… a late show: The Haermorrhoids and DeeCracks played until the birds sang (for me, at least)!

For me it was the 3rd show in less than 24 hours, so the setting must have been special else me at my age would let go the opportunity. And the setting was special as it was them DeeCracks, Klagenfurt’s finest Ramonescore band. And in tow The Haermorrhoids from Hamburg, who have also turned out as a quite a force.

I would have had preferred both upstairs at the Hafenklang actually, but i had to resort to the cellar under the Molotow and i had to bridge more than an hour with chatting and listening to classics by DJ Starry Eyes. It started to feel late indeed, but i was there and a couple of other folks who made it over from the rather early Gerd show.

The Haermorrhoids had been a surprise to me when they played support for Chixxdigit on the MS Hedi as such i was looking forward to see them and see if they have been able to improve even further.

The Haermorrhoids (Moltow, Hamburg, 24.03.2018) (c) gehkacken.de)

And improved they have indeed. The set is even tighter, the chorus is spot on and the three different vocals work quite neat and give a good feel of variation. Their speed is high and they rarely pause or break. If they now get some more own songs in that quality i would hope that someone would actually put a record out.

See yourself how they sounded on that tiny stage down in that dark cellar:

From where i sit a good set and i do hope that they get a chance on a bigger stage, supporting a bigger US band from that fast paced pop-punk genre. Could be fun to see!

Next on DeeCracks, who not only have a new LP with them but also a little gem they and Pirates Press did for Valentines Day 2018: A heart shaped flexi disk at a bargin price of 2€ – that is something so beautiful that i am lost for words…

DeeCracks Valentine Record - a 2€ bargin!
DeeCracks Valentine Record – a 2€ bargin!

And with little setup and just a very short redress them Austrians took the stage and blasted into their set:

And with that all of my tiredness was gone – just perfect fast paced Ramonescore with some unique selling propositions: Matt and his rather harsh voice provide the main vocals, Mike provides a sturdy and exact drumming (and provides the visual fun with all his smiles and faces) and Paul being the introvert (and could not provide the jumping, he would have hit his head given the low ceiling).

DeeCRACKS (Moltow, Hamburg, 24.03.2018) (c) gehkacken.de)

I am sold on them, they mixed old and new material and kept the pace. Those from the Hamburg lot that went to see Descendents in Vienna last year confirmed that it is a pairing that worked perfect, i’d wish they could support the Descendents in July in Hamburg and they could thus expose their beauty on the big stage of the Markthalle. They deserve it, period.

And whilst they finished at the wee of the night i took tally of those who attempted the triple crown: At least one candidate gave in on wear and beer between the two bands and took of home as he felt wasted and did not want to wake up somewhere on the street (but rather on his host sofa). The crown finally went split but i spare you to whom.

I took off on my bike towards home and it was a short and beautiful ride at 03:30 in the morning. En route (it is a 5 minutes distance actually) is a small park and that had the birds already singing. So i stopped there, listend to them and took the last meters with a big smile.

And on Sunday i was fucked but all three shows were worth it! As ever, mu-sick is to be served live, first and foremost. Go there! Enjoy!

… 39 songs for 5€: How Gerd turn Thin Lizzy upside-down!

Out of the approximately 75 people at the Monkeys the evening before a large contingent also had tickets for Gerd, who sold out the Cafe Treibeis just around the corner of the Monkeys in record time. Against their stadium tours this was a small event but it was a „Thank You“ for the called off Christmas show last year.

Ticket Collectors are pretentious arseholes ... #7/85!
Ticket Collectors are pretentious arseholes … #7/85!

And Gerd being Gerd spared no cost and efforts to create a home for the lot: Special DIY tickets, a massive stage, new amps and cabinets and a light rig that would have made the Queen Mary II shine. Or glow. A bit. A little bit.

And the Gerd fanatics almost had a premature ejaculation upon spying the set list – within the 39 songs for the two hour set where some new gems: Gerd finally got a settlement with the estate of the late Lemmy and are now allowed to play their signature song G.E.R.D. on #25 (that Lemmy took for a bottle of JD’s in a moment of disunion by Gerd and transformed  towards is own ode to that NYC brothers Ramone).

Set list collectors are pretentious areseholes ... 39 songs for 5€!
Set list collectors are pretentious areseholes … 39 songs for 5€!

Sharp at 20:00 the Gerd ship took sail towards a packed Treibeis, bulkhead doors where glued shut and no-one was to escape. The proprietors of the Treibeis had stocked enough booze and the lot was yet again in happy mode.

Gerd (Cafe Treibeis, Hamburg, 24.03.2018) (c) gehkacken.de)

OK, there was some shortcoming: The light somehow malfunctioned and left everything in the dark. Literally. And because the ship took sail in storm mode and everything was shut there was little to no air coming in. And the booze was too cheap and i guess you can imagine what cheap booze does to thirsty, wind and sun withered sailors!

And whilst half way into the harbor a mutiny occurred,  some of the shanghaied contingent where actually literate (and could perform computations) and made out that some songs had been skipped. Scandal! Money back! Just before Nessy was keelhauled Gerd took the wind out of the sails of these folks and re-arranged to play the missed ones.

And just within the 2 hour mark they finally made it port side with a song that someone in the know had on his shirt:

And that was a tight landing, the port had to shut down at 22:00 sharp!

Was the lot happy? As you can see below the lot was utmost happy…

Gerd fans doing what Gerd fans do: Enjoying the sing-a-long! ( (c) gehkacken.de 2018)
Gerd fans doing what Gerd fans do: Enjoying the sing-a-long! ( (c) gehkacken.de 2018)

That was a worthy effort by Gerd and that they still find the time to check back home during all their global travel is much appreciated.

Hardticket Collectors are pretentious areseholes ...
Hardticket Collectors are pretentious areseholes …

Next stop of the Gerd world tour is the big stage of the Knust and you can be damn sure that the little S.U.P.P.O.R.T. actually translates to a fucking big surprise. Be there or be square!

For me and 5 others it meant setting sail towards the Molotow in pursuit if the triple crown – more punk fucking rock awaiting us after midnight.

… when the turnout is friends only: Razors and Spunk Vulcano & The Eruptions on a rather empty night!

In October Dirt Box Disco and Wonk Unit packed the Monkeys and provided utmost fun to the Hamburg lot. The same lot was expected to show up on this lovely Friday, both because it was TGIF and it was Spunk Vulcano and his band (and Spunk is the main force behind all songwriting in DBD i was told).

On top it was the first home appearance for Christane as the stand-in for Erwin with the Razors. But all of that did not lure people down to the Monkeys – i guess it was a mere 75 people who showed up, including some who looked like they had tried the sold out Talco show at the Fabrik 300 meters up the road and did not get a ticket.

First on Razors and with the big burden of Old Erwin still in battle with the big fucking C, something that everybody wishes him well for. Damn fucking C. For him Christiane freed herself up from Gerd duties despite the fact that Gerd had another headlining gig the next day. Was the feel different? Sound wise not but sure thing there where more smiles on stage. And the chorus vocals with a female scent fitted surprisingly well.

Razors (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 23.03.2018) (c) gehkacken.de)

The Razors most likely had the better end of the small turnout, as they could claim nearly 100% of the audience as friends. And that is how they took it and did not give in to shorten the set. Whilst all their hit’s provided enough sing-a-long it was again their David Bowie adaption that did send shivers down everyone spine, aptly introduced by Klaus:

And whilst that would have ended the set under normal conditions them Razors had a surprise for Spunk – they had rehearsed a Dirt Box Disco sing-a-long and invited Spunk onto the stage for the encore. And that provided just great fun to all concerned – be it the Razors, be it the lot in front of the stage or be it them Eruptions, who smiled away on the side in front of the stage.

Here it is, in all beauty, as a one time beauty:

That was just perfect and a neat hats off to Dirt Box and Spunk.

Next on Spunk Vulcano, who we all now, and The Eruptions. Them Eruptions looked young and sported more the American way of Punk – both from a visual but also from a sound. So those who feared a DBD-Clone where proven wrong.

It was the same amount of fun in the lyrics (through hard to make out) and it was a different kind of mu-sick-al energy coming down from the stage.

Spunk Vulcano & The Eruptions (Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, 23.03.2018) (c) gehkacken.de)

Still, the lot had fun and even a Spunk clone made it into the audience and kept dancing away. Was it as entertaining as Dirt Box Disco? Mhhh, for me not. And i can not even make out why. But what i do know is that leaving that equation aside this was another case of why live mu-sick is to be preferred: I may not buy their records but sure thing i am going to see them live. And it sounded like this youth, listen up:

Spunk finished just short before midnight, leaving some time to have another one for the road with friends and planning more for the weekend.

And those plans where needed, as there was a triple-crown to win: Next to this show the Saturday awaited the lot with Gerd (pushing a show into their busy stadium schedule to make up for the missed Christmas show) and the option for the tripple crown: The Haermorrhoids and DeeCracks (Viennas finest) would grace the Molotow in an after-midnight show. I counted 6 people (including my humble self) that gave into the urge to win that triple crown!