… there ain’t not better Tuesday night than the one where the sweat keeps dripping from the ceiling and on stage!

It’s been a while since Face To Face made it to Hamburg (i think it dates back to August 2013) thus this club show was sure a must. And it turned out to be a must on a miserable rainy Tuesday and that grim setting normally would lead to low turnout. But old and new fans of Face To Face had been loyal and they packed the Monkeys: A great turnout for a damned Tuesday.

Support stint went to the Spoilers from Cunt … er Canterbury and with them the US (and CA) branch of UK Punk graced the stage of the Monkeys, something that did not happen that lot prior. 4 young lads and fast paced sound (with a wee bit too loud drumming if i may say).

Spoilers (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 25.07.2017) (c) gehkacken.de)

They had fun, disliked Berlin (extra round of applause from some in audience) and told us of the mystery of the Canterbury Ring Road (something that happens to exist by the virtue of the Canterbury City Walls which date back to the Romans if i am not mistaken).  I did not get the argument about round-a-bouts but they had a neat song on them Kreisverkehre!

They got quite some feedback from the audience and their fair share of applause. With a little tale about the band (toss that birthday cake mate and play on!), how nice Face To Face are (actually we knew that mate) they stormed into their final song … and that goes like this:

That was not bad and a wee bit of a surprise, i think i’d like to see them again and headlining. Well done lads!

With little changeover but some waiting time Face To Face came on and kicked off like this:

Wops, that’s another one for my little series of „band comes on stage and somethin‘ goes wrong„: The rest of the band could hardly stop laughing upon Trevor Keith picking up his guitar and storming into the song just to realise there ain’t no sound. And missing that he just did not plug in. Luv it, even professional musician sometimes are so relaxed that they miss the obvious step.

Face To Face (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 25.07.2017) (c) gehkacken.de)

From the first chords and the first „whooohoo“ refrain it was Face To Face and it was Face To Face with full energy and loads of fun. And that fun was transported from the stage down to the packed floor, which had a surprising large number of rather young (from my pensioner perspective) female fans in the front, all fanatically singing along to every single song. It provided a healthy mix in the audience that i’d love to see so much more.

Halfway through the set and with Trevor quoting that he rarely had so much fun on a rainy Tuesday night the ultimate AAA-Rating for both the club, the audience and the band happened: Sweat started to condensate on the stage rig and the ceiling and dripped back down on the band and the audience (or the Monkeys roof surrendered to the torrential rain coming down on Hamburg).

Face To Face (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 25.07.2017) (c) gehkacken.de)

What was also noticeable was that sometimes only a look or an initial chord united the band onto the next song, they worked together hand-in-glove and gave the audience a wide range of songs from all their records. And all of that with their distinct backing vocals that carry a lot of the sing-a-long feel of the songs.

They played for more than an hour and then took a rest. And from that rest they came back and gave the demanding audience more songs, more time to dance and more time to sweat.

Great stuff and really turning the Monkeys into a centre of fun and enjoyment, all around. Sure thing that Californian-style H/C would have worked so much better on a warm summer night but Face To Face gave their best to replace the sun and emit fun down from the stage.

And the audience? The audience had maximum fun in front of the stage!

Spoilers / Face To Face (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg (c) gehkacken.de 2017)
Spoilers / Face To Face (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg (c) gehkacken.de 2017)

Yep, that was a near perfect show! A lot of smiling customers and hopefully two more bands that dig this place and consider it for the future. I did see Face To Face in large settings (4 digits numbers in the audience) and i have to admit that the smaller setting is so much better (as always). With a broad smile if faced the bike ride home, which turned the rest of me into full wet look (as the rain just did not stop).


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