it's too easy to smash
You right into the ground
Right into the ground

(C) 1980 Cockney Rejects


Now listen up:

But that is not the only reason, the other sure is they where lads from the street and they where no-nonsene, see this 1981 interview:

Make sure you check out Mickey brother Jeff’s memories of the old days „Cockney Reject“ (John Blake Publishing, ISBN 9781844540549) – „As lead singer of the Cockney Rejects, Jeff Turner was responsible for some of the most explosive gigs in musical history. Adopted by West Ham hooligan mob the ICF as their band of choice, Jeff and his band frequently had to deal with the kind of violence the ICF usually reserved for the terraces. Although he never condoned their actions, as a teenaged boxing champ, Turner often found himself in the thick of things. This is a story of what it’s like to go from the East End streets to being a teenage pop idol and back again. Gripping from the first page, Cockney Reject is his astonishing story told in his own words.“

Consultants, lost @ baggage reclaim … priceless!

i am travelling a lot on business, so i enjoy airports and the creatures living in airports: consultants. on monday in prague i got to see such mighty creatures being tortured:

not only had their useless trollies been taken from them upon boarding (yes, more of that), no they also did not appear on the baggage belt and made a group of french consultants loose their cool stand.

i was waiting for a collegue from the UK and sat next to the belt to enjoy the view et all – great to see their „i am king“ attitude in their expensive suits melt down to „lost“, „where do i need to go to get my bag“ and to to arguments within the team who should follow up.


nb: i do hope their luggage was placed on the apron and run over by a plane.

Bücher, schnell lesen, Teil 865

Adrian McKinty - Michael Forsythe Trilogie (Suhrkamp 2010/2011)
Adrian McKinty - Michael Forsythe Trilogie (Suhrkamp 2010/2011)

Gelesen: „Der sichere Tod“ 31.08. – 01.09.2011 (Zeit nicht genommen, Urlaub)
netto 464 Seiten

Ich liebe Serien, und ich liebe Autoren in deren Biographie Namen wie „James Ellroy“, „Leonard Elmore“ oder „Ken Bruen“  auftauchen. Die Michael Forsythe Trilogie begleitet einen einfachen Lad aus Belfast durch sein blutiges Leben. In diesem Leben geht es um Betrug und Rache und irgendwie auf die Suche nach dem Sinn des eigenen Lebens (nein, nicht „42“), das in jedem Fall in einem unwirtlichen und intensiven Universum (der Gewalt) spielt.

Ach ja, Bücher in denen Gewalt möglich beiläufig, lakonisch, erzählt rüberkommt sind ehrlich, offen und realistisch. Hier passt die Geschindigkeit, das realistische „win some, loose some“ und die Beschreibung des taglichen Lebens (und Sterbens) am Rande der Gesellschaft perfekt – auch perfekt passt die deutsche Übersetzung.

Am 19.09.2011 erscheint der Abschluß der Trilogie („Todestag“) und darauf freue ich mich. Es empfiehlt sich wie immer alle 3 Teile in einem Rutsch zu lesen und in die Welt von Adrian McKinty einzutauchen – als Soundtrack dazu empfehle ich Sick Of It All.

PS: Was wie immer Kacke ist – die 3 Cover sind nur halbherzig als Einheit gestaltet, hier sollten sich die Verlage einfach mal mehr Mühr geben! So passt das nicht!